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The Inanna Moon Venus Gates for 2021

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

In 2021 I’m going to be changing the way I have been writing, and I’m excited about this breakthrough which has synthesized complex layers of information from Goddess Asteroids with the Gene Keys into a format hopefully most readers will find unique and inspiring. The Trans-Neptunion Objects (TNO’s), who are so of our Aquarian time, named after Indigenous gods and goddesses will also be weaving their way into my starry musings.

In this January offering I will be outlining:

  1. The transformation of the Tribal patterning of humanity
  2. The new forms in genetic coding beginning now
  3. The opening of the Ajna center in connection with Pluto and Uranus and the Aquarian Age

My starting point is changing in 2021 to be the chart of the monthly meeting of Venus and the Moon. I was pulled into this healing cycle a few years ago and have been following it with great interest. It reflects the mythical story of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna (Ishtar) who descends through 7 Gates releasing all her material power. She goes through a life, death and rebirth experience becoming integrated with her shadow sister Erishkigal and ascends back through 7 Gates. This Venus Moon process seems also perfect for our times where we are literally birthing a whole new paradigm.

These 7 Gates are also connected to our Human chakra system and the next Gate we will be descending through on the 11 January is the Root 7th Gate, where Inanna releases her Robe, her last vestige of ‘self’. This conjunction of the Moon and Venus takes place at 4 degrees Capricorn.

There are 360 degrees in the zodiac, each sign making up 30 degrees of that circle. The I Ching came from Ancient China and a connection was made that each of the 64 Hexagrams with its 6 lines occupy a degree of the zodiac. The number following the Gene Key indicates which Line of the Hexagram the body in question is in. e.g. GK22.1

A further correlation was then made that our own DNA sequencing follows the same pattern as the I Ching. Gene Keys essentially draws on these correlations and is an encoded system that allows us, in this case, to see deeper into what is happening as planetary bodies move through specific parts of the zodiac. The Gene Keys is used more commonly to access your personal DNA codes and you can get a free Hologenetic Profile from their website (details below).

With that preamble done, let us go on this fascinating journey.

The two keys given for 4 degrees Capricorn where the Moon and Venus are conjunct on the 11 January 2021 are Gene Key 58.1 Personality and GK32.4 Design which is 88 degrees behind and represents a more hidden realm.

The shadow of Gene Key 58 is Dissatisfaction, perhaps the greatest scourge of our planet and ironically often worse for those who have the most. Our economy spends considerable time, money and effort keeping us enthralled by the next best thing, and if it’s not our material success, how well known or respected we are, how our children or lovers are living up to our expectations, then there is so much to bring on these feelings in the political and environmental realm…it’s pretty overwhelming. I will admit to being guilty of all of these! The Gift of this Gene Key is Vitality which gives us some interesting clues as to how our physical energy can get stuck as our mind goes round and round feeling dissatisfied. The highest vibration, the Siddhi is Bliss which comes magically when we accept all that we are and all that other people are. The moments of bliss are always there, but dissatisfaction has an uncanny way of stopping us feeling it.

The Design Gene Key 32 where the Moon and Venus lie opens a very interesting wormhole because this is all about what we may take forward from our various Tribal traditions into a new Global Tribe. This Gene Key’s Siddhi is Veneration, that which we truly feel is worthy of future generations. It has a lot to do with our quest for survival and something more than just a rat race scrabble before death; It pressures us to decide how we will educate the young and what is truly valuable to humanity.

Those born in the sign of Aquarius or in the 60’s who are now having their Saturn Return in Aquarius, this is a very special time for you where you may feel your tendency to forge new pathways for humanity come into an easier energy. With the breakdown of old systems so prevalent during the Pluto Saturn conjunction Pandemic year what we decide to keep and what we decide to compost is of particular importance. There are a group of asteroids clustered around this GK32 point, and I wonder if like me they are speaking to you?

Asteroids Magdalena and Terpsichore, who is the Muse who inspires dance, are seeking to be venerated in our new unfolding human realm and are transiting this Gene Key. Magdalena and Jesus came from a Middle Eastern culture where song, dance and poetry were venerated. The archetype of Magdalena is calling to so many right now, she does seem such a key in this whole unfolding predicted for this Aquarian Aeon where our Christ like nature will become much more strongly manifest. The Star of Bethlehem at Winter Solstice signaled the beginning of this – though as time and space are Holographic it’s also been there all along!

