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~For the Love of Life~

By Mona.

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I do hope everyone had a blessed Christmas or Hanukkah? It seems these celebrations felt different, but on some level, even more special as we celebrated our love for each other, our family, and the deeper meaning of caring about everyone. Many people I have spoken to have mentioned that it felt like a sentimental realization that change is really taking a front seat, especially when the threat of a virus stopped families from coming together. Yet, we are all in this together as a global family!

I personally choose to find ways to see things from different perspectives that are not gloom and doom, but more like “what are we learning, what have we learned and where will we go from here?” Rather than thinking that humanity is crashing and burning, I choose to see it as a challenge of discipline to teach and educate us to become better humans and therefore, a better humanity!

Covid has been so challenging and “in our face” so to speak, yet we are resilient beings. It seems that we are being spiritually educated, possibly disciplined, into finding deeper meanings about life, about love and about true self-care.

The way I see it, we tend to react to actions that have taken place the only way we know how. But that seems to be what IS changing. It’s not that we are out of control, it’s that we are learning how to adapt and become more expansive in our way of thinking about what is really happening inside of us…how we feel about our emotional ties, finding what truly matters, and becoming more open to possibilities through a type of forced situation.

We are here now, in this New Year, hoping and praying it will be much more smooth sailing, yet the astrological charts are describing our beginning as a bit of a bumpy start as we transition from 2020 to 2021. By Spring, we will see life and change as a bit easier.  And isn’t that what Spring actually means? New life? If we can see with the eyes of more knowledge from what we have learned, dive into more creative avenues, less judgement, more communication, etc. we will actually be more adaptable to a future that is opening its doors to us and will be proving that these teachings were a gift all along!

As we enter this awesome year of 2021, we earned ourselves the right to be more in charge. We can use the awareness of the lessons of the past, as long as we don’t stay in the past! Our lives are precious, our bodies can be more resilient with taking care of our immune systems with consistency and common sense. Let’s love ourselves better this year and recognize the awesome abilities and power that is our birthright to shine. Speaking up, feeling the sensations of living in the moment, turning the other cheek, and having the courage to step forward with more focus, awareness, and balance!!

Here’s to making 2021 a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Sending love and blessings from my heart to yours,



~For the Love of Life~ — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for all the positive info of this new year. I really relate to the discoveries of myself in emotional disciplines, and more into applying my energies into being a spiritual being that I am & all others. the old “stuff” is not hanging on, revamping toward better health in mind & body. So, yes, we are resilient and this past 2020 was meant to be. thank you & Happy New Year to Dave & Mahala, creation be blessed.

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