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New Earth Prophecies and the British Election

Guest article by Alison.

One of the wonders of the first Goddess Asteroid Ceres to be discovered is that she was first seen, by an Astronomer Monk totally outside of mainstream astronomers, on the 1st January 1801 and this is also the date the current legal form of the United Kingdom came into being. Ceres has therefore long been associated with the British Isles.

Politics in Britain and America have taken similar turns in the past five years. There has been a tendency towards isolationism. Both Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have an imperial emperor style of ruling, perhaps the last remnant of the patriarchal order that is dying.

Emerging from the cracks of the dying world order is what I perceive as the Aquarian ‘Galactic Identity’ of human beings who are transcending national boundaries. This concept of a ‘Galactic Identity’ correlates with the Mayan Prophecies of the ending of many time cycles in 2012 that allowed a leap in consciousness. Family, ethnicity and the land we live upon will always be important to us as human beings, but what will ultimately recede is the need to colonize others by force.

The well-being of Earth herself is a central issue to this ‘Galactic’ group of people, who may not be a majority, but spiritually are very powerful especially when they work together because they are able to heal ancestral time lines, move matter and create portals for New Earth energies to anchor into our DNA and the body of the Earth. The corruption within the matrix is in the process of healing in a major way, and as it does more people are able to shift into a new perception and a new way of being that is heart based, embodied and not dominated by the intellect. Central to this perception is the Oneness that we all are here together with our Mother Earth and all the Cosmos. It is the Cosmic Communion of all life.

The Goddess Asteroids have always been considered by astrologers to be a major part of the bearers of this new consciousness, and Ceres discovered first in Sicily was named after the patroness of that place. Thus as Goddess of the Grain, a new ruler of Virgo, she illuminated that this new path would have food, nurturing and the divine feminine at its heart. The four asteroids that followed – Pallas Athena, Juno and Vesta also became in their diversity new rulers of Virgo and Libra.

I have always had a good feeling about the new leader of the Labor Party Jeremy Corbyn. I grew up under Apartheid and was part of the massive change at the end of that violent and oppressive system triggered by Harmonic Convergence. My whole childhood I was told Nelson Mandela was a dangerous terrorist. In the end though he turned out to be a political leader of incredible spiritual light. His influence on my own life and ideas has been vast and he allowed me to release a lot of ‘oppressor guilt’ and forgive myself and others in authority I had seen abusing power.

In Britain you can have a look on the House of Commons website and look at every single issue a politician has voted on. In the last 40 years Jeremy Corbyn has consistently voted against war, against austerity measures directed at the sick and poor, for social justice, for equality and for the rights of minorities. I have been very excited about his unveiling of the plans for a Green Revolution and this morning I woke up with a feeling that this is the unfolding of ‘Ceres’, the New Earth and all that that entails. The New Heaven and New Earth are part of the prophesies of Revelations and many other cultures too e.g The Rainbow Warriors.

Quite unexpectedly on my spiritual journey Ceres has led to the path of Christ Consciousness and a deeper exploration of Jesus as a teacher of a way to liberation and freedom from all we face in our world. If we set aside the issues of institutionalized religion, the purity of what Jesus taught and lived is very clear; He challenged the corruption of those in authority, he refused to declare war on the Romans despite their brutality and oppression, he reached out wherever he went to the oppressed and marginalized in society. He spent a lot of time in situations eating with others and hanging out with women and foreigners breaking lots of rules. No wonder the authorities hated him.

Now the worlds of spirituality and politics are drawing close. Yesterday in my daily blog from Fr. Richard Rohr from New Mexico he wrote these words:

“Many in the United States (and Britain) claim we are a Christian nation, but if we are to call ourselves such, we must sustain a sincere connection between our Gospel values and the political choices we make. We cannot declare we are one body and then neglect to give that body the care it needs, including food, water, and shelter.” Source

On waking this morning I was inspired to look at the British Election chart, and especially what Ceres is up to, for the 12th December 2019 just following the Full Moon.

I was not disappointed! On election day there is a stellium of planets/asteroids in Capricorn in the 11th house of community in the town Hebden bridge where I live, near the center of the British Isles. This includes Jupiter, South Node, Ceres, Saturn, Venus and Pluto.

This is a powerful vortex of healing for ancestral lines which is important because it feels that a lot of what Brexit is actually to do with, the emotional fuel beneath the bluster and anger, is unresolved collective trauma from the two great wars. There is also a deep desire for Sovereignty – however leaving Europe will not solve the problem of feeling enslaved because the slave masters are much closer to him; our own government and systems. Venus lies right between Saturn and Pluto and offers us a choice – Beauty her highest frequency or lust for stuff which is bringing our planet into chronic imbalance. Ceres is just one degree away from the South Node and so environmental issues are very central karmically to this election. The XR (Extinction Rebellion) movement which has been rapidly growing in Britain could play a key part in this election.

Chiron is at 1 degree Aries and is stationary on this day. This offers us an opportunity to learn from our experiences. Will we take up the challenge of the Green Revolution which promises hope, abundance and a sustainable future for the generations to come? or will we choose fear of refugees, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, isolation, hoarding our stuff, believing the land belongs to us and we have a right to persecute and oppress others?

Christ Consciousness clearly points us towards unity, towards working together, towards caring for the One Global Body. But are we ready yet? The British election will be a test of this question.

Vesta the Priestess is conjunct Uranus and opposing Pallas Athena suggesting that much work can be done in the invisible realms to assist this election balanced with action. I therefore call on all reading this, through prayer and ceremony to send your powerful intention for the highest outcome for this election for our Earth and for all peoples. Send healing to all those suffering from the great wars, all those who have been taught not to have empathy by the Public School system and other dysfunctional and corrupt structures of society (Capricorn). Britain is a tiny island but the prophets have always given it a special place in the rebirth of the New Earth. It is, so astronomers say, the exact same size as Ceres floating through the ‘heavens’.

Finally Neptune is in a perfect positive water trine to Mars in Scorpio on the Gate of Power, which will hopefully help us see through the deceptions of the media to the truth of the crossroads at which we now stand and the new pathway ahead.

If you want to know more about Ceres and Britain this is a blog I wrote just after the Brexit vote when Ceres was conjunct Uranus Ceres and the EU Referendum.

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New Earth Prophecies and the British Election — 5 Comments

  1. Beautiful! Fingers crossed as we watch from here in the States. So many countries seem in the decisive point right now between these paths (Israel another example).

  2. Boundaries are natural and necessary. Everything has boundaries which is how everything is distinguished from all else.

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