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Planet Alert June 2020

Wow! What a violent week this has been! Whoever thought the killing of George Floyd, who was a black man killed by a white policeman, would trigger such a large protest. What a terrible way to die and I understand why everyone became upset. Black people have been targeted by the police for a long time and it is time for that to stop. They need justice and we need justice for everyone who has been targeted for one reason or another.

There is also an unseen energy going on behind the scene all over the United States. The underlying reason for the large demonstrations are because there are so many people unemployed and shut into their houses and apartments because of the Virus, with nothing to do. This energy started to build for change. It is like they are crying; we want justice and we want to be free. We have been controlled by the cabal long enough. This combined energy literally caught fire all over the United States.

We have been in the tribulation since the Virus started, and on May 24 we moved into the great tribulation. The demonstrations that are going on now are all part of the prophecies. We have to move through the darkness before light can manifest. The war was over in our galaxy in December of 2019, and then the war between the light and the dark came to Earth to finish the cycle. We have to finish out the prophecies in the Bible before the energy can change. This may take until the end of this year, or it might be now. Who knows?

The prophecy that is in affect right now is the Sun will turn dark. I had been looking for the darkness to come and was looking for the Sun to literally turn dark. Then I thought maybe it just means that the sun will be darkened by an eclipse, which will happen on the Solstice on June 20, 2020, and we usually feel the energy from an eclipse before it happens. This past week has been very dark with all of the rioting and destruction all over the United States. The rioting started after dark in the United States.

I think these demonstrations fulfill the prophecy of the darkness. People are waking up and they do not like the fact that we have been controlled for so long by the Cabal. They want freedom and justice for all and they want it now. Most of the demonstrations have been peaceful until the police stepped in. The next and last prophecy is open contact with our space friends.

The node is a very important point in an Astrology chart. The north node is your destiny and the south node is where you came from and what you have to work through to get to your destiny. The world also has a destiny and for the past year and a half the north node has been in Cancer and the south node in Capricorn. Cancer rules the home and family and also rules diseases like the Virus that is still here. Capricorn rules structure and the government. The structures are starting to fall and maybe the Virus will leave soon.

On May 24, 2020 the north node moved from Cancer to Gemini and the south node to Sagittarius. They will stay there for one and a half years. The nodes moving brought in a brand-new energy for the next year and a half. Gemini is a very active mental and physical sign. It rules travel and communication. Sagittarius is the sign that rules fires and freedom. The north node was over Minneapolis on May 24 and the trigger for this rioting was ignited. The demonstrations are about freedom, justice, and equality for all. The majority of the demonstrators are peaceful.

We have a series of three eclipses ahead of us. We are feeling the energy from the first eclipse already by the demonstrations. There will be a lunar eclipse on June 5 at 12:12 pm PDT. This eclipse will be on 15 degrees 34 minutes Gemini. This is technically on 16 degrees in my degree book and the number 16 is the Tower Struck with Lightning in the Tarot Cards. We have watched many structures fall this week by fire and there may be more falling as we approach this eclipse. Link to Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2020: The Rainbow Gate of Gaia.

In my degree book 16 degrees Gemini says; A woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause. It goes on to say that what happened not only needs to be discovered and tested through an intellectual exchange, it also demands exteriorization. This usually requires an emotional dramatization of the issues at stake. Here again a woman is dependent upon feelings and fiery images to sway the receptive public. We will see how this works out as time goes by.

The next eclipse is a solar one on June 20, 2020 at 11:40 PM PDT. Having an eclipse on a Solstice is very powerful. The Solstice by itself is powerful and to add an eclipse to it makes it doubly important. The sun and Moon will be on Zero degrees Cancer and the umbra of the eclipse will be over North and east Africa, SE Europe and most of Asia. Zero degrees means it is a turning point and the place of no return. In the zodiac the spring season has come to a close. Fulfillment leads to new demands upon the individual human consciousness. The show is over. Now comes the hour of decision.

