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Lessons from a Powerful Full Moon

Guest article by Mona

Full moons are the most amazing healers in our world! Their gravitational pulls and pushes are always in the best interest of our human lives, desires, and collective knowledge.

During 2020, we were all having to learn about change through Covid. The full moons and eclipses at that time were all intended to move us into a rapid shift. Our planet has had many pandemics, such as the black plague in Europe as far back as 1346-1353, the yellow fever epidemic in 1793, the flu pandemic in 1889-1890, polio, and many more. In our more recent years, HIV, the bird flu, and several others have been lurking… yet somehow, we come through each time.

In the world of Medical Intuition, we discover energy leaks and causes within each individual that perpetuate due to emotional and mental problems, causing patterns to continue that may not be right for our truth. These patterns are what affect the adrenal glands and stop the body’s ability to live in balance. “As above, so below,” is the motto when working with energy.

The “fight or flight” syndrome is at work when we feel we need protection of any kind. Fear also contributes to anxiety, causing the adrenal glands to react. Therefore, the body becomes hyper-oriented and autoimmune dysfunctions can occur. When we don’t feel safe, we are triggered.

Covid came in to teach us to slow down, to take more time for ourselves, and mostly, to rediscover our creative abilities and really feel new desires. Being consciously aware of this creates more relaxation in the body, and your immune system is calmer… providing more adrenal backup for when you really need it.

This last full moon was in Scorpio. Scorpio represents death and rebirth, so when we are pulled by the gravity of this enormous wave, we are becoming “unveiled” into becoming our true Self, with support from the Universe. When we understand this and take action, our energy shift is felt in the collective, which is what we contribute to world changes.

My personal work with clients has always proven true to what the world is experiencing. Each day opens new concepts and realizations into what people are asking for, and most importantly, want to heal from. Recently, I have noticed a big spike in clients going through the fear of rejection. This has been an underlying cause of unwanted patterns of feeling not good enough, unacceptable, having bouts of anxiety and depression, and even more so feeling insecurities about not pleasing their families, communities, and mostly, themselves.

This last full moon has raised red flags in how we have always thought about how we “should and shouldn’t” react in any situation. We can feel tired, fatigued, emotional, disassociated, and even think our life has come to an end…

However, it certainly needs to be understood that we have only transformations, and they can come from something as simple as a NEW perception. Taking our individual power back, speaking to the moon, the body, and our spirit guides will always help associate us back to our true Self. Then, moving forward (not backward) with our desires will bring in what fills the void of releasing. This full moon was about letting go.

When I lived in Hawaii, I learned that Aloha was all about the “flow of life”… Pele’s beautiful lessons are about clearing our old illusions and truly living in the moment. Love is the ticket to any situation: for yourself, then to everyone else. Compassion, rather than resistance, will serve well in every situation. As John Lennon has said, “there are no problems, only solutions.”

Some changes are coming for Sacred Reconnections, Inc!

At this time, I have decided to cut down on individual healings and take the month of May off to evaluate new events, podcasts, and interviews!
STAY TUNED for these exciting events to transpire in your emails!

It’s time to “get the word out” and teach these profound insights to better our individual learning and healing, and the world.

THANK YOU all for your support… and stay tuned for the release of my new book called Shamanizing Humanity!

May this new month shower blessings, prosperity, and whisper internal truths and wisdom into your consciousness!

All my love ~ Mona


Lessons from a Powerful Full Moon — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for our post! \ Consider the following… Our true Self is always “within” us, it never left! Without this aspect animating our B/being on all levels, we wouldn’t exist! Initially we are taught to search for this aspect outside of ourselves, because either; others didn’t know any better, or to appease those who wish to exploit us for their personal gain… If you read any (or watch the documentaries) of Joseph Campbell’s work (The Hero’s Journey, The Power of Myth, etc.), everyone that isn’t happy with circumstances, journeys to find; answers, reasons, relief, etc. to numerous life’s quandaries… Some after numerous “adventures” find themS/selves, other’s choose the path of least resistance or pleasure to disconnect… Life’s “adventures” (good/bad/indifferent) is all about perception… As the saying goes, “One man’s trash, is another’s treasure.” it’s all in how you choose to interpret events… In one moment, things may seem negative, but sometime later could be perceived as a push towards positive necessity… \ Life can be a metamorphic “brain slapping itself against your skull” event (or cognitive dissonance) usually caused by beliefs being countered by the reality of experience… Release the beliefs and Be, then cognitive resistance is released and you open yourself to flowing with what is… Life is a journey… “Be” and all is revealed, the wisdom is awaiting to emerge from within you!… Namaste…

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