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Ugly Eris in the US Election

by Alison Dhuanna

Eris, Goddess of Discord, has often been talked about as the trouble maker in the past year as she is in a challenging square to Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter and Pallas Athena. She is a big player in enhancing and accelerating the breakdown of the old structures.

Her myth actually involves Zeus (Jupiter) and Athena, and as this story has suddenly this week illuminated in my mind, I had a revelation of what Eris is trying to do for humanity. Eris is under discussion as the tenth planet so we should not underestimate her first of all. The changes she is bringing will take decades to birth, but like the discovery of Uranus and Chiron will far reaching.

This is the mystical pattern of the story Eris is running – I’d like to put it this way as we can rewrite these scripts. I’d like to highlight some really shocking parts of the story.

We learn in the beginning that Eris has not been invited to a party, and lets face it none of us are inclined to invite along a troublemaker. This is our first alert to Eris, none of us really want to face her but we ignore her at our peril.

Zeus (Jupiter) has put Eris up to throwing the Golden Apple into the party knowing the trouble it’s going to cause. So, this is the next important thing to realize is that she is acting not just from her own spiteful character, but from the plan of Zeus the Patriarch who wants to see the fall of Troy. Zeus is the architect and Eris the Agent Provocateur. There is a powerful sub-story here of the patriarchy manipulating women and causing division among them.

At this time when Jupiter is in a square to Eris it suggests a challenge to this old relationship – perhaps both these bodies want us the humans who unwittingly live out these myths to do something different?

There are three Goddesses at the party, Athena who is also squaring Eris at this time, so we can take from that, that her emerging Wisdom is an important potential outcome. Juno (Hera) is travelling this month in Scorpio with Mercury so she is also undergoing deep transformation in the way she communicates.

Venus is in a descending sequence in Virgo trine Jupiter and Pallas so again the charts suggests she is letting go of old patterns right now to contribute to the changing fractal. See my Blog about Venus and the Descent of Inanna.

One of the most shocking parts of this story is that the response of all 3 Goddesses is to undress and try to woo Paris with their bodies. It’s shocking because there is a terrible truth in here that women instinctively have used their sexuality as one of the only ways of feeling any power under the patriarchy. Based on this there is always going to be one winner, Aphrodite who offers Helen of Troy to Paris, the most beautiful woman in the world. This leads of course to the fall of Troy. We can see in our culture that being a very beautiful woman is both a blessing and a curse.

We can also see clearly how personal fears and desires are being manipulated by a much larger and dark political agenda – to lead humanity towards more strife, to turn everything into a dog fight, to cause mass confusion by generating false news left, right and center.

In the end, the only way to know the truth is to turn inward, to use one of the most powerful navigation systems within our human form – our intuition. This is exactly why all this chaos is happening, so we will be forced into our inner authority and intuition in guiding our lives.

As I had my moment of illumination, a poem started to come to me. An epic poem! What if the Goddesses didn’t strip off and did something different? What if they refused to fight over the Golden Apple – rather amusingly in my imagination it becomes an apple pie shared among the guests, a kind of alternative communion.

The apple pie is actually the crux of the whole matter, what Eris is straining humanity towards – in a nutshell it’s about overcoming survival fear which keeps us in conflict and sharing of resources. There is much evidence that the ‘dog eat dog’ culture we are told is how we are, is just one tiny piece of the puzzle. In my last blog about Mars I posted a wonderful podcast by Nicholas Christakis about how we are actually more strongly wired for kindness.

Chrysalis puts forward simple but compelling evidence of how important relationships are to humans, and have always been through our entire evolution. Some key and indisputable factors are:

Choose a long-term mate as a partner – so we want more than just offspring, we want love and relationship.

We have friends and this is a vital part of human development.

If you feel cynical and angry with humanity I’d invite you listen to this wonderful podcast with the On Being Project about the evolutionary potential of people How We’re Wired for Goodness.

Eris and evolution are hand in hand pushing us toward the realization that relationships and kindness are far more important to us that fighting over resources. We are being asked to question and change for ourselves the very rules of the game.

What does your innate sense of wisdom tell you about this situation humanity, and the USA is in right now. America in its very inception stands for Freedom, but what does that mean in 2020?

Where in America is the new essence of freedom growing new seeds. There are so many amazing spiritual teachers and healers in the USA that a great light is growing collectively that will impact the whole world. The Indigenous movement such as The Sixth Sun film are reaching new and wider audiences with their wisdom. And have you seen Thrive II yet, wow it’s absolutely mind blowing.

A key part of this new way of being is termed Synarchy, a self-organizing form of subtle yet penetrating consciousness that has a complete sense in itself of being ‘One Body’ and therefore does not harm any other part. The One Body is global, Galactic even so it naturally lives in harmony with all that is. Can we be part of the first wave of humanity straining towards this new way of being? This is precisely what Eris is asking of us.

One day she will be known as the Goddess of Synarchy ushering the New Golden Age and her reputation as troublemaker will be more fully understood.

Here is the poem I have written and at the bottom a link to hear it read….always I think so much better to hear it from the poet.


