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A Very Aquarian Stellium

by Alison McCabe

This year I’m writing from the unfolding patterns of the monthly conjunctions of the Moon and Venus, so very much focused on the incoming Divine Feminine energies, coming into balance with the Divine Masculine. This unique focus gives insight into what is awakening on the invisible levels, the new seeds ready to sprout.

Imbolc is the time when the light returns and the first flowers, the Snowdrops poke their head above the ground. Often there is still snow and big freezes, storms and floods and yet the daring Snowdrop with its bright emerald heart patterns persists. The asteroid Galanthus (Snowdrop) is in the final degree of Aquarius holding the highest teachings of this all-important sign of the zodiac for our times.

New Moon (just after Venus+Moon conjunction)

The tenth of February is this months’ Moon Venus conjunction and there is a marvelous stellium line up of planets and asteroids in Aquarius at this moment with the New Moon following the next day.  In the order they are journeying are Chariklo shape-shifter wife of the Centaur Chiron (whose discovery chart is a perfect Seal of Solomon), Saturn 6 degrees, Moon and Venus at 11 degrees, Jupiter at 12 degrees, Pele and Child at 13 degrees, Lilith at 14, Amor 15, Mercury at 17, Hekate 20, Pallas at 21, Sun 22 degrees and Galanthus the Snowdrop at 29 Aquarius. As you may perceive this is a very powerful seed at this darkest time of the lunar cycle with many interesting energetics. I’m loving Pele Goddess of Volcanic Creativity and Power dancing with Child, along with Lilith and Amor who represents at her highest octave the Primordial Girl/Woman before the wounds of patriarchy. There is a lot of Shakti sexual energy in this Lilith and Amor combination and leadership qualities and higher intelligence in the Lilith, Mercury, Pallas blend. Hekate is there in the heart of the action as a ‘Way shower’ out of our collective Underworld experience.

The Sabian Symbol for Galanthus is: “Deeply Rooted in the Past of a very Ancient Culture. A Spiritual Sisterhood/Brotherhood in Which Many Individual Minds are Merged into the Glowing Light of a Unanimous Consciousness: Revealed to One Who has Emerged successfully from her/his Metamorphosis”

This form of consciousness is called Synarchy and it is self-organizing and non-hierarchical – very Aquarian in its nature. Perhaps you are part of a community putting this into practice in different ways? At the heart of the Synarchy is the idea that everyone in the circle is a leader, and we are all on a path to blossoming. The most proven successful strategy humanity can take is to work together so we all flourish. The competitive ‘dog eat dog’ we have been told is natural is actually pretty rare. Even Darwin knew and said this but unfortunately those part of his work are repressed. Nature consistently shows us that individual organisms forming bonds stand the highest chance of success.

Another way Pallas Athena is showing herself is through the new Poet Laureate Angela Gorman. When I saw her recite her poem at the Inauguration I thought immediately of Pallas Athena in her role as a Patron of the Arts, reflected in Amanda as a powerful voice for equality and peace. I have a feeling in decades to come it is Amanda that people will remember in her authentic, heartfelt poem in a country torn apart by politics. The Sabian symbol for Jupiter at the Inauguration was “A Child is Seen being born out of an Egg. This means the emergence of a new mutation according to the rhythm of the cosmos”. (Thank you Mahala for this gem)

In the world there is understandably a lot of despair and division about politics at the moment. Whichever side you support in whichever country you choose to focus on there are people feeling let down and angry, and often forgetting the most powerful place we can be is in our sovereignty, not giving our power to anyone in authority not matter how great or terrible we think they are. This is at the heart of the Goddess Asteroid teachings.

The Brexit process in Britain really did pull families and communities apart so it’s a ‘lose lose’ situation, and I’m sensing from conversations with my American friends this same thing happening in America.  Angela’s poem has the potential to pierce through all the cynicism and despair and show that in the young ones there is always hope and great intelligence because her poem was written for all American’s if you listen to it carefully. I believe this archetype of Pallas Athena is going to be very important in our unfolding Human story as we strain in birthing pains towards a new way of being here together on Planet Earth.

Recently, I was listening to Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design speak on the godhead Minerva who rules a Libra/Scorpio segment of the zodiac – a similar archetype to Pallas Athena who sparks Golden Age civilizations and the arts – including poetry. This valuing of arts is the mark of how we measure a civilized society, alongside the humane treatment of the elderly, ill and criminal fraternity. He talked about how as humans we are naturally competitive, and so this can either be channeled into the Arts – creating beauty or it can be channeled into War which leads to destruction. These Goddesses Pallas and Minerva are also associated with war and the polarization between these two paths is so strong now.

