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~ Surviving to Thriving ~

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Welcome to 2021! We are starting February with a powerful Full Moon in Leo!

This one is pretty intense as we are also experiencing Mercury retrograde as of January 30th. When this happens, communication gets a bit tricky! This particular full moon is about independent leadership and not wanting anyone to tell us what to do. It is also intensifying physical ascension symptoms such as achy joints and muscles, fatigue, and disruptions to our moods. Just remember, these can be very temporary!

As we begin this action-packed year, I want to start out by going “straight to the jugular”: Learning from 2020, humanity has had much suffering and hardship through COVID, isolation, or as some people have stated, “it’s been like taking a break without calling it a vacation.”

Our world is in a huge shift of change, and we are learning that by untangling the past from our childhood restrictions (by ways in which we were raised), we are also watching how our old world is crumbling and changing directions right in front of us!

While working with many clients lately, I have seriously noticed that, as individuals, we are changing just like the global collective is… but instead of having to experience all the chaos, we are learning to become more aware of our subconscious (unconscious patterns) to consciousness of being in the moment in order to change from the inside out. So, I must say, this full moon energy is right on time!

Attitude is a big deal right now. The more we recognize that, at one point, we learned how to be in survival, we can see that many have chosen to be servant-like, and look to others for their own satisfaction. But these times are focusing on more confidence and independence in our actions, reactions, and non-actions.

That being said, with our world changing… so are these! Our nervous systems are affected by releasing old patterns that created a form of protection for whatever reasons from our past; usually old trauma. That means our adrenal glands have been taxed and are needing to let go of these protective mechanisms that are not necessary to live by.

More trust, more allowance, and acceptance are needed in order to shift the old paradigm within us to become free of pain and free of old judgments. That is how we create less stress, and the more conscious we are in allowing it, the more room we create to conceive of it and then change the patterns.

It’s definitely time to understand how to take our power back and leave the past behind. The Universe is clearly telling us it’s safe to let go and recognize that the only thing that holds us back is attachment to experiences that created emotional discomfort. Even though the experience is no longer here, our emotions still gravitate to the scenario. Therefore, with the support of this higher influence from the Universe, we can clearly know that starting new each day keeps us moving forward and seeing a positive spin on old troubled times.

What a great way to empower ourselves by understanding this language from the Universe at the beginning of this new year!

I was so honored to be interviewed by the lovely Phoebe Mroczek in her podcast: Unbecoming.

In this episode, we make sense of the recent surge of awakenings on the planet, and I explain which body part dictates your future and how to tune into the Sacred Language of the Human Body. If you want to better understand this new age we’re stepping into and how you can be both an important contributor and recipient, tune into this interview.

There is also a FREE After Hours segment where I give tactical advice to improve your business or career endeavors, your personal wellbeing, and your medical intuition.

Unbecoming Podcast Episode #166 & Bonus Material

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Keep healthy, keep strong, and here’s to our NEW YEAR of positive change!

Much love ~ Mona

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