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Of Unity Consciousness

Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution, Elizabeth Berg

On our way to Unity Consciousness we are transmuting contrasts, all false beliefs, evaporating them into that which does not change, the everlasting, the eternal.

Personally and collectively our experiences and beliefs cascade into the energy field of existence. We influence everything in how and what we do. Feelings are frequencies. All matter seen and unseen is energy in a unified matrix. Here we are in an expression of our own making. That is why a group of people praying for a cause is so powerful. Intention is dynamic.

We are soulfully fulfilled through positive interaction, 10,000 times more potent than negative, as well as being splendidly recursive, returning back to self. We are here to grow our souls back into One aware living being. Able to move in our ascended spirit body as well as utilize a light filled human form. We expand into the All as essentially One, other as self.

Interior experience and outside manifestation blend as greater integration is understood.
Contrasts, opposition to positivity, resistance in general can offer an opportunity to expand the heart gain clarity to our authentic preferences, needs and desires.

Remain grounded, align with your core values. Maintain your hearts impartial compassion. Keep true to up-frequency thoughts and actions, to your truest sense of self.

Resist nothing. Stand true.

This power is mighty.

How are we experiencing Unity Consciousness?

We may know a deeper sense of unity through deep understanding with the animal kingdom, the plant world, the mineral kingdoms, as well as inter-dimensional encounters.

Of “impartial compassion”: Through receptive experiences in a state of present moment impartiality, leaving history in the past, we can meet everything anew. We can bring an unbiased perspective that affects creation making way for divine allowance. Each encounter, completely refreshed. Without taint of bias from any experiences of the past we can leave off bitterness, and anger, making a way for the magic of our unified belief.

Resonance is a moment to moment creator.

A willing heart with others instills the power of intention in present moment encounters.
No rock heart ever made peace.

Brothers and sisters of light, we are willing participants in the release of thousands, more likely millions of years of manipulation on planet earth.

All life is being rewired for the return of Unity, requiring a connection to all life that heretofore was thought to be expressed in seemingly separated segments.

We are experiencing ascension symptoms that are establishing access through ‘direct reception’ to multilevel information we seek at a soul level.

There is a distinction between what head-logic formerly tried to know and control, and presently what direct connectivity, direct reception reveals moment to moment.

As we trust what comes before us, applying our hearts, being Source directed, we are simultaneously experiencing a multitude of finely woven, divine and perfect lines of information; Information that supports our very souls in the process of evolution.
Invisible high frequency resonance made of emotional ideas and word-energy, made manifest and equally supportive to the souls unified evolution.

What animals and other sentient feel and think and why it matters: Have you noticed an evolution in the way we have understanding of otherness? It is an accessibility to the feelings and thoughts of others. Trees, insects, water, locations all speak to us through a knowable contact of the heart that instantly translates into understanding, in recognition of unity, accessibilities such as these are becoming apparent.

Unification, an inclusivity who’s heart state is fully accepting of diversities.

In alignment with authentic and honest sweetening.


Illustration, personal insight

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