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Brian’s New Book Life Seeds and Codes is now for sale on

I am excited about having Brian’s 3rd book. I have been fortunate to have received many “Clearings” and have known Brian for close to 30 years now. I have read the dowsing book “Be Clear Now” as well as worked with the I AM Diamond Heart Energy Activations. In Life Seeds and Codes, Brian offers the digital files for the Clearing Charts he uses, as well as giving us access to his 12 Activations by downloading the 12 recordings from Drop Box.

In this book he offers insights into many areas of interest such as Huna and Ho’oponopono, an essay on Hermetic philosophy and other ideas on his gentle approach to the healing process. With contributions from other people on “Stages of Consciousness” he makes his point with support from people and systems that shine a light on his methods. A great value, a great gift and one can jump into any section and read, read, read cause it’s that interesting. Body, Mind and Spirit, he has worked well to integrate the whole. The last section on Poems, Prose and almost Zen Koans is sure to be a favorite for many people, I think. It’s a nice book to own, and with all the extras, it’s a lot of value. Check it out on

I am sure you will like the book, especially if you are a light worker.


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