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A Message from ‘Comet’ Mercury

by Alison Dhuanna

A couple of days ago, I felt really called to write a blog about Mercury’s current transit of Gemini and almost immediately received a post from Space Weather to say Mercury has a tail like a comet at the moment (see link at the bottom); my feeling is Mercury has something to share and this is my offering of an interpretation of that message. Please feel free to share your perceptions in the comments box.

Mercury moved into Gemini on the 4th May close by to Venus who simultaneously began her rise as Evening Star conjunct the Pleiades in the final degrees of Taurus. Venus then moved into Gemini on the 9th May.

I’m writing this at the New Moon 11th May 2021 and today the North Node is at 11 Gemini 56’, exactly conjunct Mercury at 11 Gemini 46’ so this immediately tells us ‘Destiny is Calling’. The path of the Nodes is a powerful flow of the past meeting the present and creating the future. On the 13th May Mercury is conjunct the Moon and North Node and Jupiter expands the possibilities even further entering into oceanic Pisces. The sign of Gemini is very much in resonance with 11 as reflected in its symbol of the 2 pillars.

Mercury is the Ruler of Gemini; wing footed and versatile this agile god of Communication plays with words and concepts. Gemini is enthusiastic, curious, playful and interested in everything; the power animals I associate with Gemini most are Hummingbird and Monkey. Mercury is all about the way we communicate whether that’s creating with our hands, talking, writing, listening, perceiving or learning so it covers a broad experience.

This year I taught an online Introduction to Process Orientated Astrology, and so it took me back to basics again – and there is nothing more stimulating than the beginner’s mind. I delved more deeply into Mercury as Morning and Evening Star and discovered a whole level of him I had not yet explored – mainly inspired by an article by Michael Meher on Dane Rhudhyar’s archival website – see below.

Most people are born in one of four parts of the Mercury cycle and what follows is a short description. All may be exceptional and visionary depending on where they take their natural talents.

Epimetheus Evening Star

Retrospective, interested in building on tradition, restrained in communication, thinks things through before acting, cautious

Epimetheus Evening Star Retrograde (I am this one)

All of the above plus a deeply contemplative mind, ideas may not appeal to larger groups of people, digging in deep to discover meaning, rejection and silencing issues may be pronounced. Drawing on traditional teachings for a modern age, the strong desire to be authentic and original.

Prometheus Morning Star

Fresh, spontaneous, loves the new, forward thinking, pioneering, appeals to larger groups of people

Prometheus Morning Star Retrograde

All of the above and may be a passionate communicator, ideas may need to be fought for and are not accepted by large groups, needs to dig deep and keep refining the message, pronounced issues with rejection and communication may be present, the strong need to be original and authentic.

Smaller groups of people are born when Mercury is Stationary or exactly conjunct the Sun. In this we can see also that where Mercury is at each phase of this journey is significant. The further away from the Sun Mercury travels also suggests ideas that are further outside of the mainstream awareness.

On the 29th May Mercury is stationary for 3 whole days at 24 Gemini 42’ conjunct Venus 25 Gemini 04’before turning retrograde, so this is a particularly potent part of the cycle – watch out for what appears in your world for it may well be Mercury’s love letters to you. The fact Mercury comes conjunct Venus during the station is very exciting and together they will be sending out what I’m feeling as a ‘playful’ energy which helps to shake things up and create lightness. During this time Venus enters Cancer – the place of building bonds and connections with others on the 2nd June. Mercury then travels Retrograde until the 23rd June arriving Stationary at 16 Gemini 08 just for one day before going Direct again, so where our efforts seem met with resistance or futile, we may discover why.

Amidst all this are two powerful eclipses: A Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26 (5 Sagittarius) which wanes into a Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse on June 11 (19 Gemini).

I’d like to explore through the i Ching and Gene Keys the 3-day station of Mercury conjunct Venus at 24/25 Gemini which really stands out as a pivotal moment in this sequence. I’m enjoying offering the i Ching because it also gives you the reader an invitation to bring and share your meaning.

