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Mars Autumn Retrograde

by Alison Dhuanna

Mars really is writing the new script for humanity and who can fail to feel the transformative power of the red planet making its closest approach to earth, glowing in the heavens. Last night I was transfixed by his light.

Mars began an extended retrograde motion in Aries on 9th September in an area of the chart in Human Design known as The Gate of New Beginnings. In many countries this was when we began to creep out of the full lockdown. I felt like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis – wanting to take everything slowly and tune into my inner authority in this new world.

During this retrograde Mars will activate 3 times the Goddess of Discord Eris, who really is a tremendously difficult energy and is pushing humanity to the edge showing the need to come out of competitive ‘dog eat dog’ way of living we have become accustomed to and told is the only reality.

Thankfully that is not the truth. In evolutionary terms we have been hardwired far more strongly for human relationships working that not working – so ultimately the story can in the end only go one way, and it’s a good way. See a podcast below for some compelling evidence of this truth.

On the 16th October there will be a very powerful New Moon at 23 degrees Libra aligned to Arcturus and Spica. Arcturus is the star system which Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and that whole entourage incarnated from. It carries the beautiful energy of the caring Shepherd. Spica’s transmission is a creative Goddess energy of great purity and is Virgo’s wheat sheath.

We see the corruption of the purity of the original teachers of all religions being unearthed recently with a big scandal in the Church of England about child sexual abuse breaking yesterday (7 October) and in the past few months sexual scandals in the Kundalini Yoga tradition. There will come a time where religious teachings will nourish people, not manipulate them. This too is the work of Eris bringing what is corrupt and rotten to the surface.

Black Moon Lilith is very active too right now and so there is a lot of deep healing going for people who have been sexually abused. If you are interested in Lilith watch the TV series Why Women Kill. It’s very amusing, despite the title, and shows great insight into the rage of women over 3 generations and how gender roles are changing.

At this New Moon, and for much of October Mars is in a tense square to Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Pallas Athena which may well lead to more shocking revelations and break down of systems. It feels like Mars is digging in, determined to unearth the truth with Eris.

Tune into Pallas Athena with her eagle vision, see with clarity the future and stay courageous as we are asked to let go, let go and let go some more. The New Moon in Libra forms a T square which is an aspect with a lot of tension. Are you feeling it?

New Moon Layout

On this process of letting go see my previous blog on the Venus Moon cycle and the Descent of Inanna myth playing out right now.

Mars activates Eris again 15th December leading into the USA election so ugly fights are likely which are her hallmark. Eris knows just how to expose the worst competitiveness brings out in people. Ultimately though her goal is good – we will eventually move from hierarchy to synarchy and in these times we may well feel so repulsed by what people will do to each other to get ahead that we resolve not to be like this ourselves ever again.

I’m not making any predictions for the election, but it will certainly be a defining moment in US politics and the most likely outcome will be more people disengaging altogether and moving out of the field of authority of government and into their own authority. It may seem outrageous for me to say this, but seeing the future through the eyes of Eris, the sooner we withdraw all our energy from the current political systems the better. The progressive party’s may lead us down a better path, an easier path but in the end the outcome will be the same: the end of hierarchy and all that means.

Once this happens the field of super abundance will be the predominant force on our planet. With no need to fight for resources and with abundant free energy sourced from the vacuums of space time we will no longer have anything to fight about. Watch the brilliant movie Thrive II which shows the technology is all there but is being repressed.

Social justice will naturally come about because there will no longer be any incentive to turn people against each other because of color of skin, religion etc. We recognize in every other person a shared humanity and realize the precious nature of life.

The exact conjunction of Eris Mars is 23rd December which is the same moment as the Saturn Jupiter conjunction (Aka Star of Bethlehem) at 0 degrees Aquarius. Wow what a day that is going to be!

This type of Saturn Jupiter conjunction moving from Earth to Air signs will not occur for another 800 years. So, get ready to celebrate the new Feminine Christ Consciousness coming into your very DNA. In the end all we really need to do is be open to receiving the love and grace that has always been there for us.

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Podcast with the On Being Project about the evolutionary potential of people

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