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Mona’s Sound As Medicine and ‘Upleveling’

Latest from Mona – she has a new seminar coming!

On December 14th, Mona will launch her NEW TEACHING COURSE with the Shift Network called “Sound As Medicine”!

Steven Dinan from the Shift will interview Mona on Skype and we will be posting several ways to sign up for this course as soon as it is finalized. What a great family to work with; awesome communication and professional teamwork!

Please keep an eye out for ways to sign up and learn more. This will be a 7 week course with classes held once a week. Information will be posted on the website and we’ll send a special newsletter with more information as well!

Shifting Gears in Our Relationships

I’m sure many of you are somewhat familiar with astrology. We are all born under a certain sign, and it’s pretty amazing how we adapt to that sign as time goes on.

What we don’t always know, however, is that we are energetic beings that pick up on each others’ feelings, even if we are across the globe!

Astrology is a magnificent blessing being given to us daily to help us learn about ourselves, and learn more about how to be ourselves… not what others have thought we should be. Our individual selves are becoming more alive and aware as we move forward into the unknown territory. This is making some people feel lost, alone, or afraid of the future.

However, even though it may feel like that, the saying: “when one door closes, another one opens” must be front and center right now. The planet Mars entered Scorpio last week, and this has brought us into the energy of picking up on instincts and hidden desires for ourselves and others. It is also a very powerful time to relinquish past relationships that have had some sort of hold on us. We are individuals rising up and becoming more aware of that individuality. This is called “upleveling.” The sign of Scorpio is about clairvoyance, intuition, and can be very powerful. Mars is the warrior. It has fiery passion, anger, war-like tendencies, but is also a natural ruler. It doesn’t have a problem cutting people or circumstances off.

If you feel that you have not been strong in your life, you might be surprised to see a new identity coming forth with loving yourself by speaking up, standing up, learning a new sense of self appreciation, and now, finding that there are people we have had in our lives that might be “slipping” out of our field.

In other words, it’s time to let go, not only of the past, but past relationships that do not serve the greater whole within you. This may not just be relationships with people. It might be looking for new lines of work, feeling more empowered with a conversation, or even making new decisions through realizing that you DO have choices… and we are making them every day.

As our world continues to go through these shifts and changes, we have internal power to decide how that affects us. Looking at life from the outside in doesn’t serve us. It’s looking from the inside out that brings a new sense of empowerment. “If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If the egg is broken by an inside force, life begins.”

Great things always begin from the inside. Even though the holiday of Thanksgiving is over, please remember to have gratitude for yourself. From there, your world becomes new with adventure and choices become clearer. THIS is true spirituality.


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