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Planet Alert July 2013

Here we are in July already, where does time go?  We made it through the first six months of this year and what a ride that was. The Summer Solstice and the full moon brought lots of storms and flooding in various places. The large flooding in Calgary was caused by the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter at the Summer Solstice. Jupiter brings large events. The flooding in Calgary did as much damage to that city as Katrina did to New Orleans. Then of course there was the flooding in India and China.

The storms and flooding will continue as Jupiter continues to move through the sign of Cancer. It will be there for one year. This will cause more water events from the Midwest to the Southeast and to the East Coast of the United States. Other parts of the world will also experience more storms and flooding.  Water also rules emotions so this will continue to be a very emotional year.

Uranus is in the fire sign Aries. This will continue to bring more fires, drought, heat, and volcanic eruptions to the dry areas of the world. Have you noticed how many fires and volcanic eruptions have been occurring this year?  On July 4th the sun will square Uranus which could bring some unexpected action from our government, or something unexpected could happen. It could also foretell a large summer storm coming into the Midwest or the East Coast, and possibly China. The month of July will be full of action and surprises.

In August Jupiter will trigger the cardinal cross. Pluto will be in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Cancer. Uranus rules revolutions. The revolutions started in Tunisia in January of 2011 just before Uranus went into Aries. Then the revolutions went through the Middle East countries where they are still occurring. Brazil is also experiencing a major revolution. The energy of revolution will continue for a long time, especially during the activation of the cardinal cross, and will expand to other countries. We are in a revolution of consciousness like we experienced in the sixties.

In the first part of August Jupiter will oppose Pluto and this will increase the religious aspect of revolution. Have you noticed how the Vatican is being transformed? Just today there is another scandal brewing concerning the Vatican Bank. The Vatican is in the Libra part of the Cardinal Cross. Washington, D.C. is in the Cancer part. Pluto is almost exactly opposing Washington D.C. right now at 11 degrees Capricorn. The event on September 11, 2001 occurred when Jupiter was on 11 degrees Cancer. By mid-August Jupiter will again be on 11 degrees Cancer making an opposition to Pluto, the transformer. This could be a turning point for the United States, and for the Vatican.

Mars will start triggering the Cardinal Cross on July 27 when it opposes Pluto. This is considered a negative aspect, especially in the cardinal cross. This aspect can bring power struggles, anger, and conflict in financial dealings. Power struggles involving political, professional, or military affairs are also likely at this time. This could also refer to more criminal activity, or scandals being brought out into the open to be looked at and transformed.

On September 11, 2013 Saturn will be on 8 degrees Scorpio in exact conjunction with the north node which is also on 8 degrees Scorpio. This indicates the end of a cycle. Saturn rules karma. Saturn, along with the north node in Scorpio is what has caused all of the secret intrigues to come forth to be looked at and transformed.  Mid- September is the ending of a very dark cycle, at least for those who are ready to experience a new reality.

People say we are moving into the Golden Age. I think we are moving into the age of Platinum. Platinum is on a higher frequency than gold and we are becoming crystal beings which is white light. A crystal or diamond is the White Christ Light in a solid form, and we are moving into our Diamond Heart Energy. We will soon be pure crystal Beings of Light. Then we can let our light shine so bright that we light up the whole world.

The planets will form a tetrahedron in the heavens on July 29, 2013 from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM GMT time. A pyramid is a tetrahedron. The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch on page 33 says “if you look at platinum crystal under a field ion microscope, you see bubble formations which form pyramid shapes of Light going from every stage of geometry all the way through the immediate field of the crystal. If you look at blood crystals under an electron microscope, you can find the shape of the pyramidal field in the crystal forms of blood. What you are seeing is the Merkabah which connects the key pyramids so that Light can be used in unfolding the next stage of evolution. The pyramid of light is the central geometric form for all biophysical and consciousness evolution.”

