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The Equinox New Moon

by Alison Dhuanna

This blog synthesizes Astrology and Gene Keys. The Gene Keys is a powerful system to open up the pathways of acceptance in ourselves through deep contemplation and bringing the qualities of tenderness and patience into everyday life.


The Equinox New Moon — 2 Comments

  1. What happened to Mahala Gayle? & why cannot I get anything on emails from Planet Alert

  2. Paraphrasing a quote seen sometime ago, “We need to stop following (outwardly) the God/desses human’s made, and instead find (within) the God/desses that made humans!”… The point of stories, is to see mis-takes other’s made, then create resolutions… \ Don’t know about others… Tired of the “contrasts” (<extremes or roller-coasters of “good or bad” <conceptions to perpetuate an endless game, used as a distraction from those who are creating the game~!)… \ There comes a time when you awaken and realize, fighting and/or playing the game of contrasts is like playing “whack-a-mole”, you get rid of one, and then another one pops up… Tired of this! \ It’s time to awaken… Be who you really are (before you fell asleep by beliefs), inspiring others to awaken too… “Be the change you want to see in the world!”… Namaste…

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