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Venus Quantum leaping us into a new consciousness

by Alison Dhuanna

During the recent 9 day Navratri Spring Festival, which started the day after the Venus Moon conjunction 12th April, I was able to deeply tune into Lalita the Creation Indian Goddess through a special meditation and discover she is very much resonant with Sumerian Inanna. Inanna is an ancient representation of Venus, who descends and ascends through Seven Gates marked by Venus Moon conjunctions, and brings us from a small, finite sense of self to an infinite expansive sense of Higher Self in each cycle. Following the Pandemic and a period of intense letting go globally, this cycle of Venus feels particularly important to pay attention to and is opening a door to the new Golden Age. Now we begin the expansive, ascending phase with Venus rising as Evening Star once more on the 3-5th May, though she won’t be visible to most of us for some time.

On the 12 May, following New Moon in Taurus, Inanna will enter the Root Chakra Gate where she relinquished the final symbol of her old self, her Robe on the 11th January 2021. I wonder how life has been for you while Venus was in the Underworld beyond our vision from Earth experiencing a mystical rebirth? I know for myself and many people I am connected with it has been an awesome time of letting go and healing ancestral and childhood wounds. Also forging new types of relationships, deepening global intimacy and opening the heart which are all Venus themes.

Let’s dive into the point of the Zodiac 4 degrees Gemini 41’ where the Venus Moon conjunction that marks this part of Inanna’s journey takes place, to see what we may learn of the Creators intentions.

In the I Ching this is Gate 20 Seeing. I’d like to just offer you the words and images for your own contemplation.

Image: ‘Wind moves over the Earth:

Seeing. The ancient kings/queens studied the regions,

Saw the people, and established their teachings’

4 Gemini 41’also falls on the 5th line of Gate 20 at the Throat center. The I Ching has this to offer.

‘Seeing my own life, the noble one is without mistake.’

You are invited to see your life as the King/Queen sees their realm, as something you are creating, with all its elements coming together to form a complete image of who you are. This is not an easy thing to see: it strips away whatever other self-image you may have developed, maybe clearing out some preconceptions or plans with it. When the noble one can step into this newly cleared space, to see and own her own life without delusions of grandeur or guilt, she will be able to act without mistake.

Ref: I Ching by Hilary Barrett

The Gene Keys system draws on this original wisdom of the i Ching which aligns to the Zodiac, and offers a way of penetrating the very level of our DNA in these transformations of consciousness that humanity is experiencing.

The shadow of Gene Key 20 is superficiality. Superficiality in this context is about not really being present in your life, always projecting outwards and forwards as to how you believe things should be. Relationships are shallow, perhaps driven by what you can get out of them rather than an intention to form deep and intimate bonds which takes work and courage. It is an ungrounded state to be in because nothing is really real, so it is meaningful that it falls in the Root chakra with our Venus journey. Along with the i Ching reading, I have a feeling some political and spiritual teachers or leaders who have been offering something quite superficial will be revealed as such in this period ahead.

Venus asks us to be real and whole, to love all parts of ourselves especially those which the patriarchy, religion, gurus or even New Age groups deem unacceptable and so have become repressed and wounded in the group psyche. Venus asks us to own every single one of our emotions, every single part of being a whole human. This is a very humbling experience, all masks come off. It’s a peaceful time when the relentless war of trying to be someone else comes to an end and there is just a deep acceptance.

Our sense of being rooted, having a security that emanates from within and a sense of authentic belonging opens the door to the gift of this Gene Key which is self-assurance. Venus demands once again that we be real, see the truth of ourselves and others without rose tinted glasses and accept that we are all part of the eco-system of Gaia. Our challenge is to find ways of transforming the world without polarizing or fighting others, without being triggered into insecurity to the extent that we act on it. In the UK right now, we have governments and fisherman acting out their insecurities, and it doesn’t take long for threats to escalate and war ships to get involved. In this and many other conflicts we see how insecurity is also related to a lack of awareness of the natural abundance of Gaia which we may all share in – and this is the New Earth matrix of Harmony that Venus is helping us create right now as we move towards the next Superior conjunction of Venus and the Sun on 22 Oct 2022 at 29 Libra – arguably the most evolved point for ‘relationships’ in the zodiac.

