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A Shaman’s Creed

by Brian Roberts of Life Seed Codes.

I was asked by Mahala to write something for the followers of her newsletter! Well, I thought I had something already prepared which is a piece from my new book “Life Seeds and Codes” available now on Amazon books. I guess I should just come out and admit it, I have been channeling. So I’ll take the blame when necessary, but all the credit goes upstairs to the guides and teachers.

From, A Course in Miracles: page 614, there is a place in you where the whole world has been forgotten; where no memory of sin and of illusion lingers still. There is a place in you, which time has left, and echoes of eternity are heard.

This is my belief: I truly believe that we need to turn the Wheel of Dharma for ourselves. No one else is going to put the peddle to the metal for us. We have to submit eventually to the old wisdom adage ”Man Know Thyself”. Perhaps it should read “Man Know Thyself, or else!”  Nature is not kind to those lacking in personal awareness. So blessings to those who take up the cross and carry it, and those who work for a higher purpose behind the scene.

Only 5% of the people who attend Deepak Chopra’s workshop’s follow through on the work on themselves. That’s what he said. That’s 95% of the people go so they can tell their friends they walked with the Deepak. That and about $7.50 will get you a latte’ at Starbucks. So get ready you 5 percent people cause I’m going to tell you a short story (fiction most likely) and then gift you with the Shaman Creed. Remember all you “A Course in Miracle’s” people that Jesus said that the course was NOT an option. Everyone has to do it, get it, eventually. Get what? The new Whole and Holy Spirit thought system. Yes, we all need to wake up and become divinely guided!

So the story goes that Jesus and the disciples were walking down the road and they came to a crossroad and there they came upon a dead dog. All the disciples started going a bit crazy yelling and screaming. Jesus they said that dog smells like, well that dog smells like shit! All the disciples watched as Jesus walked over to it.  Well Jesus turned and faced the disciples and said; “ Yes, but did you see how white his teeth are”? 

Are we at the crossroads ourselves folks? Me thinks’, yes folks. It’s time to get serious about having a neutral gear. Yesterday a client I worked on told me she was not looking forward to a meeting she was having at a local church. She co-facilitates a group with a woman my client says is a worse control freak then herself. She was going to straighten her out. My response was “you could always NOT mention it”.  I was very gentle when I offered that. Enjoy the Shaman Creed! Anyone who reads it three times is considered a working shaman in progress! Blessings!

Shaman’s Creed/ Quantum Self/ Healer Oath

Beginning each day anew on the school ground and testing ground of Earth, walking in balance, upright, avoid the chaos of the world. Be “in” the world but “not of it.” It is yours to know, to dare, to dream, to will and to remain within, to remain in ones power, to be silent. Only bring no harm of thought, in word, or deed, see to the transmutation of shadow into light. Observe the cyclical nature of things.

Speak the truth of being, never boasting, never proud just a smooth and refined presence, supported from within, and leading with the heart is necessary. Inspire when possible. Educate through focused action and example. In this freedom you release the desire to see other people change. This release brings one closer to ones power. Embrace this fluidity. While a man may falter, the universe never fails, never falters on its path.

Step aside duality and observe the unity of things, oneness and fluidity can be enjoyed even amongst the loud and the crowd. A younger soul might wobble or slide aside a slippery road. Turn within and remember the True North. It is time for the Phoenix to rise. Now is the Ascension of the light. Travel light, no baggage here to carry of journeys past. Empty! And Arise! Now! Be the resurrection of the body mind and spirit. Be as you are!

Integration and synergistic waves of frequency, awareness and color, map out new vistas of possibility. You can listen and learn and hear the universe humming when returning to the breath, to the Self, to what’s true and light. Renew oneself often in breath and being.

That which has a front has a back. There are shadows out there where the Sun does not shine, and phantoms of mind and smoke. Listen, pass the frozen zones where devoid of spirit, lay empty, waiting their turn. There’s just the wrong combination of elements that will release, reshape, re-gather in time.

Be aware, and be able to unfold what does lay inside you for the benefit of life regardless of how seemingly small or majestic. It is all a play, a dance, of particles of light, space and time always returning, always re-birthing. The sage is fueled by the Sun, and the sorcerer is tuned to “Source”, where all that is required is made present, light but bountiful. Your channel opens and now is just the energy flow, it’s natural, and it cycles from here to there and yet remains, like the river moving to the sea, always moving, always present.

Just as wisdom can not be forced upon us, from experience a virtue, a patience, an appreciation, embodied within a wholesome smile, a lightness of touch, a hesitation that acknowledges wonder in its own timing, place, and of it’s own origin. All wonder flows from the “One”. I need not take anything too personal on this road of life and death and life and. First a rock, then a plant, then an animal, then a man/women, then an _____________________. This is the way the universe flows through us. Remain open!

Nurturing love universally brings us through those challenging times of doubt or despair. When a focused discipline is cloaked in softness and subtlety, movements through halls and up the stairs of life are guaranteed to bring us to the tables of desire and creativity, fulfilled and not wanting. Each new step is a master plan unfolding when now I AM being.

I think therefore I AM. I love therefore I be, belonging in this sea, of life.

Inspired by the Desiderata of Max Ehrmann

A Quantum Self/ A Shaman’ Creed

By Brian T Roberts

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