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Planet Alert January 2021

Today is January 6 and it is the celebration of the holiday called EpiphanyEpiphany is one of the oldest Christian feasts. It has been celebrated since the end of the second century. It is commonly known as the twelfth night. Epiphany also means awakening. How many people woke up to the Trump rally yesterday? What a day Trump picked to try to destroy our government by mob violence. It was very traumatic to see the mob go into the Capitol and try to destroy everything in their way. What a scary event. I am glad I did not see it as it occurred because I was out working in my yard. 

I made an astrology chart for Washington D. C. today (Jan 6th, 2021) and it is a very interesting chart. The first thing I noticed was that the sun is on 16 degrees Capricorn (which rules governments) and number 16 is The Tower struck with lightning in the Tarot Cards. I have mentioned before that the word Trump adds up to 16 and he has many Trump Towers all over the world. I guess he picked a good day to try to destroy our government. 

Jan 6th, 2021

The planet Pluto (the destroyer or transformer) was in a square aspect to the Goddess Eris today (who rules chaos). Trump sure created much chaos. Eris is on the degree of “a large audience confronts the performer who disappointed their expectations because he promised more than he could deliver”. That says a mouth-full. Mercury is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on the degree of Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to the shrine or Capital. That was definitely seen on TV as many people climbed the stairs to the Capital and broke in doors and climbed in windows after they broke the glass. 

The sun is in the sign of Capricorn right now along with Mercury and Pluto. Saturn (Satan) rules Capricorn along with governments. I have a book called “Saturn the Old Devil”. Saturn is called the devil because it brings us the lessons we need to learn in this life-time. It is not really the devil. After you have learned your lessons Saturn brings you the rewards. We have just finished 2 ½ years of Saturn energy. Now we will be moving into the energy of Aquarius on January 20. 2021. This is inauguration day for the USA.

I know there is much chaos going on right now although I think there will be some kind of resolution by January 20. I don’t know what that solution might be although we move into the energy of Aquarius on January 20 and that energy will be here for the next 2 ½ years. Uranus rules light and that means the light has won even though it doesn’t appear that way right now. 

By January 20 we will move into a very fast-paced energy. The planets are all in forward motion this month except Uranus which moves forward on January 14. Mars is getting ready to move out of Aries and then it will not be activating Eris (chaos) anymore, thank goodness. Mars will be in Taurus (ruled by Venus) until March 4. Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius which is a much better place for them. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was considered the Star of Bethlehem. We are now in Christ Conscious Energy and it is time to tune into that energy. If you think time is going faster check out this link. Scientists say Earth is spinning faster than it has in decades

The last few days the Schumann Resonance went up to 500 Hertz and the next day it went up to 1200 hertz. That is way off the chart because the Schumann Resonance used to be stationary at 7.8 which was considered the heartbeat of the Earth. It has become stronger in the past few years. Because this energy has been so high this week it may have had something to do with Trump trying to over-throw our government. 

I had a dream on December 15 of many waves of energy coming in. It was portrayed in my dream as waves of water. I was with a group of people at the beach and we watched as a large wave came in. We decided we had better move to higher ground to get away from the waves. We went higher and higher up the hill to get away from the waves. The waves just kept coming in. I think we are in the time period now of the energy waves happening because the Schumann Resonance is so high. At least in the past few days. I think today was one of those waves coming in. There are more to come. 

This past year there has been a war going on between the light and the dark on earth. That is why there has been so much violence this year. It is an actual war although many people do not recognize it as a war. The war in the Galaxy between the light and dark space ships ended in December of 2019. Then we went into a full-fledged war on earth. The earth is the last planet to experience this war and when this war is over our whole galaxy will be free of war. Then the earth can again become a great Garden of Eden. 

This war has played out as all of the violence and demonstrations we experienced in 2020. The violence against our rulers had to happen so people could wake up to what is going on in the world. Because the USA is called The Holy Land we had to have this violence so people would wake up. We are Jer(USA)lem the Holy City. I believe this is the last violent event to happen if we can take the power away from Trump. If not, there will be more violence.

I realize that everything is an illusion on earth and different people choose to play the part of the bad guy or bad woman. Other people play the part of the good guy or good woman. Someone choose to play the part of the bad guy and that was Trump. We live in an illusion and the movie “Matrix” portrayed the illusion in an interesting way. I am sorry if I have offended you Trump supporters. I am just speaking my truth. 

On January 20, 2021 we move into the energy of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, the planet of light. What do we want to create in this new energy of light? Saturn energy brought us darkness so we could look at our shadow. Now it is time to create with the light. We elected Trump as our president in 2016 because he had his Saturn in a square aspect to Eris, which rules chaos. We needed to live through the chaos so we could see our dark side and release that energy. Our country has been divided for a long time so we could fight the battle between the light and the dark which we did in the time period of the Trump rule. In fact, the USA was split almost equally, half for Trump and half for Justice. United you stand and divided you fall. This is exactly what happened today as the mob tried to destroy our government. Hopefully this is the end of mob rule.

The energy of Aquarius is very revolutionary and who knows what will happen next. We have seen enough violence this year to last a lifetime. I am hoping that many people have looked at their shadow and let the past go so we can move into the new energy peacefully from now on.

I think Joe Biden is a nice person and if we give him and Kamala a chance we can start creating a new world of wonder. In Joe Biden’s chart his sun is conjunct Venus and he has Sagittarius rising, the sign of freedom. 

I send you love so we can heal our country. It is needed! Love heals everything. It is the magic we need to change the world. 

