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The Venus Five-Pointed Star

by Alison Dhuanna

The movements of Venus are very important in imprinting our feeling body and we have an opportunity in this next cycle though intention to do some re-patterning. The Sign and House of Venus, along with whether it is Morning or Evening Star, tell us a great deal about our own emotional lives.

On Friday 26th March there is an important Superior conjunction of Venus and the Sun at 6 Aries 18’ which will be a portal for us as humans to send a powerful message of agreement for a world of Equilibrium to be birthed in the next cycle into the Solar Logos and Venus as they merge on the far side of the Sun, out of our view. At this time Venus will also transition from Morning to Evening Star and we will see her rise again early May 2021.

The more I have contemplated the meaning of this current Venus cycle, I realize its miraculousness and perfection for where we are right now – challenging times with a lot of potential for new ways of living together to aspire to. Here is an image I have created of the 5-pointed star and as you can see, we are now in the 3rd Venus Star Point (VSP) at the top of the diagram.

This third VSP in Aries is all about ‘Self Love’, and most of us will realize what a vital ingredient this is in any relationship and for our happiness. If you are having your Chiron Return or have planets in this early part of Aries it will be especially powerful. Our conditioning is really quite self-loathing if we are not perfect, reaching the impossible goals set by our culture and not fitting in with an idealized vision of what we think we should be. I remember an interview with the Dalai Lama where he said (in my words) the biggest problem for people in Western countries is self-hatred. The truth is if we cannot love ourselves now in our current reality, then we are unlikely to find it in the future because we achieved this or that. So, we need to set a powerful intention to honor our lives, put in place boundaries to ensure this self-love may blossom right now.

The Gene Key, where this falls, is 17 and the shadow is Opinion, the Gift Farsightedness and the Siddhi Omniscience. Just feel into for a moment how closed Opinion is – there are a lot of very strong ones about and ultimately, it’s a divisive energy. Could we soften our eyes to perceive the bigger picture of where we are going, moving into the Gift of Far-Sightedness? This Venus cycle gives us some very clear directions when we use that gift.

The Sabian Symbol for 6 Aries is “A Square, with one of its sides brightly illuminated: the emotional desire for concrete and stabilized existence as a person”

The next VSP point will take place in 9 months’ time, and I love the synchronicity of the resonance with our gestation time as humans of her cycle. This Inferior Conjunction will be on the 9 January 2022 at 18 Capricorn 42 and in Gene Key 54.4. This is one of my favorite Gene Keys with its gift of Aspiration – a Gift that really gives hope because as soon as we are aspiring, we are opening to the possibility of something new in the future which seems so important in these times of deep despair for many people. The Shadow of this Gene Key is Greed, which has actually brought us through a very rapid technological progress – however it’s a shallow system, very few if any find happiness in it and many pay a high price for the wealth of a few. It’s not satisfactory at all that with all our technical innovations most of the world still lives in abject poverty. Greed will eventually naturally give way to Aspiration because it so obviously doesn’t bring any benefits long term. The Siddhi of this Gene Key is Ascension which comes about through sustained Aspiration – eventually there will be a breakthrough to a different level of understanding, a new way of being for more and more people.

The Sabian Symbol for 18 Capricorn is rather menacing, especially living in Britain which becomes more oppressive by the day. Its “The Union Jack Flag flies from a British Warship: The protection afforded to individuals and groups in charge of maintaining order”

The fifth VSP will be another Superior conjunction and occur on 22 October 2022 at 29 Libra 00’. This final degree of Libra shows mastery over relationships and the Gene Key is 50. The Shadow of this key is Corruption which could be defined as all that prevents us living a natural life in harmony with each other and the planet. Everything causing issues in nature are corruptions of an already perfectly balanced eco-system that we could, if we choose, live within in a state of super abundance. The Gift is Equilibrium – and if there is one word that really calls to me to set our collective Sat Nav to in the next 18 months it’s this. The Siddhi is Harmony and here I see the formation of the Merkaba or Flower of Life – the perfect stable energetic structure made of 64 Tetrahedrons at the heart of all creation.

The Sabian Symbol for 29 Libra is “Humankind’s Vast and Enduring Effort to Reach for Knowledge Transferable from Generation to Generation: a deep sense of participation in, and commitment to, social processes which seek to bring to all people Truth and a greater life.”

Thank you dear ones for reading and absorbing,

Warmest wishes

Alison Dhuanna

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This year I am co-host of Flowing with the Spiritual Cafe with Rev. Akushi Angel, a conversation platform talking about the Gene Keys, a cutting-edge form of Astrology reaching into our DNA. We have a very exciting year ahead exploring the unfolding and aspiring Global Synarchy speaking to Ambassadors of the Gene Keys from countries around the world about the energy signatures of their land and culture. Join us on Friday evenings on Facebook Live 6pm London time for cross cultural, heartfelt and artful conversations – replays are posted too if you can’t make the time.

Or next conversation is Friday 26th March with Zuz and Elitsa from Bulgaria about Gene Key 44, Synarchy which has been assigned to their country


The Venus Five-Pointed Star — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Dave & Mahala, nice to see you back from a restful vacation I hope. I haven’t been getting any Planet Alert emails from you, even searched backwards, no mail. found this on your website so am wondering whats going on? thank you.

  2. Although I agree with the jest of EL’s comments it is unrealistic to think you can set aside or eliminate ego. This be present.
    Our ego is our soul. We have to learn to sit with our shadow and love it unconditionally. Allow this awareness to bring true acceptance and self love which is paramount to our evolution. Allow the unconditional love available to us to repair and realign our sense of self.
    Our sense of self can change but will never disappear.

  3. Thank you, Alison, for this encouraging road map of our unfolding journey…uniting the polarities within and discovering our eternal wholeness/Holiness.

  4. Interesting interpretation… Awaken to the following: Loving self, hating self… These and “all” duality, false based learned from other ego’s consciousness, are illusions! Eliminate the “either/or’s” (black, white, good, bad, love, hate, etc.) descriptions/ labels!… These false con-structs only ignite and continue, the adopted false learned ego distracting monkey minded consciousness!… Instead, just Be… In Being, we just “are” (as stated: “Siddhi Omniscience”) … \ From the moment Life’s (Source, Spirit, or whatever you wish to call this aspect~!) light ignition began the replication process in our mother’s womb of our eventual manifested birth, we are “all” united… We don’t have to look for it, It already resides within! “Ascension” is realizing we are already ascended, only if we awaken to release the old ideologies, being aware to what Is, right now! Di-vision, keeps unity from manifesting! Equilibrium and Harmony already exists!… When you choose to live with this truth within, the outer manifests this re-flection… Stop seeking and Be! Namaste…

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