This urge to dive into sacred dance and song has been very strong for me and others I know lately. I feel these two Magdalena and Terpsichore may well have a hand in that. Joining them are the Design Sun, Zeus and Toro, and this marks a return to pre-Patriarchal ways, where some of the Great Goddess Temples of Antiquity such as Delphi and Siwa dedicated to Zeus, were places Oracular Priestesses were honored for their intuitive gifts and the male and female were in a complementary, balanced flow. I’m feeling a strong male sexual, fertilizing energy in this combination.

Elatus is a Centaur who is about ‘Building Bridges’, and I perceived a great need to do this between Christianity and the older religions and Indigenous cultures globally who preceded it. This is a dense and painful field of karma, but rather than getting all serious and bogged down in the shadows, the cosmos is suggesting a much lighter creative approach will break that karma open and dissolve it effortlessly.

The next thread of story this chart unravels is fascinating because it tells of what is being activated in the new chain of DNA creations. Gene Key 41 is a very special key because it begins the DNA sequencing of all life forms. I’d like to share here a prophetic painting from summer 2020 I did of this key which emerged from the black void of my paper. Here you can see the Eel, a Dream Arc creature for 41, seeding humanity with advanced DNA. There is a cluster of asteroids in GK41 the Start Codon and its Programming Partner the GK31. GK41 is 2-7 degrees Aquarius in the Zodiac and GK31 2-7 degrees Leo. Pallas Athena was in GK41 at the Great Conjunction and though she is a bit further on in Aquarius now, she is also part of this story

We have Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury (who are visible in the evening sky at the moment as a triangle) which together suggest expanded, harmonious forms of thinking and communication, along with two powerful Dark Goddesses Lilith and Hekate. Lilith is an exemplar leader and advocate of freedom, effortlessly commanding presence and authority in her highest vibration. She demands we own our whole selves, not just that which the patriarchy has approved of. Hekate is the Wise Old Woman and she is instrumental in the healing of the mother Demeter and the retrieval of her daughter Persephone from the Underworld; she is one of the only guides we can rely on to traverse these murky and dangerous places of the collective shadow successfully.

In Gene Key 31 opposite we have a combination of asteroids connected with reforming matter. Vulcanus and Eunomia are both archetypes that rebuild things, bring them back together and Vulcanus uses transforming fire to do this. Vulcan was also the strange midwife who helped Pallas Athena birth from the head of Zeus/Jupiter and this feels to be such an Aquarian energy. In my previous blogs I have suggested Pallas Athena with her enhanced frontal cortex as the exemplar archetype for this new Aquarian Age.

We then have a further two Dark Goddesses, Medusa and Proserpina in the Start Codon cauldron. Medusa banished to the Underworld after being raped by Neptune, in other words punished for something in which she was the victim. Medusa has a relationship to Pallas Athena in that Pallas wears the shield of Medusa’s serpent head as her protection. The serpents allude to the oracular priestesses crushed by violent forces who are rising up again – sometimes also known as The Bird Tribes. In these Aquarian times the healing of these old male/female wounds will be so important to us being able to forge new pathways for the future based on equality.

Proserpina is the Roman name for Persephone, and I’m feeling that she is going to be an important archetype this year of ‘resurrection’. Varuna, a Trans Neptunian Body named after an Indian god of Law and Social Structures, is also in GK31 and rules that which will be preserved for the future. So once again in our world of so many choices and distractions, it seems we are being asked to choose what is important to take forward on the new journey and what to leave behind.

Mercury and Jupiter in the first part of the year will be in a challenging square to Uranus and Mars the primary energy opening the Ajna Center, and in doing so the Aquarian Mind. The transit of Mars in the early months of the year may unlock that which is hidden, like anger or violence and may provoke outbursts on the world stage. As I’m writing this, I am saddened to hear of 4 people who died yesterday in the USA in riots at Capitol Hill on the festival day of Epiphany. Just prior to this a friend had sent me a song ‘Something Like a Star’ by Randall Thomas as she was a member of this choir that sang it. The words based on a Keats poem seem utterly prophetic.

“It asks a little of us here
It asks of us a certain height
So when at times the mob is swayed
To carry praise or blame too far
We may choose something like a star
To stay our minds on and be staid”

The full version of the lyrics and a link to the song are at the end.

Uranus at the moment is in GK24 along with Albion who has a fascinating history of association with Pandemics. I actually live geographically close to The Spine of Albion, a major Ley line current in the UK. Having worked with the dragons Elen and Belinus for many years, I feel they are part of opening up a whole new level of perception and reality for humanity connected to the Earth Light Grid. The Great Conjunction was very much connected also with the Earth dragons globally with a huge global ceremony focused on the Rainbow Serpent of Uluru.