I told a friend there would be a tetrahedron in the heavens on July 29th and she said “that means ascension is here.”  We have been changing from a carbon based individual to Crystal Beings. Maybe this star configuration says that we have finished the transformation, at least some of us who have diligently worked on transforming ourselves into Beings of Light. The saying goes, as above, so below. I know the transformation process has been very hard and it will be very nice to have it over. Time will tell when that happens. There is a picture of this tetrahedron on this video. Check it out-the picture of the tetrahedron is about 20 minutes into the video.

There is a lot of information on the internet right now about Planet X and how it will cross the orbit of Earth in mid-August of this year. We should be able to see this red planet in our heavens around that time period. This event is supposed to cause more flooding (Jupiter in Cancer) which I agree with, but it is also supposed to cause a pole shift. This I am not too sure of. I don’t think the Earth is going to shift on its axis and be destroyed. I think we are having Divine help by our space brothers and sisters. I think they are holding the Earth in balance so it won’t tip. Anyway, that is my understanding. What I do know is that I have seen the New Earth and it is very beautiful.

Here is a video by James McCanney that you can watch, if you so choose, use your discernment. He is a scientist and the first one to bring out the theory of the Electric  Universe.  In fact, he wrote books on that subject. On the first part of this video you will see Brian Williams of NBC News. He is talking about the comet Ison which will be here in November.  Then James comes on and he says there is a whole Solar System coming into our Solar System. Link for video

I saw a picture from the Hubble Space telescope a couple of years ago that showed nine round objects headed for Earth. There was one round object in front, and four round objects on each side trailing behind the object in front. I wish I had kept that picture. I emailed it to a friend and she said it looked like a fleet of ships coming in. According to James McCanny, the objects appear to be planets.

There will be lots of things happening in our heavens in the next few months.  It is definitely time to find peace within and think with your heart.  We are going through a major consciousness shift. If we could get people to realize that what they think and feel is what they create, we could change the world in an instant.

We are also in no-time and there are many different realities running at the same time. It is your choice which reality you choose to tune into. One reality may have lots of violence and Earth changes, and another one can be peaceful and beautiful. It’s all a matter of frequency. The higher your frequency the better your life will be because then you won’t have to experience the dramatic changes the rest of the world is going through.     So Be It!

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Planet Alert July 2013 — 4 Comments

  1. Now you have mentioned Calgary Flood, what about the High River, Alberta, Canada flood. It wiped out the town of 13,000.00 people and businesses? Is this also the case for that area? Well this happen again to High River, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Bragg Creek and Calgary? Thank You, I am so grateful for a reply. Marion

  2. Thank you, Mahala for this Planet Alert…
    I had a puzzling dream the other night, and your post clarified the meaning for me. I dreamt of looking up to the sky and seeing various shapes, mainly triangles that
    lit up in the sky, and others were looking the at shapes as well….. one shape was a curvy kind of formation. I’m so glad I read your information, I’ll bookmark this one, and
    be on the lookout later in July for the Tetrahedron in the sky. Pretty exciting stuff!

    Thank You so much and Much Love,


  3. As always, very insightful and not just how those energy effect us.
    It’s interesting about the 11th of september aspect. The gnostic movement in Bulgaria ( the Bogomils )about 1000 years ago, followed their own cosmic cycles of the moon and the sun. September 11th was very special day of the summer… the day that is conected back to the grand equinox. For the last few weeks I was thinking that this date could be the time of the great awakening for those who are ready. I think this is why the powers that rule this planet, created a lot of negativity to those powerful energy portals, by replacing them with negative feed back to the colective human mind.
    Also September is the 6th month of the the 6th year (2013 ).. this is the late summer… and it is a harvest time! This is the optimal time for the full return of the goddess (13)on this planet.

  4. Hi. I was wondering what your thoughts were on geoengineering the weather. With all of the chemtrails just about daily, I would think much of the drastic things such as droughts, fires and floods would be due to this type of weather controlling. Just curious what your thoughts were. Thanks.

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