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Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution

Words by Elizabeth Berg

So much in transition. As a messenger I am compelled to offer descriptions of what I sense we are presently personally and collectively experiencing. No need to layout the extraordinary global news type details, as I feel it is so imperative that we do the inner work.

Imagine this. If we collectively all earth bound, took a deep breath in peace and breathed out even a single breath of release, we would move into a divine unity as a planet at an outstanding sacred and beautiful level. We are in many ways doing this.

Here is a practice, a spiritual perspective.

Walk the inside of you, your connecting heart in the world. To meet self and other as self, like a monk in the world… as one who brings heaven to earth.

To practice not the attainment of things but to delight in the power of the holographic matrix, the quantum unified field, the All.

We are remembering ourselves to be creator beings. We can create whatever we want in order to further this incarnations’ soulful self-fulfillment at this point of evolution.

Be delighted in the joy of loving the self as a unity and source centered child of the entire universe, not just of earth.

We are by the nature of predestined evolution, raising our very frequency to a great degree.

Consider if you will, ascension symptoms in all their myriad forms, as reconfiguration experiences. Moving our forms from dense to Light filled. The filters of dread being cleansed from our energy field in order to allow the sunshine of our greatest illumination to shine forth. Less resistance over discomfort makes room for a flow of God-wealth.

We are creating our tomorrow today. Not by projecting ourselves out there and abandoning Now. But by living into an expanded experience of presence, of yourself in relationship to all else.

Imagine a day with no resistance, a kind of sacred surrender. Revealed will be a channel, a flow to participate in. Syncing all with all.

Between incarnations we chose to assist our soul into more delightful creation. Creation that frees up the soul to dance the Universe as one and as the many.

We chose to discover within, that which is unchanging in our spirit and observe the shifting light of our form into the self-realization of wholeness, in its many-ness and simultaneously a the single I AM.

As a healing practice, Hum and tone sounds, that you find need uttering or sounding. As sound is frequency, these utterances cause shifts openness and movement in our multiple bodies (denser to light-filled). These sounds encourage, a contentment as never before in this time of brilliant translation.


As a student of life, we can be humbled at the whole working manifestation of it all and our place in it. Humility, not humble insignificance. Rather a profound inclusion of the All and ourselves in perfect integration. In discovery we find that self-worth is found in humble yet deeply loving inclusion of self to All. How can we not fall deeply in love with it All.

To what extent that the All is understood could be how centered one might become in awareness of the grand and greatness of the infinite upon infinite.

The value of inner self worth, what we attract into our experience, what we attract through our belief, our self-integration to the All, is our very resonance.

Resonance attracts resonance.

Thoughts, words, ideas, beliefs, feelings, emotion are all resonance.

This time is predestined indeed.

We can consider this a personally historic time for each sacred soul.

This is a Great time to be incarnate in escalation of Awareness.

We are as a species apprehending by the nature of evolution, a greatly expanded conscious living experience, it is all simply profound. We exist in a God-field of love so great, that only a portion of it can be comprehended in body, that is until we attain the Rainbow Body.

I AM, I AM more, I AM the ALL♥️⛩

Create in the mind’s eye sacred images to ponder and places to be. Enjoy the power of up frequency aromas. Eat lightly. Think lovingly. Allow and make room for the other to be whatever they need. They are an aspect of the I AM Self. Be responsible for you.

Some days feel like mixed up energy. Trust and follow what is before you, staying present🦋

We have a long habit of needing to think we must understand everything. We don’t. Be like a wise child.

For our Sacredness, thank you Elizabeth


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