Gene Key 24 forms a Channel called Awareness in Human Design in the Ajna Center with Gene Key 61, where Pluto and some asteroid friends will be for much of 2021. I was first made aware of the activation of this important channel by Kim Gould in the summer and have posted a link to her original article below.

Gene Key 24 has the shadow of Addiction and this is again such an all-pervasive issue for humanity. The primary addiction is to the way we think, and because thinking is based on old roadways through our brain we actually rarely take a new route unless something dramatic forces a change. There is though a shimmering path of peace that all who choose may walk upon. The Gift of 24 is Restraint and the Siddhi Stillness.

Pluto and the Sun at 11 January is in Gene Key 61 with the Shadow of Psychosis, The Gift of Inspiration and the Siddhi of Sanctity. This is what Richard Rudd has to say about this shadow “the 61st Shadow will show is that psychosis, which entails a loss of contact with reality, is the background consciousness of almost all human beings, including those that purport to understand the nature of the malady itself. At the risk of shocking the psychological community or indeed the wider community, psychosis is in fact the ordinary state of the mass consciousness of humanity in the world today.”

Pluto has some interesting playmates unlocking the Ajna center which are Pele, Dionysus, Hybris and the Plutino object Arawn. I love Pele being here because with her volcanic eruptions she can bring just the disturbance needed to break free into new ground. I also love fertile Haumea, one of her daughters born from her fiery eruptions, who I have experienced as the New Earth matrix.

Arawn is a Plutino object in deep space, and these bodies, named after Indigenous deities, represent a breaking free from the Western mindset defined by the Greek and Roman deities. Arawn is a King of the Albion underworld, the ancient people of Lemuria who now live in the Inner Earth following the end of the last Golden Age. Arawn is specifically connected with the Welsh tradition and echoes many of our earlier themes in Proserpina of an integration of the whole self through an underworld experience – but here it shows itself in a male deity.

As we move out of the very dense energies Earth has been in, these subtle realms of communication with those in parallel dimensions will increase for those whose senses become finer tuned. In my last Full Moon blog, I talked about how Astraea and Juno this year will be journeying together in the Codon Ring of Light also bringing this increased sensitivity of the body and senses to the subtle realms.

Uranus and Pluto are therefore giving us a golden opportunity for our inner eyes to see a new reality, but to perceive that old mindsets will be challenged and this is very difficult and we may have to face some deep fears. The asteroid Hybris is also travelling with Pluto and is connected to arrogance, outlandish behavior and our thinking going to extremes. Hybris also has a particular association with challenging rigid religious ideology and the way that fear of God is used widely by all the religions and many politicians to control and manipulate people.

It is a powerful and subtle thing because the fear of challenging the tribal norm is a terror in all of us because connection is so fundamental to being human. This is where the courage and foresight of Pallas Athena will be so important, because those who break away and show the collective a new path will overcome this fear and show that it is possible to live in peace and harmony on Planet Earth.

Blessings and a Happy New Year



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For more information about the Gene Keys:
The Book:
 Gene Keys – Unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA – by Richard Rudd 2013. 0r visit: The Gene Keys where you can get your own personal profile.

If you would like to explore any of the gene keys mentioned here further this is an excellent blog by Jane Adams: Journal with Gene Keys.

2020 and Beyond – article by Kim Gould on Pluto and Uranus in the Channel of Awareness.

Video Song: Choose Something Like A Star – Randall Thompson

O Star (the fairest one in sight)

We grant your loftiness the right

To some obscurity of cloud

It will not do to say of night

Since dark is what brings out your light

Some mystery becomes the proud

But to be wholly taciturn

In your reserve is not allowed

Say something to us we can learn

By heart and when alone repeat

Say something! And it says "I burn."

But say with what degree of heat

Talk Fahrenheit, talk Centigrade

Use language we can comprehend

Tell us what elements you blend

It gives us strangely little aid

But does tell something in the end

And steadfast as Keats' Eremite

Not even stooping from its sphere

It asks a little of us here

It asks of us a certain height

So when at times the mob is swayed

To carry praise or blame too far

We may choose something like a star

To stay our minds on and be staid



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  1. Absolutely brilliant and thorough on all fronts – Gene Keys and Astrology – so much thanks dear Alison!

  2. A beautiful synopsis Alison, Thankyou so much, this brings together so many pieces for me and will be a great reference as we move forward in 2021. Love and Blessings ❤️Naeodi

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