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Brother & Sisters of the Evolution

Words by Elizabeth of

We are presently experiencing some odd and mysterious feelings.  Interpreted as the feeling of the shift of the ages, the potent energy of dynamic creation at work within and throughout. It is an advanced state of expanded present moment. Filled with multi-dimensional richness.

Living more intentionally in present moment holds the greatest potential for contentment and positive manifestation. We may continue to fall back into regret or wishing things were different, or jumping ahead in time, however this has become more easily recognized as disempowering of energy and clarity scattering.

Sacred present moment is ever spiraling upward, ascending. This beautiful divine present moment has the power to dissolve away what we have separated ourselves from. Without separation we become divine recipients of information, wisdom, guidance, insight and actual manifestation.

Reclaiming connectivity we become knowers on many levels.

We are presently experiencing a great adaptation to a new level of multi-sensory reception. One that changes the very nature of our connectivity to everything.

All senses are heightened. We may be increasingly sensitive to the mood of the masses. We may be better able to read others on a much deeper level, empathically knowing and understanding people. Knowing through a maximized intuition and through direct reception. This influence brings in more opportunities to express authentically with each other. Also, to be able to work together in profound and beneficial ways.

With expanded pathways to receptivity, life is appreciated.

Appreciation and Gratitude attract like frequency where, giving and receiving are best aligned with seen and unseen creative forces for good.  Giving and receiving in a synchronistic way with the greatest sense of timing, seamlessly.

A beautiful surrender of rejoining is at hand.

If we choose, it can be the end of limitation. The end of anxiety and over thinking.  Instead, a well-placed belief in an everlasting entirety and complete field of love allows for a flow of life expression. Here, creation is aligned with nature.

With conscious recall of the united field as a Way of Being we eliminate fear, illusory states of lack, misunderstandings, of sick states of heart. All dissolving onto a plateau of soothing divine sacred connectivity to the ultimate potential, a divine surrender into ever so much more.

Personal compassion claims a life expressed as an aspect of the All, made of love expressed in a field of love. We can forgive ourselves lifetimes of misunderstandings we have drenched our lives in. Personal compassion to self and centering ourselves, quelling our longing spirits, no longer a block to divine connectivity.

With ascension dynamics and evolutionary astrological lineups, we are creating a passport of connection to Source for the shift of the ages.

Evolution has us at the doorway of hearts desire and unlimited resources. The very nature of which is the miracle of the ever-present everlasting quantum energy field of potential. What was, is no more. What can be, is presently under frequency construction.

Awareness in the present moment is one of our greatest gifts.

Manifestation is experienced with the ease of a neutral hearts high-frequency. Therefore, much good can be said for a heart that delights in life and its beauty.

All Creation serves itself. The All wants to grow and reflect itself in a multitude of ways. Manifestation is in perfect reflection, perfect agreement with our deepest sense of worthiness and intention. Knowledge of worthiness is totally essential.

As the divine state is our state of being, it is a complete state, it is whole. Nothing need be considered less than this perfected state. This truth is at the core of manifestation.
As uniquely individuated souls of the One perfect entirety, evolution has us reflecting more of our innate Oneness, our authentic selves.

Taking this template into personal self-expression and the idea of livelihood; We have a longing to express. To be understood and to share. We are embarking upon an interaction with life that allows us a fullness of expression that is reciprocated energetically in a synchronization of expression and fulfillment of need. This is one of the greatest discoveries we will be making in the Awakening process.

We are experiencing a new level of self-love and understanding for all of existence. An unquestioned connection to all that is.

All needs are met in a higher resonance of living. A divine relationship of self to self.

And so, it is a relationship first to sacred self with deep love and forgiveness.

Returning our attention to the beauty and wonder of all of life, we become care givers to its sacredness. From the greatest to the smallest within this sacredness we begin to perceive a glimpse of the unfathomable inter-workings of all with all, ourselves infinitely connected.

The over soul, our witness-self, from this advantaged view, finds peace and reason in this miracle.

A blessing and a prayer to the fulfillment of your soul.

Present moments glory,

Love, Elizabeth


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