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The Coming Sun Venus Superior Conjunction

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna

In the run up to the Sun Venus Superior conjunction on the 26th March 2021 there is a unique opportunity to prepare our subtle energy field for re patterning in the relationships for the next 5 years. As Venus moves completely out of our vision behind the Sun she is powerfully imprinted by the Solar Logos. We then go through a gestation period of 9 months and at the next Inferior conjunction this same side of Venus miraculously is also facing the Earth and we receive the full benefit. For all of us our karmic patterns begin in our womb time, so approached with intention this is also an opportunity to repattern those deepest wounds.

Before this happens though Venus will meet the Moon for the final time in this descending cycle on the 13th March in Gene Key 22 which is the transmission key of the Divine Goddess. In the Inanna story this is the time, that following her death at the hands of her Dark Sister Erishkigal, she is resurrected back to life.

The Superior Sun Venus conjunction will take place at 6 degrees Aries. When we consider Aries in the relational field this imprinting could be to strengthen our sense of self in relation to others and blast a hole in the dense field of unhealthy codependency and the way that distorts our relationships.

There is such heavy cultural conditioning, especially for women around relationships and if you are reading this you are perhaps also someone who loves to serve – so it can get confusing balancing this with taking care of ourselves. This new Aries boost will help to loosen those knots that keep getting us caught in a web, and break open the chains. The codependent pattern being broken may look something like this:

Finding it hard to say no to people for something you know isn’t in your interests, even though many others may say otherwise. In Covid times there are now extraordinary pressures to conform and equally pressures not to conform from other quarters. Aries helps us listen to our own bodies, to know what is right for us in the din of opinions.

Putting others needs before your own, resulting in exhaustion and perhaps feelings of resentment and anger. Venus in Aries takes care of self-first, which is actually a very wise thing to do.

Feeling guilty or ‘hard’, when you try to speak your truth, worrying too much about how the other person may react.

The imprinting takes place in Gene Key 17.3 and this presents another layer of meaning to this transit. The Shadow of this Gene Key is Opinion, and again the Covid situation and politics are rife with this energy and it can generate a lot of division and fear. Opinionated voices often have a lack of respect and certain level of force behind it – it wants others to be submissive not curious and open.

The Gift and pathway out of the Shadow is Far-Sightedness. When we take into account we are creating a whole new way of being, a Synarchy based on self-organization and living from light and love we can perhaps show some restraint in expressing our opinions in favor of deep listening. I really love the Native American way of thinking about decisions in terms of the next 7 generations. It is a truly wise and loving thing to do for future generations and for the children and young of all the species of our precious Earth.

The Siddhi of this key is Omniscience – the all-seeing Eye that penetrates to the heart of things. Once seen by the Eye you will know a love so great that all your hang ups about your self will vanish in an instant and you realize how much we are all loved by the Creator.

The month of March gives us space to perceive which patterns we are holding that we can offer up for healing and release in this new imprinting. Once the Superior conjunction is past Venus will begin her ascent through the seven Venus Moon portals which my blogs will follow this year – each portal offering liberation in the relational field. She will reach her Inferior conjunction and full release of her Solar imprint in 9 months time to us Earthlings in January 2022 at 18 Capricorn.

Nine months later she will once again have her Superior Conjunction, this time in the sign of 29 Libra and in Gene Key 50.4 with its Siddhi of Equilibrium. There are possibilities within this cycle of groups of people reaching a zero-point Equilibrium, a field of Harmonious interaction which will be a real game changer in the Quantum matrix. This will begin a whole new cycle of relating that we have only ever dreamed of in our lifetimes…perhaps initially it will just be for small groups of people, but it will be there and it will be global. Until 2026 the relating cycle will be interwoven with Venus Star Points in Scorpio so this is the window of transformation we are preparing to enter.

On the Friday 26th March 6pm (2pm EDT) in Flowing with the Spiritual Cafe, an informal Gene Keys Platform, we will begin a journey exploring the development of the Global Synarchy, our focus will be on stories and ancestry of countries across the globe. This is a link to our conversation a few weeks ago about healing codependence where you can follow the weekly sizzling synergy conversations in the Cafe and learn about the Gene Keys.

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