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Venus Moon conjunctions – The Descent of Inanna into the Underworld

By Alison Dhuanna

In this next series I will be covering the very intense period of October to December 2020 with 4 separate blogs – Venus and the Moon, New Moon with Mars squaring Pallas Athena/Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn, how to work with troublesome Eris and the spectacular line up as the Sun transits Scorpio this Autumn.

Venus has just moved into Virgo, so alongside this process I am describing is in a harmonious Trine to Pallas Athena/Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn – so from all the loss we see around us a new story is being woven that so many of us feel a part of. This is where the opportunity for new growth lies.

The 5-pointed star pattern that Venus dances out in the heavens every 8 years is truly beautiful. The Ancient Astrologer’s of Sumeria, like the High Priestess Enhedhuanna, noticed that in Venus’s cycle there were 7 times she touched the moon in her journey as Evening Star and 7 as Morning Star. This became an echo of the Myth of Inanna who descends into the Underworld through 7 Gates to meet her battered and raging sister Erishkigal. Erishkigal represents the repressed feminine and it all began in this aeon 6000 BC, recorded in the poems of Enhedhuanna, where the patriarchy began their mission to crush feminine power in the world.

This pattern is unfolding right now and we are in a descending cycle. Inanna is asked at each gate to let go of her material power and the portals represents a cycle of Venus Moon conjunctions. Also, this year Venus went retrograde for her entire cycle in Gemini. The last time Venus went retrograde in Gemini was 2012 a key year, and 2004 when there was a Venus Eclipse. At that time the ‘Venus Sequence’ was birthed by Richard Rudd of the Gene Keys, a very powerful process for opening our DNA to frequency codes through healing our deepest wounds. The first group Deep Dive Venus Sequence is due to commence in November so if this calls you see the link below.

On the 16th July the Moon Venus conjunction was at 13 Gemini as Inanna passed through the Crown chakra and Gate of Authority where she removed her crown. Here she says farewell to her `handmaiden Lilith who will be instrumental in her rebirth as the story unfolds.

On the 13th August she passed through the Brow Chakra at 06 Cancer Gate of Perception and removed her royal staff. There was also a rare Venus North Node conjunction occurred on 5th August as part of the cycle pulling humanity into alignment with the unfolding myth.

On September 13th Inanna passed through the Throat Chakra Gate of Communication and removed her necklace at 09 Leo.

Coming up on the 13th October Inanna enters the Heart Chakra Gate of Compassion and releases her breast plate. This takes place at 13 degrees Virgo – a awesome Goddess point of the zodiac.

There is a beautiful New Moon on 16th October at 23 degrees Libra aligned to Arcturus and Spica the Wheat sheath of the Goddess. It is in a close harmonious trine to Pallas Athena the Warrior Goddess. There is also a powerful T-square which is going to ramp up the tension – see my next blog for more on this.

On November 12th at 20 Libra Inanna enters the Solar Plexus Gate of Personal Power removing her Ring of Power.

On December 12th at 27 Scorpio she enters the Sacral Chakra Gate of Creativity removing her ankle bracelets

There is a Jupiter Saturn conjunction AKA Star of Bethlehem from Dec 21st to 25th at 0 degrees Aquarius, so all of this letting go we are being asked to do is allowing for a Feminine Cosmic Christ rebirth to take place and this is going to be a very special date remembered for aeons to come

January 11th 2021 at 4 Capricorn she enters the Root Chakra Gate of Manifestation removing her Royal Robe.

February 10 at 12 Aquarius she enters the Earth Star Chakra Gate – Death by Purest Intention to create a better world.

In the third blog about Eris I will show how this Dark Goddess, who really brings out the worst in people fighting for survival and competitiveness, is pushing us relentlessly towards a non-hierarchical society, kindness and sharing of resources. Eris is intimately connected to the healing of the male female dynamic as well. So could the death be the death of a collective old way of being?

Venus will then disappear into the Underworld to be reborn 60-90 days later.  She will be on the Gate of Power of Aquarius 15 degrees when she disappears and will be rebirthed on the 25th March 2021. Many astrologers are saying this is the birth of the Age of Aquarius – I feel it’s definitely a defining moment, of great significance in an ongoing process of these energies integrating on our planet.

In this time the more you can surrender to what you are personally being asked to let go of, the more energy can be transmuted for the collective benefit – and we will all survive and will thrive in a way we never even knew possible as we enter the field of superabundance free from fear. Grace will be very present all around as we make this transition.

It may well be that the ‘other’ world of chaos, fighting politicians and pandemic fear will carry on alongside this new reality for some time. Nobody knows exactly how long or even if it will happen in our lifetimes, but I do know from my own experience that it’s possible to live in the New Earth field right now with a great deal of stability and security, anchored deeply into the body.

Inanna will enter the Root chakra Gate again on the 12th May at 5 Gemini beginning her ascent and regaining her Royal Robe and all else she has lost. This is a time many more people will likely find this new sense of security in themselves.

The times of turmoil are set to continue getting very intense in the next few months and then we have a Mars Neptune square next year so lots of confusion. The American election is a remarkably accurate depiction of the shadow energies playing out and especially the effect of Eris. Britain and Europe are in much the same state of conflict over Brexit, but it does feel that a significant part of the population is no longer actually being governed by government. They have lost their authority which is scary on one level, but has to happen if we are to be free from tyranny. It’s time to step into our sovereignty and rule ourselves – this is what all the Prophesies are leading us to. It’s up to us here doing the work to step into our Warrior Goddess power whether male or female, at the same time relinquishing much that we may hold dear.

Allowing ourselves to feel fear and loss at this time is vitally important, acknowledging perhaps feelings of vulnerability and longing as we struggle to be birthed into the new consciousness. The words of Paul describing the whole of nature groaning come to me – we are certainly in those birthing pains. We need to let go of being perfect and embrace all that it means to be human.

Staying centered in our boundless, spacious selves working with each fear as it arises is what we can do right now, while holding the faith and intention for the new Feminine Christ Consciousness appearing between the cracks.

I’m very excited about the Star of Bethlehem at Winter Solstice and Christmas and a small group of us will be visiting the Goddess Womb Chamber on the Sacred isle of Anglesey in Britain to anchor the energies there. Wherever you are in the world you can assist with this by holding ceremony and sacred space consciously anchoring these divine frequencies into your body and the transmuting light body of Gaia. I’m feeling that we may even have a Transfiguration event at this time in the DNA of a small group of humanity globally which will be transmitted to the rest by osmosis.

So, amidst all that is happening, there is hope and such good news.

Blessings and Love


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Link to the Venus Sequence introduction


Venus Moon conjunctions – The Descent of Inanna into the Underworld — 4 Comments

  1. Alison, from across the world here in California, I really appreciate your reports with the Goddess perspective!! Also,the alert of some hard times ahead and possible side-by-side realities seems realistic. Knowing we can anchor into the more true Reality is so hopeful. Thank you!

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  3. Thank you beautiful Soul!
    I love your article, the story, and the information..!!
    Yes! There is hope!

    In love, joy, and peace!

  4. Well done Alison. Thank you. I loved the story and how it will traverse ahead for us. I’m in synch with you about living alongside the turmoil you described in joy and peace. Interesting about Venus and the beginning of Age of Aquarius! And your view of Dec 21st conjunction. Wow. Lovely

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