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Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution

By Elizabeth Berg.

Hello sweet brothers and sisters of the evolution. Here is my Channeled understanding of what is happening on earth now: 💌All matters appear as if they are separated dramas, yet by Universal Grace it is all divinely organized as a unified field, absolutely everything that occurs. We have reached a predestined appointment to collectively move all into higher frequencies, where life is lived from the heart. Where understanding and compassion are the Most Natural product of a life lived out of and through a sacred connection to Everything.

This is not something we do through a pushing effort, as we are all being “adjusted“ to breath this way, to be this way by nature. Just as in chemical components where two or more come together, there is a point of seeming chaos before all gels into the new creation.

We too from “heaven“ down if you will, are being moved by the Illumination of Evolution to grow, and so the chaos is getting worked out of us to the point of Dynamic Cohesion. We cannot deny it’s affects, but those with less experience of being heartfelt will fight it, they however cannot stay the same, nothing can.

We are becoming greatly enlightened, illuminated rather rapidly. This is where we meet all experiences, people, places and things with a kind of natural ‘wisdom cohesion’ whose expectation overrides the old dimensional separation. We then create what may seem like miracles. Where doubt and victimhood stories still live, we will act them out as diminishing loops, until finally we give up the old limits, get to the bottom of the barrel, or go headlong in faith into the magic of believing. No one holds more authority than the bottom line of your consistent belief about life.

With great love and respect

Elizabeth Berg


Brothers and Sisters of the Evolution — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Elizabeth how wonderful to hear from you and may your words bring unity and peace to all beings

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