In traditional i Ching 24 Gemini is Hexagram 12 which is Blocked, it follows Hexagram 11 Flow

Blocking it, non people.

Noble ones constancy bears no fruit.

Great goes, small comes.

My interpretation of ‘non people’ is when we as people lose our humanity towards others and thereby block the evolutionary progress.

In Hilary Barrett’s i Ching book the words: “The noble one has noticed that the harder you bang your head against wall, the more bruised you get, and so she is economical with her energy and talents. Equally she does not look for rewards under this regime: the ones who are rewarded now, are not noble. She has other priorities than external results and recognition.”

I especially relate to these words because I feel this is a time of inner transformation which can easily be hijacked if we don’t get immediate results, and sometimes our intuition points us down roads which may not seem prosperous but will turn out to be abundant in every way. Gene Key 12.3 is an anchoring and deeply rooted Gene Key so it’s interesting it comes up here – my last blog was about Venus ascending through the Root Chakra gate in Inanna’s myth so Mercury is supporting this.

The shadow of this Gene Key is Vanity – such a strange, ever present and sticky human experience that distorts our true sense of inner beauty somehow by placing too much value on the outer form. Line 3 of the GK12 where Venus and Mercury will be is called ‘Embracing Shame’, and I feel the shame we hold about our bodies is a way this Vanity shadow manifests for many people.

The Gift is Discrimination – being able to tell what is good for us and what isn’t. With so much misinformation and contradictory information in the world it feels we are being forced ever inward to make choices from our body wisdom and intuition.

The Siddhi is Purity and my own deep contemplations over many years of this Gene Key took me on a journey to the words of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount – and for today especially this Beatitude: “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. What I hear in this i Ching oracle is very similar to these words in that at some point in our world history things take a very unexpected turn, and those in power start to lose it to a greater force they cannot control or stop.

The ‘non-people’, who are intent on blocking human evolution towards goodness become less and less interesting to the general population. Whether its economies, religion or politics, everything starts to crumble. The forms of manipulation gradually stop being effective in keeping the world locked in conflict and division. It becomes increasingly obvious that there are much more intelligent rules to play by than ‘dog eat dog’, and we inorexably sensitized to ‘Prosperity consciousness for all’.

Jesus’s final teachings in the Book of Mary Magdalene, of which only fragments survive, was decoded in an excellent online course I attended a few years ago called The Wisdom Jesus with Cynthia Bourgeois. This teaching was all about the importance of Purity or the Single Eye of the Heart.

Aramaic translations of the Beatitudes by Sufi teacher Neal Douglas-Klotz reveal a meaning to Jesus’s words beyond what many of us have been taught. Aramaic was Jesus’ Mother tongue and quite different in its qualities to Greek which formed the rather linear translations of the bible.

Jesus said: Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

Translation: “Happy and aligned with the One are those who find their home in breathing; to them belongs the inner kingdom and queendom of heaven.

Blessed are those who are refined in breath; they shall find their ruling principles and ideals guided by God’s light.

Resisting corruption, possessing integrity are those whose breath forms a luminous sphere; they hear the Universal Word and feel the earth’s power to accomplish it through their own hands.

I offer one to one readings where I explore the phase both Mercury and Venus were at when you were born. I also include 6 Goddess Asteroids which are the archetypes to bust through the dross for our times, bringing in the Aquarian Age. In the Autumn I will be offering some delicious pickings from the Priestess lineage of Astrology I represent.

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Sodium Tail of Mercury photograph from 5th May 2021

Article about the Four Faces of Mercury

Cosmic Prayers by Neal Douglas-Klotz

Check out more about the Gene Keys at


A Message from ‘Comet’ Mercury — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Mahala thank you and it makes me wonder how many lifetimes we have travelled together to deliver the pure message of Christ, and when you have Mercury Retrograde it feels like climbing a very steep mountain! As always in gratitude for holding a space for my writings

  2. I am amazed with the amount of knowledge you have obtained in this life time. Keep up the good work.
    I love your articles.

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