The third eclipse is on July 4 and the sun will be right over Washington, D.C , although the moon will be on the other side of the world. The sun is always over Washington D.C. every July 4 when the sun is on 13 degrees Cancer. The city was set-up that way by the Masons. Everything about Washington D.C is lined up with Venus and Sirius and the sign Virgo. I have a very interesting book called “The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capital” by David Ovason. It is a very interesting book. This eclipse will be a culmination of the energy we have been feeling since May 24, when we moved into the great tribulation. The energy people have been feeling about our government will come to a head on this eclipse. What will happen? I think it is a good idea to send much love to our government for the highest and best good for our country.

June 3rd 2020 9 pm PST

Five planets are retrograde at this time which is Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. The Jupiter and Pluto conjunction means that the virus might be here for a while longer. It also means that we will probably have some financial challenges ahead of us. Saturn is the karmic planet, which means that some things may come back to us to be released, and Mercury seems to cause confusion and mixed up events. Venus is kind of nice in a retrograde phase because it helps to tone down the energy. Maybe you will buy something nice for yourself that makes you feel good.

Jupiter and Pluto are still conjunct and will be that way until the end of this year. Jupiter is a large planet and it rules large events. Pluto is the transformer and this means there will be large events on the earth that affects everyone. Jupiter also rules money on a largescale which means the chance of very challenging financial events are on the horizon for everyone. This may be the time period our financial system will be transformed or changed.

The final eclipse for this year will happen on December 14 on 23 degrees Sagittarius. It will be a total solar eclipse. The meaning of 23 degrees Sagittarius is: A group of emigrants as they fulfill the requirement of entrance into the new country. We will consciously accept the ways of a new stage of experience in readiness for the opportunities it will present. That sounds like the ending of the old way of life and the beginning of a new one.

I had a hard time watching the demonstrations when they turned violent. I imagine there were many people that felt the same way. I do not like violence and I am glad most of them stayed peaceful. I know the demonstrations were needed to wakeup people to the injustices we have felt in the United States and also the rest of the world. It was a good wakeup call and people needed to express their feelings. Out of chaos comes a new creation. So Be It

I send you my love        ***** Mahala *****


Planet Alert June 2020 — 15 Comments

  1. This is truly a time of upheaval and karma at all levels. For me, the lesson is “not to judge.” Few desire revolution (as opposed to evolution), and revolution makes me very uncomfortable. It also makes me angry. Revolution vs. evolution has been an issue I’ve personally tackled for 40 years because it’s hard to see how things can change many times without a revolution. And our country was born of a revolution (with help from higher beings I might add). This is what we’re experiencing now. It’s not over and I suspect it will continue till at least next June, regardless of who takes office in January 2021. For me, I am continuing to work on staying centered to get through the eye of the storm. It is hard work and the noise from both sides of the battle can drive one crazy. My advice, is if you’re not part of the collective karma on these issues, follow your own path, stay centered, and don’t judge. A new paradigm, system, country, and world are being born and it’s always painful regardless of the part each of us plays in the drama.

    “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.” (Shakespeare)

  2. Hi Sapher, Interesting observation and connections. There is definitely energy on this topic that the world is working through. I see much of it as psychological and spiritually manufactured by those with a good understanding of human nature using the tool of astrology.

  3. just a thought, The Black Community carries a contract as a group, 400yrs
    it’s part of the plan, they have to shift from victim to free person in their mind and heart, law of attraction,,we draw what we project-carry.
    Maybe our job is to help them
    see how to transmute their contract from dark to light.
    rioting,looting,acting out at night in darkness with no thought of the harm they are doing to their own families and communities,desire to kill and hurt is very dark,very very very far from the light.

  4. Thank you as always Mahala! For Claudette… George Floyd was detained because a store owner accused him of passing a counterfeit $20 bill. Which the storowner subsequently said George Floyd probably didn’t even know he had. Yes, perhaps this was in his contract, it doesn’t change the fact that the absolute brutality and inhumanness of the act of those policeman (who serve to protect the whole community equally) is what has generated this response. It is so unfortunate that it takes this kind of action on the part of George Floyd’s soul to galvanize people into recognizing the problems we face. Where does this come from? I say it comes from the top. We have people in power who say it’s OK to do this, otherwise they wouldn’t believe they could get away with it. It’s really that simple. Human nature is not that complicated. Blessings and lets all pray for the light to finally put these shadow demons in power to rest.