Aquarius has a number of Gene Keys which illuminate how this Seed Stellium may affect our DNA such as Gene Keys 60 whose highest frequency is Divine Justice, 41 Emanation the Start Codon, 19 Sacrifice, 13 Empathy and 49 Rebirth. The Start Codon presence is very important here because it tells us that something is being birthed at the very level of our DNA. 19 and 49 form an important mystical channel of Synthesis which will be receiving a potent activation. Venus, Moon and Jupiter are in Gene Key 19 at the moment so let’s take a deeper look at this one.

The shadow of this Gene Key is co-dependence, and apart from living in a cave on your own, most people in the world are entangled with this shadow one way or another. My summary of the distortion this shadow creates would be doing things you don’t really want to do because you feel guilty or that you ‘should’ do them – even though deep down you feel resentful. Another familiar feeling of this shadow is the failure to do all the things we would like to do or be, because we are pulled back into seemingly overwhelming addiction or behavior cycles. Millions of deaths are related to drug and alcohol use so this shadow is a literal killer.

All kinds of factors come into why we agree to these distortions in relationships – the desire for love, money, sex, status and affirmation are definitely up there at the top. In the shadow of co-dependence, we therefore confront our deepest survival and abandonment fears when we start to break free and really it is a life time of gradual work. When we accept that co-dependence is present in our lives and own our part in it, we may learn a lot about our fear and guilt triggers.

We can then move into the gift of Sensitivity and begin to have healthier relationships based on equality, honoring ourselves and the other, rather than routinely repressing and denying how we feel. It usually takes an act of great courage to break through because our social and religious beliefs are what binds us together. Relationships may then actually become our core spiritual practice. This type of Sensitivity is not a victim state, it is an opening to life as it really is. It is a willingness to feel, to embrace being human at the deepest levels and to live from a place of paradox and honesty even though it may be more difficult. Breaking free from co-dependency is usually going to upset somebody close to you, who is also forced to change when we become more authentic.

The Siddhi of this Gene Key 19 is Sacrifice – and many of us will wince at this being a high frequency state – and again it’s important not to confuse it with feeling like a victim and giving up on your own life and happiness. In my previous blog I said how the Moon Venus conjunctions mirror the story of Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld. The 10 February is known as the Gateway of Intentional Death – a profound level of Sacrifice in which the old self dies so that the higher self or ‘Daemon’ can manifest the Divine Will through the vessel of our lives. The Sacrifice here is of the lower desire nature so that something more beautiful and wonderful can emerge. I always remember this phrase from Carl Jung ‘Sacrifice, Bliss’ and it’s so true. When you make a sacrifice, perhaps an addiction – then bliss does follow once you have let it go from your mind. The same is true when we surrender to Divine Will – we find ourselves in a life beyond anything we could have possibly have imagined with our little minds. There are still challenges, but they are somehow a lot less stressful.

The Sun and Pallas Athena are in Gene Key 49 and this is the energy of breaking through and revolution. However, if the revolution comes from fear or the urge to dominate others it turns towards violence it can be very dangerous and lives may be lost. When the Revolution turns towards Service and Art, we have great potential to break through. One of the Dream Arc animals for 49 is the Horse and so I offer a beautiful image of this.

As mentioned earlier 19 and 49 create a channel in Human Design called Synthesis and it has profound implications for relationships in the future. This quote by Ra about this Channel really rings true to me because so many beautiful women I connect with in the world are struggling with a partner who is in a different modus operandi to themselves or they are looking for a partner in a very small pool of suitable candidates.

On the 19/49 Channel: “The thing about the background frequency is that it’s going to eliminate one of the basic elements of how human beings operate, which is through sexual allure.

It is the Emotional wave that carries the sexual lure with it; it creates this force that impacts us, whether we call it the need, the passion, or the desire to reproduce, and this is something that is going to diminish. It’s going to impact the population because there will be less opportunities to find suitable partners, so it’s going to bring a lot of changes to how mating and bonding is experienced.”

I recently listened to a very interesting radio interview about many young people in South Korea who identify as ‘honjok’ – they do everything on their own as a lifestyle choice and it is a reaction to the very strict rules of social conduct in that society. So much food for thought…..I have placed a link to an article at the end of this.

Blessings to you all as we enter this powerful time of Rebirth


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Article on South Korean single lifestyle




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  1. Once again such a brilliant description of the macro and micro in the heavens and how it might be interfacing with humans and all of life. Much gratitude dear Alison.

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