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Holi-daze 2012

I received a Holiday letter from a friend of mine and I found it to be delightful. I would like to share it with all of you.
Here it is!

Gail Manning

Sedona, Arizona

Holi-daze 2012

Greetings of the Season’s

The four-legged year of 2012 came galloping into our lives and never relinquished its hyper-speed pace. All the personal changes, fast action flashbacks and issues tossed into the air like a salad spinner losing its lid at high velocity. Whoa … look out for lettuce falling on your head! Here comes yet another challenge hot on the trail of the last challenge. So fast we cannot process everything that just came through our lives again! We are now multi-dimensional tasking! Were you wondering about that tornado that came through your life and demanded: ….. let go of your old ways because the new you, the new truth has arrived! Take notice: our lives are forever changed. Hopefully now we can look in the mirror and welcome our true authentic selves. Maybe some of us have skid marks down the center of our bodies. “What was that? ….. I don’t know but here it comes again!”

If anyone isn’t sure what I am talking about: just know that our lives are now beginning out of a new particle called: “The love that you are:” …..fear exists but … not in your new reality. As always; choose and create, manifest and experience your journey in CONSCIOUSNESS AWARENESS, always choosing to be the Light of Divine Love that emanates from you. Everyone throw away you’re “what if”: lists. Shine your Light bright and Choose Love as the answer to your quest or question. Fifth dimensional reality demands matching frequency … and tag: YOUR IT!

Let’s join together in the place of our Divine Presence where there is only Oneness, and be in harmony, support and unity with one another. 2013 …..The new consciousness is here now ….. LOVE the password that opens all doors. Welcome to the fifth dimensional playground, your new world/reality. The Beatles had it right: “Love IS all there is.” Welcome to the Winter Solstice December 21, 2012! You will never again ask: is that all there is? It is just the beginning. BE the LOVE that you are. LET THE LIGHT PARTY BEGIN!! See you there!


Holi-daze 2012 — 1 Comment

  1. On behalf of Mahala……………….. A great big thank you those AWESOME words of Wisdom, Love, and Light………………Beautiful. We will be Rainbow Warriors in the Cosmic Evolution for 2013. PTL

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