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Another Two Reports are Up!

Hi Community Members,

There are two new reports for all the subscribers: The Edgar Cayce Past Life Report and the Book of Destiny Life Report!

This weekend I moved all the community member birthdays into the Book of Destiny program. I’m now going to be able to run the reports that it offers for each subscriber. Because it takes a long time to upload these reports, I’d like you to login and review your first report. I always double check things, but if I got your birthday wrong, please let me know. I’m looking forward to running the rest of the reports.

This video says the same thing, but with different words.

This first report from the Book of Destiny program is the Life Report. I did an overview of this report a few weeks ago. Overview of the Book of Destiny Life Report. From this collection, we’ll get a couple yearly, a karmic and a find money & success report.


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