  5. Hi Kerry,
    My call out the other day was to get people to share their experience rather than what they are told. Specifically, with regards to how you are experiencing the energy and what you personally discover about it. When someone does discover something, share. We will ALL feel the truth in what is shared if it comes from the truth. Meanwhile, question everything and stand solid in your own experience for you know that to be the truth above and beyond anything else you may have been told. At the same time, the collective belief system is being challenged. What the collective believes might not align to what you know as being the truth. Thus, seems to me, that we’re watching this play out. 🙂

  6. Claudette misses the whole point. ❤️ but trying.I hope you continue to seek truth because you talk like an “owner”, your words divisive. Join the One. Keep trying.

  7. Claudette misses the whole point. ❤️ Or not. I hope you continue to seek truth because you talk like an “owner”, your words divide, you’re not of the One, yet. Keep trying.

  8. Hello Claudette, Thank you for sharing. What you’ve said here makes sense to me. There is a significant difference between believing what you’ve been told and believing what you have experienced. When you believe what you’re told and have not experience with it, it builds a person’s belief system. This sets up situations where what you think you know might not actually be the truth. The truth is experienced. So, in order to change a belief system, you have to experience the truth as being something different than what you’re told. Likewise, a curse is someone getting you to believe a lie. 🙂

  9. Might we all be cognisent that African Americans have not only been ‘targeted’ by police, thousands have been racially profiled and killed just in the last decade.
    We also must remember African Americans have been denied freedoms we white people take for granted going back 400 years.
    Born in 1945, I’ve witnessed much. Over the span of of my 75 years,racism remains very alive in America. I’m hoping Mr. Floyd’s henious murder will serve as a tipping point to affect changes this country desperately needs.
    I’ve enjoyed your newsletters for a very long time. May the planets be with us all.

  10. More than a dozen earthquakes struck an area near Yellowstone National Park within 24 hours. The US Geological Survey (USGS), who monitor seismic activity across the US, recorded the latest earthquake swarm to hit the area last Friday. The USGS data recorded 20 significant earthquakes with 1.5 magnitudes or higher on that day, amongst dozens of smaller tremors. The largest earthquake was recorded at 3.1 magnitude and struck at a depth of 6 miles, at 11:39am on 29 May.
    If Yellowstone blows, this would cause the sun to go dark.

  11. As an Astrologer, you must be aware that death claims everyone. The exact moment is never known. This particular event was multi-faced. Place-Human-Event. Ordinarily this event happens daily. (Arrest) The human changes. The place is always planet earth. What occurred in Minneapolis was an arrest ending in death. Per usual reporting, each story was different. There has never been one report delivered by anyone giving an account as to WHY this human was arrested.
    Only that he died not being able to breathe, a knee was on his throat. There are no accidents! This was his contract! The circus response fanning the flames of injustice created world-wide protests. Energetically this created short circuiting of “mob mentality” thinking, turning the protests into violence. IMHO, a good reason to uncover those who hide behind a bible verse to harass the POTUS at a funeral. The Universal Energies are exposing the darkness through these times to prepare us for the Light wave approaching. We are on our own to make the choice we came here for. Seems very clear to me. ❤️

  12. Thank you Mahala! Hope you’re feeling strong, self-luminant, and determined to enjoy the sweetness of the season. We have been covering some ground, focused on long hours of deep spiritual study and repainting the house. Loving the long cool spring that we’re experiencing this year, (especially last weekend’s thunderstorm). There’s a clear sense of having made some spiritual progress again, and this opportunity is being presented to all beings during 2020. I might add that we ceased performing the nightly ritual of lighting of the “lantern of hope” a few weeks ago, and shifted our attention to protecting one’s inner flame. With one hand we perform our daily tasks, and the other energetically cups the inner hearth. (Quite soothing in the evening hours to sustain this practice of holding eye contact with the most subtle inner self). Many of our family have been tucked away deep in the forest near Canada for the past 2+ months and we will soon join them. The plan is to keep quiet the remainder of the year…and return sometime in early 2021. Just want to extend a blessing to you and yours. May you always find yourself surrounded by what you most love and cherish. Warm embrace! And watermelon!

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