Ugly Eris and the Golden Apple by Alison Dhuanna

Ugly Eris as dark as sin
Listened behind the heavy door
Waiting for the party to begin;

Yet again she had not been invited
Renowned for her gift
of sparking off fighting.

Her head in the brilliant stars above,
her giant feet claimed the broken Earth
A new world straining to be born

And Eris the agent provocateur of it all,
stood poised Golden Apple in hand
Itching to throw it into the round.

This was some party to behold
Many Olympian guests among the fold.
Statuesque Athena, daughter of Zeus

Her breastplate of Medusa studded in jewels
Glistened in the evening light
Moonlight gathering its heavenly pearls;

Sovereign and elegant consort Hera
Ever faithful wife of undeserved Zeus
Her creature the peacock always by her side;

Together they stalk the city’s bright night.
Aphrodite with her beauty great
Born in foaming sea she came

To bring the finer things to Earth
And tantalize men with her sensual girth.
Now in that holographic way that events unfold

The apple rolled into the center just on cue

Eris grinned behind the groaning door
Gleeful at what she thought was in store;
Zeus too was plotting inside

Anticipating that the usual cat fight
Between the three gregarious Goddesses
As the apple rolled to shuddering halt;

Athena, Hera and Aphrodite
paused to check it out; glimmering so
seductively in the evening light

It was with deep desire they had to fight;
Because they knew of the high price of their spite.

Their glowing eyes met in knowing
This time something different was happening.
Their dream of Synarchy, living a new way

Unsuspecting Zeus announced “Paris,
you may choose which of these women
Will win the boon, take the Golden Apple home.

Paris stepped forward young and unrefined
Somewhat naive at Zeus’s ploy
expecting the girls to strip off soon,

Because this is what they usually did;
He could hardly wait to see their sweet flesh
Though in his heart he already knew

That luscious Aphrodite would win the contest;

But the usual stripping off did not begin,
there was a tense moment as
the Three gathered round.

Athena stepped forward proud and strong
Daughter of Metis, Mother of a new song.
With cunning she asked Paris now quite pale

Why he felt he deserved her wisdom of old
Foundation for Human Civilization,
A question so bold?

Medusa shone menacing on Athena’s breast
Paris in thin voice mumbled an answer, failed the test
It was abundantly plain for all to see

That Paris was just too immature for
The gift of Wisdom
Athena with her little owl could bequeath.

Hera stepped forward to the nervous boy;
Haughtily she cast a circle round him
And her peacock snapped its vicious beak

At errant husband’s Zeus unsuspecting foot
(The true secret architect of all the strife)

“My gift is rulership of this city” she said

But I see from your trembling legs Paris
That you are not yet ready
To sit in a seat of power of Troy
For you are only just a boy.

One day when you can truly value my gift,
Then and only then will it be yours my friend.

Well Zeus’ grim face you have never seen
His mouth dropped open, eyes bulged with anger
this show of unity was quite obscene.

Now his hopes lay in malleable Aphrodite
Usually so easy to seduce by flesh
Deep down he thought her the least enlightened;

Meanwhile behind the ancient wooden door
Eris’s curiosity was certainly piqued
She was rather enjoying seeing Zeus squirm

And the Goddesses stand in their power for once, remaining firm in their luminosity
Not being triggered by this golden apple lunacy;

Next came Aphrodite, with her glorious beauty
She was the usual winner of any game
Involving human men who could be relied upon

To go for the purely sexual thing’
The flesh of women is very tempting
The power of Wisdom may seem empty.

“Usually dear Paris” she said in hushed tones
I’d offer you glorious Helen of Troy
Most beautiful woman in the whole wide world’

Yet she is now married to another
And knowing this, it will cause such great strife
I’m afraid Paris she cannot be your wife;

So instead my dear, I’m changing the fractal
sticking by wise Athena and Hera
For millennia we have fought, but no more

Today we stand in our circle forever
For in Wisdom there are no real losers
Only a Gathering Together,

We have decided to use this Golden Apple
To make a particularly delicious pie
To divide among the many guests.

Paris left the party troubled and confused
But deep down knowing that his City would gain
From his own loss of the beautiful maid.

Zeus would have to rewrite his plans
Perhaps his daughter really was quite special
And he could feel proud of her today.

His wife Hera he noticed with a sigh
Really was a great leader of the city
And just as beautiful as Aphrodite.

While Eris ever taller in the stars
feet firmly anchored she weathered the storm
For eons she would walk with fiery comet hair

As the Goddess of Synarchy and Oneness
The Architect who destroyed hierarchy
To open a new way of life for humanity.

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Ugly Eris in the US Election — 2 Comments

  1. Very interesting, a lot to take in so I read it a few times. I enjoyed your rewrite, and was great to hear the poem in your voice, and being able to read it after as well. There is a lot of talk about the Goddess asteroids being a big part of this transition, in particular the “dark” rejected ones. The USA must have a big part in the spiritual picture; indeed, the sense of chaos being stirred up here seems unprecedented…at least in modern times. Interesting take, I always appreciate your focus on the Feminine, Alison.

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