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Venus Rises as Evening Star

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna

Having followed Venus on her Inanna decent through Seven gates (Venus Moon conjunctions in the descending cycle), releasing so much in the way of old attachments, it feels such a magical moment to be in full awareness and presence as we will see her once more from Earth as she rises in all her glory as Evening Star on the 3rd May 2021. She is at 23 Taurus 09’ and Mercury at 28 Taurus 55 with the beautiful Pleiades right in between them which should make quite a show in the night sky.

Uranus and the Sun are conjunct Albion and Phaeton in mid Taurus right now supporting her rising. Trans-Neptunion Object Albion I have experienced as a powerful access energy into Gaia’s intelligence transmuted through the Dragon telluric lines, which are receptors and transmitters for our planet. Uranus suggests the possibility of a revolutionary change in outlook in this next ascending cycle for those who want to participate. Uranus is in a Grand Earth Trine to the Priestess archetype Vesta in Virgo and Astraea who is sensitizing us to the new Golden Age energies in Capricorn. Astraea is also in an exact Quincunx to Hygiea in Leo who is teaching us to not force our way into the world but to find our unique and creative dance and rhythm – the zone where we will thrive as our Circadian Rhythms come online to the perfection of creation. All this feels supremely perfect to support an upgrade to our collective Root Chakra

Like Inanna we too may become immortal and powerful in our awareness – plugging into the larger energy matrix of Gaia and the Cosmos, as we ascend from a time of death and rebirth and a release of old wounds. The pandemic has given humanity a uniquely global experience of this release of the old ways. I had a vision of our individual chakras been swallowed by much bigger Universal Chakras – we have passed through the Earth Star Chakra now heading towards the Root Chakra on the 12th May. The Root chakra has many meanings such as our security and sense of being embodied. It also governs our sense of belonging – so important as a human beings but also one of the most manipulated and exploited things too.

My own journey in recent years led me back to the Christian church, which I left very clearly behind when I was 11. I was exploring for some time being a priestess in the Church of England because of two very powerful and beautiful encounters with Jesus in 2017. There are many good things I experienced in this time and good people I met along the way. Also, I learnt a great deal I was quite resistant to before this experience in my studies of the bible and Jesus’s core teachings which I do feel are very much relevant for this time.

However, I came unstuck with the church again for much the same reasons I did when I was 11 years old in the continuing oppression of gay people and being very intolerant of other religions and yoga in particular. It was interesting to note the depth of fear which arose in me as it became clear that I could not simply agree to be silenced on certain matters. I can appreciate perhaps more now than ever why people find it hard to leave a belief system or organization where they have found a sense of belonging, even though deep down they are hiding and cutting off more and more of their authentic self. To break through the collective denial is to face some of our deepest wounds – and so in these times great courage is called for.

It is perfect that the backdrop for Venus rising is the powerful Full Moon that occurred in Scorpio on the 26/27 April. Scorpio rules the Root chakra and underworld experiences – the reproduction and elimination biology. Taurus is where the Sun and all the planets and other bodies listed above were and rules the shoulders, neck and throat chakra. When our throat chakra and root chakra are aligned, we speak from a positive place of belonging without compromise, and this is a very powerful place, a place of sovereignty where we refuse to be cowered or ridiculed any longer. Most of the time we are actually silencing ourselves in the hope of being accepted and approved of, but mostly we just feel frustrated in our efforts.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been listening to a fantastic book called Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home by Toko-Pa Turner which reflects so much of my inner experience in recent months. Another theme which has been very strong for me is the impact of humanity of the witch hunts and persecution of Indigenous Peoples. These are wounds that still impact millions of people in their confidence to speak about their experiences for fear of persecution or exclusion. These issues also affect our sense of connection with the Earth and with each other, they effect the relationship between men and women and every facet of our lives. This wound explains why so far, we have been only partially successful in bringing peace and equality into the world.

Keep a look out for my next blog which will be exploring in more detail the energies as Venus integrates the Universal Root Chakra experience.

Thank you to my dear friend Midi Berry alerting me to the presence of Albion and Phaeton conjunct the Sun and Uranus.

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Venus Rises as Evening Star — 2 Comments

  1. Wow! Resonating with a lot here so beautiful written and explained. Absorbing the energies in this powerful transmission ~ totally felt the Venus rising in Scorpio ♏️ Moon and welcome the energetic root chakra shifts – grounding more into my sovereign self with strong voice from the authentic moment.

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