I am Mahala

The yellow star and a galactic communicator from the Pleiades star system.

I can be reached at and donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. 


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Planet Alert January 2021 — 18 Comments

  1. Hi Johnny, In a way, it does feel like a joke. Feels like people are getting manipulated left and right. Its like there’s a battle out there designed specifically to teach humanity a lesson. Rather then simply extending your belief towards something, look within for what you know is the truth. When that is done, the political theater that is happening all around takes on a different meaning. Ultimately, you are the good guy and everyone else has to earn your respect. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. I believe the waves are the energy waves that each of us will jump on by choice, or get carried “out” on by chaos, as the water purifies the Earth and US. I jumped on mine last April and, for me, it’s been a great ride. For some of us, we are surfing and benefitting by the new energy as we rebuild the new systems. For others, the destroyers, it is extremely traumatic. I hope those caught in the “web” of lies can wake up and forgive themselves.

  3. First sorry for my bad english. I have been reading these articles for years, I read them from Italy, but honestly this last article leaves me very perplexed. How do you believe that all of the evil blame was caused by Trump? Is Biden a good person? It’s a joke. There was a huge smear campaign against Trump, he was hushed up. Why silence a person? Maybe because he says uncomfortable things?

  4. Hi Nottelling Ewe, It’s my observation that most everyone has been hypnotized by the vast amounts of propaganda that the internet delivers. Those that fall victim to it end up believing what they are told rather then what they know to be true deep within their Being. That truth that comes from within is knowing. What comes from without build believing. Out belief systems are being challenged so it is prudent to look within. … In time, karma is guaranteed to play out. It always has, it always will. Let’s see what happens. 🙂

  5. Hi Seajay, I find it fascinating how two people can look at the same image and see completely different things. A lot of what you see depends upon what you Believe. As it turns out, spirit is testing humanities beliefs right now. In order for humanity to move forward, we’re going to have to distinguish between what we know is real (comes from within) and what we’re told is real (from the matrix, the illusion of the physical space). Best part about it, we’re all going through it and the emotional intensity is off the charts. 🙂

  6. THANK YOU Mahala for your posts. I know you are reading and communicating what the Planets energy is presenting. I’m grateful for your perspective

    I HONOR YOUR TRUTH, respect you for your truth. I also have mine. It would be beautiful if we could all do that – Honor and respect each other’s truth.

  7. Yes too many are listening to what others are telling them – bad, good about either Trump, Biden. There’s no Discerning, just blindly believing. They’re politicians who have mastered communication. Mind control. They show videos that say BLM was behind the insurrection! Biden was the author of the Patriot Act years BEFORE 9/11. It all must dissolve and we begin anew.

  8. I’m rather concerned as to why you have all of a sudden decided to stab Trump in the back and show support to the horrible child abuser, Biden. Haven’t you seen the videos? They are not or could not have been photoshopped. Or is it you are simply hoping to get a female President regardless of her background? I am saddened you have been influenced by “the other side”

  9. Mahala, you said good things about Trump all through 2019- 2020 and now you stab him in the back? I am appalled by the change in your opinion of him. Biden is not a good man, he is corrupt. He is backed by known luciferian/satanists.

  10. Heaven help us if Biden/Harris actually front the new OLD control system. Evil, wretched people…the only freedom in his sign is that of him feeling the CCP grip on his throat eased a bit since the corrupted ones named him (out of fear and greed) as the “next.” I’m sticking with Trump and FREEDOM.

  11. This article is excellent in my opinion! It covers truth from the stars… Who can disagree with that? I think it’s important to know that these times have to happen for all the old paradigms to leave our country now. Nobody’s right or wrong, but it’s time for these things to come out in the open so we can change the course of history and start becoming a united people.

  12. MAHALA you hit it out of the park more than ever before. I am so grateful for your breadth of knowledge in so many disciplines, and your ability to synthesize so much for us to reveal higher truths to liberate us in this fulcrum time.Of course this occurred on the Epiphany! And the lightning hitting the Tower. Through all of your commentary, I can feel your love and devotion to your craft and the most benevolent outcome for our human Earth evolution. Thank you for helping us to make more sense of this passage!

  13. If you think Joe Biden is a nice person. . .who has never done anything for the people. .look at his record and lies(they all lie) with every breath. . something is wrong with you. I’m not saying Trump is perfect but at least he has promoted peace not wars. Please unsubscribe me.

  14. Thank you Mahala and Dave for your posts! One of many favorite quotes, “There is no god higher than truth.” Gandhi… May those who thought they were aligning with truth, see the lies for what they are, so all will come to the negotiation table, making certain choices are made that is actually “good for All”! Stay in integrity no matter what, evoking blessings to rain on you beyond what you could ever expect… “Be an example of the change you want to see in the world”… Namaste…

  15. Great article and read Mahala…you seem to be spot on again…as for the water element…I have seen the water element flowing over and around the earth plane…larger waves just flowing through my inner consciousness…just last night again! Thanks!

  16. To me, the good news is that Mars just moved into Taurus. Come the 20th, Mars will be perfectly conjunct Uranus @6+ degrees. At the same time, Ceres will be conjunct Neptune @18+ degrees Pisces. Uranus tends to represent individualism (political right) and Neptune tends to represent collectivism (political left). The negative aspects of both – Mars war and fighting; Ceres Loss and grief. I’d list the positive aspects if it felt like there was a lot of positive energy out there. lol… Look, if you’re BELIEVING what you’re being told then you haven’t taken the time to find the truth within. Be well everyone! 🙂

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