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The Voice of the Eternal Feminine

Guest article from Alison.

In the past few months I have been exploring the voice of the Eternal Wisdom expressed through Proverbs and Ecclesiasticus (a book of the bible I had never heard of until recently). Proverbs is a beautiful book of ancient poems written in the voice of the Eternal Feminine who existed before the creation of Earth; she manifests through the Goddess forms throughout the ages and even the few thousand years of patriarchy have not been able to diminish her light and power.

Ecclesiasticus is an echo of Proverbs in the New Testament. If you have trouble locating it in your bible it has been the readings for the last month in the Christian worldwide liturgical cycle, and if you lean into it with love, a portal into an awesome feminine energy pouring in ever increasing flow into our consciousness and straight into the hearts of those ready to surrender. This surrender is the part that can be painful, as we need to be fully in our emotional bodies and physical bodies to receive this. All our efforts to avoid pain and strategies of the past may fail now or perhaps even get stronger but that is good. The old pot needs to crack open. This seems to perfectly echo Mahala’s understanding of the dawning of the Age of Virgo.

Ecclesiasticus 24:23
“It overflows like the Pishon, with wisdom,
And like the Tigris at the time of the first fruits.
It runs over like the Euphrates with understanding.”

On the 31st October I was privileged enough to take part in a pilgrimage to “Hag Mountain” on the Isle of Harris, the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. It’s a very remote, wild place and the power and light of the mountain extraordinary. Looking at the astrology for this day was inspiring on my return.

On that day Ceres the Mother Goddess, Jupiter and the Moon were all crossing the Galactic Center with Venus, Pallas Athena and Mercury some 30 degrees behind them emerging from the underworld of Scorpio. It was a powerful moment for the Wisdom of the Hag to pour forth and I had absolute clarity that she is ONE with the Christ consciousness. In my life and many around me these two seemingly separate paths perhaps expressed most in their polarity as Pagan and Christian, are weaving together in a beautiful symphony of sound and color. The ancient feminine is known is these Gaelic parts as the Cailleach, and like the Tara and Mother Mary is associated with the color blue. She often is depicted with blue skin. It was some ten years since the last group of women walked here so it felt a great privilege to connect with her. The rock of this area called Lewisian Gneiss is some of the oldest on Earth.

On November 11, Remembrance Day, Mercury will make a transit of the Sun conjunct Pallas and Venus so it will be interesting to see how this manifests on the global stage. In Britain as we approach the election there is a ground swell of support to take environmental action (Pallas/Venus/Ceres) and it feels very much that Brexit is actually a diversion from the most important issues of the day. Many people are joining the XR campaign and organizing themselves around global environmental issues. It will be very difficult for years to come in terms of austerity, divisive politics and lack of regard for the environment if the Tory Party win this election.

All the signs are that the Christ Consciousness is rooting itself in many human beings globally resulting in more desire for balance, peace and living in harmony on this wondrous planet of ours. Still we don’t know how long God’s plan is for that unfolding and what needs to happen. As we have seen in the USA and Europe, it is the rise of the right and impending environmental disaster that have woken us to where we are now.

Today as I write Mars has just made an exact square to Pluto. A red Porsche drove into the side of our car last night which was very apt! It was however just a glancing blow and perhaps reflects the lack of substance of the right wing politicians of the world blustering about this and that. This is the most powerful aspect for allowing us to see what we are angry about because circumstances will erupt that show you just that. Time to take a deep breath and let go gracefully. Anger also shows us where we need to have better boundaries and more authentic selflessness.

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