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The Season of Watching

As we enter the Advent spiral this year we are also entering the 13-day Yellow Seed Wavespell on the 3rd December where there are 10 Galactic Activation portals. This is unusual marking a time where whatever seeds we plant will be ‘Jack in the Beanstalk’ plants! In addition to this we have an awesome Galactic ‘seed’ in the form of a stellium in Sagittarius and Capricorn being birthed from the Galactic Center with Christ Consciousness at its heart.

In many ways nothing has changed from when Jesus appeared on earth two thousand years ago. We have a highly corrupt system falling to pieces, and yet more vicious for it when there is a sense that the end is coming and therefore an increase in fear. Imagine having a ruler such as Herod who could decree the death of all male babies – it must have been terrifying for ordinary people. Democracy ensures that these kinds of abuses can no longer happen.

It takes faith to believe that something better is being born, that God actually has good wishes for his/her Earth and his/her people. Most people won’t notice that the Christ Consciousness is already here – it’s in the Green Revolution, in the wisdom of the Indigenous people, it’s in every act of compassion. While we have compassion, the darkness can never overwhelm us. I perceive the Christ Consciousness as a chalice that holds all people, all religions within it without the need to prove its superiority or belittle anything else. Christ consciousness is the web of life vibrating at a very high frequency of light. We enter it through beauty, art, music, dance, ceremony and meditation. We enter it by living in harmony with Earth’s natural rhythms along with the rest of nature.

December 12th, 2019 (17UT)

There is a fantastic stellium crossing the Galactic Center at the election in Britain on 12 December, at Winter Solstice 21 December and on the Boxing Day Solar Eclipse 26th December and its message is one of a coming revolution in perception, a clarity piercing through the veil of darkness and media manipulation. In the ultimate vision we are completely at one in harmony, in blissful abundance with the biosphere of an entire galaxy in which we are a tiny, seeding planet.

At the Winter Solstice the stellium consists of Pallas Athena Warrior Goddess. and Mercury in Sag; Jupiter, South Node, Ceres Mother Goddess (Christ consciousness expressed through Communion), Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Aquarius. As is always the case with the Goddess Asteroids and Venus in Aquarius, gender equality and honoring are of the utmost importance to allow these new energies in.

At the heart of the darkness that grips humanity is fear of survival which is frequently manipulated by the media e.g. refugees will take your jobs, cause crime etc. It causes us to close down, build walls, hoard what we have. This seed brings a beautiful light of prosperity beyond wealth and money. A prosperity based on relationships, of taking care of the Earth and each other. This is what Jesus showed us and every parable he taught is very clear in pointing us towards taking care of the most marginalized in our society. When we decide to let go of our hoarding fears and show kindness we can live with a clear conscience and this is a very good place to live from. It is worth all the riches of a kingdom and it is the heart of happiness.

Blessings to you all this season of Advent and Christmas and keep watching for the Christ Consciousness to appear in your world, to lighten the darkness.

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The Season of Watching — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Mahala!
    As usual you are spot on. Love to talk with you or maybe Chrissy and I will come see you some time? When are good days for a visit?
    Love the light that you carry and are continually bringing forth!

  2. We can choose being whatever archetypal definition(s) provided to us (by others), explaining and/or expressing things that may or may not change the specifically invented “to live by” ever spinning dualities, thus creating an ever more hypothetical “so called” evolutionary memes through continuous millenniums… Or realize as Steve Jobs did, “It’s all made up!”… Instead of getting caught up in all possibilities and probabilities, why not Be that which you already are, and will always Be?! You can live your life based in other’s creations, or open yourself to create what will actually activate real and sustainable change, inspiring others to remember their real and true Being too… A quote to consider (cleaned up!), “Fighting for peace, is like having intercourse for virginity”… Change within and the outer will follow… Be, and your radiance will inspire others to re-member their real and true Being too… You are That… Namaste…

  3. Christ Consciousness is a spiritual state of masterful awareness initiated by Jesus.  Humans enter individually, and build a collective Christ Consciousness through the enlightened realization that as emanations or expressions of Spirit their role on the Third Dimension is to continue doing what all-loving God would do.  Christ Consciousness is not the property of or manifestation of any religious, political, social, environmental,or governmental group, though they may draw upon It for light, inspiration, guidance, energy, etc..

  4. Looking at the map for the 12th, it seems that the Venus Pluto Saturn conjunction is trine to Ireland (UK). On a very simplistic level, Pluto – transformation, Saturn – rules and regulations and Venus – diplomacy all in a trine situation suggests that there will be positive transformation with rules and regulations that will be generally beneficial with regards to diplomacy. Neptune is relatively opposite and it rules the left and socialism which hints that the left organizations will have to fight to make any progress. Chiron is also still in opposition to this location as well we down in to France and eastern Spain – painful growth?

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great Christmas!

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