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Full Moon Illuminations

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

The final Full Moon for this epic year 2020 illuminates some important themes through the Goddess Asteroids that may smooth the path ahead for 2021.

As Saturn and Jupiter have now moved into Aquarius, we can expect the new forms to start evolving to replace those which have been broken down during the pandemic, and will continue breaking down in a powerful way until March 2023 when Pluto also leaves Capricorn.

The most important form I feel intuitively to focus on rebuilding in 2021 is our own ‘Temple Body’ with all its astral and mental plane activity, and bringing ourselves into a place of harmony and receptivity. This is the only truly solid foundation we can begin our new creation from, otherwise we will simply make the same mistakes again. Unless we move inwardly to clear our own ancestral karma first, we risk taking all the trauma of the past into the future.

Dec 30th, 2020

Today the Sun is at 8 Capricorn and in Gene Key 58 with its Shadow of Dissatisfaction, Gift of Vitality and Siddhi of Bliss. The Moon is exactly opposite at 8 Cancer and in Gene Key 52 whose Shadow is Stress, Gift Restraint and Siddhi Stillness. These shadows of dissatisfaction and stress are very good at sneaking up on us. They are also good at revealing to us what we are clinging onto very tightly, whether that is beliefs, ambitions, material goods or even our very lives. The Cosmos is urging us to dance into a new state of freedom holding all of it more lightly.

Joyousness is life expressing itself without resistance … Life wants to become aware of itself, freed from boundaries and restraints … The Gift of Vitality works with life processes in a non-interfering manner … then things start to happen quickly in your life … At a collective level this Gift will one day unite humanity to work towards a higher goal; the modern trend towards globalisation is an example of this.  The future of human evolution truly lies in service.” (Richard Rudd)

If we begin our year 2021 with the firm intention to prepare our Inner Temple for the incoming flow of Divine energy, how is that going to direct how we co-create the future? And what is this Divine energy I am talking about and does it really exist at all?

The Tao is like an empty bowl,
which in being used can never be filled up.

Fathomless, it seems to be the origin of all things.

It blunts all sharp edges,

it unties all tangles, 

it unites the world into one whole.

Hidden in the deeps,

yet it seems to exist for ever.

I do not know whose child it is;

it seems to be the common ancestor of all, 

the mother and father of things.

Tao Teh Ching, 4

How are we to find our bliss, to build a new fabric for the Earth from a place of gratitude and delight while all around us is chaos and fear? Sometimes those moments the Tao appears take us totally by surprise. This morning in the middle of writing this I took my dogs for a walk in the woods and it had been snowing. The snow had landed perfectly on the upper half of every twig and branch and it was very quiet and peaceful. Suddenly the sun burst through a cloud illuminating mist rising from the forest over the river and small droplets glistened like a billion stars in a winter wonderland. We stood mouths open, a real moment of utter and full body delight. We thanked the Universe for this gift and as if in a response a kind of round rainbow formed in a ball of mist making us laugh with love. These moments of pure joy come and go and it’s the feeling that’s important to soak up into every cell of our being. By the time we had walked back to the car the snow was already falling down in lumps beneath the tiny feet of robins and tits and by the force of gravity and warmth.

This year the Goddess Hygeia, whose astrological symbol is the Caduceus, is in the creative sign of Leo and her mission is to retrain our billions of biological body clocks back into natural rhythms. There are now two very clear states of consciousness of people on planet Earth. Those caught up in linear time with an overwhelming fear of death which has paralyzed their lives and those who often or occasionally enter the realm of timelessness where the stress lifts, reality is perceived as holographic where we as humans are very able to co-create the future. This is in fact our awakening purpose, to step into our sovereignty. The beauty of nature is all around us and now more and more people are awakening to that, seeing with their miraculous eyes a miraculous world.

This year Juno Goddess of Sacred Relationships and Astraea, Goddess who welcomes in the new Golden Age, are travelling together in Sagittarius. Astraea is heightening our sensitivity, fine tuning our bodies and senses for the sensual and sensory experience Earth and being spirit in matter can offer us when we choose to refine ourselves. It’s the patient work of alchemy to gradually overcome our fear of feeling, to be the full totality of being human without numbing out or being distracted by the ocean of things available to us to keep us from the inner journey we must all make to reconnect with our deepest soul.

In 2021 they will be travelling through the Codon Ring of Light which has 4 Gene Keys and whose gifts are 9 Determination, 5 Patience, 26 Artfulness and 11 Idealism. If you took these gifts and applied them too your relationships how would they adjust the way you are? The Hexagram for Gene Key 9 is called The Taming Power of the Small and its wisdom can make a big difference. It is the small daily offerings of love that make a relationship good; being there to listen, making a cup of tea or a nice meal, starting the day with the Juno intention of honoring yourself and the other as your priority. Gene Key 26’s Hexagram is called The Taming Power of the Great and it is equally important. This Gene Key aims to transcend the ego’s need to control the other.

Finally, Venus is exactly conjunct the South Node at 18 Sagittarius in Gene Key 26. This is a fascinating Gene Key because it links directly into the Earth’s Light Grid and the Cinnabar Field so it can bring about tremendous transformation. It is the realm in which the dragons are transforming the codes of our planet in collaboration with human beings globally. The Winter Solstice was a special connecting with the Rainbow Serpent of Uluru which catalyzed a genetic recoding globally. Perhaps you were part of that global ceremony? This speaks to me of a return of the Ancient Wisdom Keepers, the rising up of the voice of Indigenous Wisdom which has been so suppressed on our planet and has led us to the edge of destruction. It won’t be a vaccine that makes everything OK again, although it may halt this pandemic. If we want it to be really okay we must return to these natural ways of wisdom, living in harmony with the planet. Once we have crossed this bridge of perception, we will know we are already living in a galaxy of super abundance, that our planet is the most vibrant expression of that living field of energy and that as human beings we haven’t even started to live properly yet. The Oracular Priestesses too are rising, the Bird Tribes and Dragon soothers, those with the minds to synthesize all that is happening; the scientists are here who know how to create energy from the vacuums of space. The timing is absolutely perfect. This is not of course an exhaustive list – I have a feeling that with each one of us all bases are covered.

Happy New Year to you all and I’m looking forward to unfolding more of the Cosmic Epic Story next year and so excited to be alive in these times.

Abundant Blessings


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For more information about the Gene Keys:
The Book: Gene Keys –Unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013. 0r visit:

If you would like to explore the Codon Ring of Light or any of the other keys mentioned here this is an excellent blog by Jane Adams


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  2. Your shared perception of our New World is a beautiful tapestry and so inspiring ❤️
    Thank You for Your major contribution on Earth.

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