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Ceres and the EU Referendum

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna

The 4th July is the first New Moon in which Britain has begun energetically to be independent from Europe as the shock of the outcome for many people starts to subside and the politicians who stirred up all the racial tension and hatred have both thankfully resigned. Whilst times ahead hold much uncertainty globally and chaos will almost certainly prevail for some time the Goddess Asteroids are offering an insight into the deeper processes at work. How wonderful that we share this New Moon Independence Day with our American friends who must have felt similar feelings of both exhilaration and fear when they broke free from British rule so many hundreds of years ago.

My first reaction to the outcome of the referendum was shock and grief as hate crimes against Europeans and other settlers in Britain, many who have now been here generations increased by 57%. Emboldened by the outcome many people with racist views felt they could openly now approach people and tell them to go home. I even had a friend from Northern Ireland which is part of the UK get asked this. The country became extremely polarised with families and communities being torn apart by the vitriolic reaction.

The astrology has helped me personally to find inner balance again and see a bigger picture of what is unfolding. Last week Pallas Athena was speaking about Sovereignty and this week as I was writing my new book about Ceres all sorts of connections started to happen.

Ceres was discovered on the 1 January 1801, the first Goddess Asteroid to be discovered. Kepler had predicted her existence and a group of European astronomer’s nick named the ‘Celestial Police’ set out over many years to find her. Despite their resources and being the patriarchal power of astronomy at the time though they did not. Piazzo a mathematician, monk and astronomer in Sicily discovered her and named her after the Patron Saint of his City. A astrologer friend told me last week that Britain was formed politically the same year as Ceres was found and on researching it is true. The Legislative Union of Britain and Ireland took place in 1801 and the first Parliament met on the 2 February 1801. The dates are uncanny – 1/1/1801 and 2/2/1801 and are the first two numbers of the fibonacci sequence when combined 3 and 5. It has been said that the British Isles is a mirror of Ceres on Earth because it is the same size and also because of all the Neolithic sites we have here so I was tremendously excited by this. I have been working shamanically with the power animals of Britain for many years (Cernunnos, Epona, Mona and Artor) and as a spiritual body The British Isles includes Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England with the Isle of Man at the Centre which is independent. It’s a beautiful place where the Atlantean god Mannana is still honoured openly by the people. Also a resident of the Isle of Man told me recently there is a ley line connecting all four parts of Britain and the three legs of Mannanan on their flag are a moving, spiralling ley line. It was fortuitous to meet her as she is one of a few people who knows where it is and she said the true location is hidden to protect the energy. Ceres also feels very important personally because in my relocated chart from Johannesburg where I was born to Hebden Bridge in the UK as she now falls exactly on my mid heaven and in the same place she was discovered at 3 degrees Taurus.

In this same year according to Wikipedia two other important things happened in Britain. A very interesting scientist Thomas Young discovered that light travels in waves and not just particles as put forward by Newton. At age 14 years Young could speak Latin and Greek and was acquainted with 11 other languages. He also decoded many of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs so I’m feeling he was ‘one of us’. This is relevant to Ceres and all planets because their frequencies are carried in light waves to us. The asteroid belt termed the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ by Barbara Hand Clow holds the energetic keys to becoming collective beings in the Aquarian Age – like bees. This is achieved on an emotional and practical level through the reintegration of the Divine Feminine archetypes and the Wounded Healer archetype Chiron the Centaur and the other Centaur bodies. Rainbow light waves are the carrier of these frequencies.

The second thing that happened was that Maria Edgworth, an Irish woman published ‘Belinda’ a very controversial book for its time. Maria was a feminist and this was her first novel about the struggles love brings in life and includes a relationship between an African servant and an English farm girl. The Goddess does like to smash into the boundaries of convention which is why I love her! Freeing ourselves from religious and cultural belief systems is also an important part of the Goddess energies.

At this first New Moon of Independence Ceres is conjunct Uranus in Aries so this is a powerful combination for breaking free from the status quo in her form as Britain. Ceres/Uranus are part of a Nine Pointed star which includes as we orbit round the zodiac Vesta the Priestess in Gemini/MC, Venus in Cancer conjunct New Moon aligned to Sirius, Hygeia in Virgo conjunct Astraea/Jupiter/North Node, Juno in Libra, Mars in Scorpio finally going direct, Saturn in Sag, Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron conjunct Pallas Athena/Neptune/South Node.

Something else very special also happened at this new moon in that the spaceship Juno which set off five years ago reached the orbit of Jupiter. Through Juno’s visit we will discover much more about Jupiter and receive a higher frequency now of its energies which is very apt as it is conjunct the North Node (karmic destiny). The presence of Hygeia and Astraea in this conjunction very much speak of the importance of sound, light, beauty, dance and creativity to integrate these new frequencies. In this 4th Golden Age of light we begin to create works of great beauty in every sphere reflecting the beauty of the Earth, the sky and all her creatures. On iTunes there is a film about the Juno mission you can watch for free for about 5 minutes that connects it to music so it’s good to see Astraea is doing her work on the world stage. Special music has been made by various famous artists to commemorate the occasion. As Juno is Goddess of the Sacred Marriage and Jupiter her consort it feels too that this represents a new portal of possibilities opening for the relationship of Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

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Ceres and the EU Referendum — 6 Comments

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  2. The attacks nationwide on foreigners has been GREATLY overstated. Certainly those by the Remainers who are using it as a cudgel to bash the people who voted Brexit over the head with. Media made up figures when the Brexit vote acted as a safety valve on underlying fermenting resentments.Most Brexiteers know that the EU is a bureaucracy intent on subjugating nation states. It seems remainers would prefer to turn a blind eye.

  3. It is time to come together, as one human family on this beautiful Earth. Let us love ALL our brothers and sisters. And especially let us love those who harm, send love to those hearts lost in anger and darkness who harm any form of life.

    Let us all come together, no walls, no judgments, only love. “United we stand, divided we fall.” It is time to unite as one human family in peace and love, and let all violence dissolve. So be it. It is done!

    I will attempt to add video to song, Let There Be Peace On Earth. If it does not work, Google it.


  4. Great to see such a positive view of Brexit, Christine – I totally agree with your comment and you put it very well. I think fear is a big factor here: fear of changing the status quo, fear of the unknown, fear of FREEDOM. None of us really feel comfortable with change, but change is the only constant and impetus for growth. Thank you. Mary H.

  5. I was born in Europe, but left 35 years ago as I already then felt things were spiralling into chaos on that continent.
    The knowing I was presented with revealed that the EU has absolutely nothing to do with creating unity and harmony. It is a purely political set-up by the cabal to control and herd Europeans like sheeple. If one wants to see hate and racicsm in the process of Brexit, so be it. Everyone is free to perceive according to where they vibrate at.
    Personally, I salute England for taking this step, and hope others will follow. Europe deserves FREEDOM, just as any other part of the world.

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