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Full Moon in Leo

by UK Astrologer Alison Dhuanna

It was wonderful to discover that I had planned a pilgrimage walk to one of the most sacred sites in the world St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall on the day of the Full Moon 5th February in the UK. I’m posting this slightly after the event to include some images.

Like many others, I have been listening deeply to how to respond to the human and ecological crisis in the world and actually for many years now the one key calling has been wild swimming, infusing the Memory of Water with joy and prayers. It was great to see this really taking off during the COVID crisis for so many people.

Since staying in Penzance in Cornwall, I have had the opportunity to swim in the sea every day at Sandy Bay with St Michael’s Mount opposite, and I have been tuning in. St Michael’s Mount is the meeting place of 4 major ley lines Michael (found on hill tops across Europe), Mary, Apollo and Athena who connect to Mount St Michael in France traversing all the way to Jerusalem. I believe they are connected to the USA as well.

The Full Moon is at 16 degrees Leo 40’ with the Sun opposite in Aquarius. I love this axis that asks how we will use our individual creativity in Leo in the service of the Humanistic Aquarian ideal. In this day and age that is actually a tricky question. In terms of i Ching/Gene Keys/HD the Sun is in codon 13.4 which evokes for me the words ‘deep listening from the heart’. The 7.4 where the Moon is a key connected with leadership through guidance and the capacity to make a stand and create the future. It always feels to be such an important energy in these times of great leadership transition. To be able to lead from the heart with ones creative ingenuity is something we are all increasingly awakening to, and may get some important insights about at this time of Full Moon illumination.

I’ve spent much of the past month travelling and in doing so have had to interact with technology and computer bots more than usual. This technology is part of the Aquarian Age and on that level, I embrace it – zoom, online communities, Whats App and Facebook.

However, there is also a shadow side, and especially as we approach Pluto entering Aquarius in March. Big Brother regulating us is likely to rear its ugly head more and more. I was quite curious to hear of a person recently whose job it has been for many years to replace human jobs with computer bots – and eventually even her own will be consumed. It got me thinking because for many years I had my own mental health problems and worked in this area with others; could it come down to this quintessential problem of an underlying dynamic trying to homogenize us and turn us into robots? I’m just exploring the idea, curious if there is a big issue here that I haven’t quite comprehended in this way before. It’s astonishing the role computers play in our lives now compared to when I was a child growing up in South Africa. Pluto is always going to push into the light that which has been hidden.

Computer bots can save us time and money and one I used a lot on my travels is Google maps. However, there were other encounters which weren’t so pleasant such as making insurance claims where you can literally go round and round in circles for hours with no human to talk to if your issue falls slightly outside its comprehension. This of course encourages us even more towards homogenization because if we dare to do something different the computer bot won’t understand – something as simple as booking a package holiday or putting your own travel arrangements together. Perhaps a good starting point is noticing how much stress in your life is caused by relating to robots or being expected to be like a robot perhaps in the workplace? If we can recognize this as the shadow of the Age of Aquarius we can respond more creatively to the challenge.

I heard a funny story of an 82-year-old lady who had signed up by mistake for a year on a dating app whilst trying to download in a panic an app for a parking lot – I have been in that one myself!

This Full Moon in Leo may well illuminate where we have become compromised in expressing our individuality. Venus will be conjunct Neptune on the 15th February which is a powerful and poetic energy for Valentine’s Day in Gene Key 36 with its Shadow of Turbulence, Gift of Humanity and Siddhi of Compassion – though it does feel more collective than personal.

There is another connection with love relationships as Chiron the Wounded Healer and Juno Goddess of Sacred Relationships are in a Fire Trine to the Moon in Leo and in an exact powerful square to Pallas Athena. With Pallas Athena the Warrior Goddess energy in family orientated Cancer this year the energy flows towards emotional bonding as a key to strength. We may realize we have not stood up for ourselves, have unwittingly compromised something very important in our nature to please our partner or family members. Whatever comes up around this time, with Chiron it is an opportunity for the deepest healing.

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