This marks a very important Star Point conjunction in that it initiates a new Venus cycle where she will move progressively into the signs she is most resonant with such as Libra, Taurus and Pisces over the next decades. This will mark a significant turning point in human culture towards a celebration of diversity and elevation of the arts in every form and the opening of the Aquarian Golden Age.

The Siddhi of Gene Key 20 is Presence. To be present is to be deeply grounded and accepting of everything we are as humanity – all the joy, love and ecstasy but also all the darkness, greed, suffering and this word that makes us wobbly inside, insecurity. If there is one very powerful thing you could bring to this next Moon and Venus cycle it is to bring presence whenever you feel insecure, and nurturing yourself through this, reminding yourself you too are part of the eco-system and a face of God/Goddess.

Recently I co-hosted two incredible Facebook Live Cafes about the Codon Ring of Prosperity connecting with the land and cultures of Italy and Austria. I feel these Cafes offer a real glimpse of hope and possibilities that will be gradually unfolding as Venus works her magic and how each country has something special to offer to that which we can all adapt.

Conversation about Italy, the gift of versatility and the siddhi of mastery (Renaissance)

Conversation about Austria, the gift of synergy and the siddhi of communion

The Root chakra is all about security and belonging and when we put our new Inanna robe back on is it one that will help us feel self-assured or like a fraud? The story of the Emperor’s New Clothes comes to mind – he was very insecure which is why he was so easily manipulated by those around him. Also, nobody but the child could ‘see’ because they didn’t want to fall out of favor with the one who holds the power. The interesting thing about belonging is sometimes we realize we are not in a true or real experience of it and have to go into a period of exile for a while. It’s very hard to leave a group where you once felt a sense of belonging, but which now imposes an invisible and yet toxic blanket of silence of the truth of who you are. Many groups or organizations start off in a positive way but are corrupted by money, greed or vanity like the Emperor. If you are in a group where you cannot be yourself this period may bring these conflicts to the surface. Another scenario is that you were hurt by such an experience and are now finding it hard to reconnect with people at a heart level – because anything other is superficial.

The chart of the Venus Moon conjunction has some other beautiful, supporting details I’d like to highlight. Firstly, Chiron at 11 Aries 17’ is in a harmonious sextile to the North Node at 11 Gemini 52’ and a trine to the South Node 11 Sagittarius 52’, supporting the healing of past and future in this present moment. Do all you can to get out of your mind and into your body at this time and do some earthly pursuits like walking, gardening, playing and enjoying the spring time (if you are in the Northern Hemisphere). Uranus is at 11 Taurus 22’ in a wide conjunction to the Sun at 22 Taurus 22’ so some lovely numerology there and Uranus is Quincunx the South Node. Then we also have Mars at 11 Cancer 48’ Quincunx the South Node too so lots of subtle yet supportive energy for ancestral and childhood healing.

The Sun is exactly sextile Neptune at 22 Pisces 41’ and Pallas Athena is just behind Neptune which suggests both a dissolving of the old forms and integrating the natural self-assurance of Pallas Athena. Pallas rules the frontal cortex and higher intelligence and is also very much connected with seeing beyond what is presented to us in the media to a deeper truth.

I’d like to finish these musings with a piece of art I recently saw on TV – The Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Murray and Dido Belle from the 1800’s. For many years the presence of the woman of color was not even acknowledged in the painting and recent research revealed her to be the illegitimate daughter of a naval admiral. Clearly the two women are friends which would have been highly unusual for these times and it is believed they were raised as equals in an aristocratic home which aroused much disgust from their contemporaries. The artists’ way of depicting them as equals is also highly unusual. It has been revealed the artist was a woman too…an interesting story to follow and one which tangibly shows the ways in which whole groups are silenced or airbrushed out of the picture so that we are encouraged to see the world in a certain way. I feel very much the way in which Venus works which is why I wish to share this today

As if to remind humanity of the importance of the African Queen archetype last week, TransNeptunion Object Mbaba Mwane Waresa 184314, named for a Zulu Fertility Goddess, was transiting the Earth (opposite the Sun) at Beltane. On the same day the present-day Zulu Queen died a few weeks after her husband. She was from an ancient lineage torn apart by deep dishonoring, Apartheid and Colonization and yet she held such a regal, quiet presence here on Earth. Please bless her with your prayers for the healing of that lineage.

I offer one to one personal readings; including 6 Goddess Asteroids which are archetypes that help us break free from the old modes of conditioning. I also look at the phase which Venus and Mercury were when you were born which penetrates deeply into both the mental and emotional ways of being. Please email me at for more information. I can do other bodies by request. If you are feeling called to deepen into the Lalita/Inanna Goddess energy and attune to Venus at this time there is a wonderful opportunity to join a 40-day Celestial Communication with Adarsh Kaur on

‘This mantra is “Eka Mai” ~ One Divine Mother. Its vibration allows you to cut through real and perceived limitations that have been placed upon you by others, by your programming, or even by yourself. Practicing this mantra relieves you of feelings and beliefs of unworthiness, and allows you to embrace your vulnerability and true power with both grace and humility.’ Adarsh

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I would also like to acknowledge Shri Steep, Yoga Nidra creative for her beautiful meditation for the Navratri Festival which invited some clarity of the expansiveness through the chakras which this Venus process invokes. (also available on Soul Tribe)


Venus Quantum leaping us into a new consciousness — 5 Comments

  1. You are such a gift. Your writing is immersible and accessible to our ears and will share with my cousins who have been living in Italy for the past decade. Calebs’ grandfather was a famous professor in Florence Italy a few decades back. I too spent some memorable time in Italy. There is much to share from the ways of other cultures. In expansiveness you can’t help but know that all of the happenings out in the play grounds of the ethers are touching us in all the ways that we choose to see. So thank you for making us more aware of the ethers and calling attention to healing lineages. Yes-A very timely compliment and support to the EkaMai Celestial Communication.

  2. Love the art and history of the art! And, thanks for all the good astrology information.

  3. Wow Midi such insights and yes I feel all that myself, the habitual shoving down of inner dissent to keep the harmony (which is not true harmony) facilitates the process of corruption of the field. Its taken years and years to feel safe speaking the truth of how I feel rather than what I feel others want from me…and often a very thin line and sometimes terrifying place actually to arrive at. I have a sudden insight here that Eris IS that inner dissent. Thank you so much for taking the time to pen your thoughts

  4. I love your weaving of many themes here, Alison. These words stood out for me.

    “It’s very hard to leave a group where you once felt a sense of belonging, but which now imposes an invisible and yet toxic blanket of silence of the truth of who you are. Many groups or organizations start off in a positive way but are corrupted by money, greed or vanity like the Emperor. If you are in a group where you cannot be yourself this period may bring these conflicts to the surface.”

    I also sense that one of the corruptions, perhaps even already present within me when I join and/or start a group, is how as an individual member I can so easily collude with ‘blanketing of silence of the truth’ by not speaking up when and if I experience internal dissonance, and a difference of perspectives.

    Like so many of us, I am ‘addicted to harmony’. Yet I can forget that, even if I do not listen to and give voice to my inner dissent, I am still already somehow energetically representing and unconsciously expressing my disagreement within the group. This then feeds a steadily growing cloud of unspoken dissent fed by the unspoken discomfort of others who are not speaking up either.

    Things continue for me to build in discomfort until the atmosphere has become so toxic that I feel I can never speak up. I so easily project this outwards on ‘the group’ and or ‘other group members’, rather than recognising my own part in seeding and nurturing the corrupting process.
    And, if money, greed and vanity are present in the atmosphere, perhaps they need also to be noticed, named and welcomed in as very natural aspects of our human condition?

    I sense that being myself in a group has to begin and end with me! Groups are such wonderful – and sometimes terrible! – places for me to come face to face with myself! Learning to trust that my dissenting voice can have a purpose and a valid role to play, and then find ways to bring it in – ideally without totally capsizing the entire group boat in the process! – has been a personal learning edge for me throughout my life in groups. My inner child has a lot to teach me in how to be playful and humorous in my interactions – especially where greed and vanity are concerned.

    I’m no longer willing, perhaps even able, to breathe and be in groups where I cannot be my whole self. And I’m learning to see how ‘bringing these conflicts to the surface’ can be a wonderful opportunity for me – and the group – to grow and transform. Unowned and undealt with conflict tends to expand progressively, until it can send groups and nations to war… Learning to love the potential in groups for transformation by welcoming difference and dissent is perhaps the greatest single thing I can do for world peace.

    Hooray for Venus, especially when twinned with her dissenting sister Eris!

    And hooray for your lovely blog! Thank you

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