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Worldly Values vs. Virus’s

Guest post by Mona!

Since we are in the thicket of change, I thought it would be a good idea to write about these particular times in America that are reshaping history. One way or another, we are in a state of flux, upheaval and bedlam. Many would think the world is going stir crazy and there is no end in sight. As much as I would like to agree, a little voice inside keeps saying that we are at the end of an era. We are finally ready to make decisions as a people that are being handed to us from unacceptable circumstances. I see our country as finally reaching a state of saying “We’re not going to take it anymore”, until we all see that rioting is a virus in itself. It spreads like wildfire to other parts of the country and in this world, it has to take something very big to shake up society at just the right time. That time is now.

For years, we have seen so much injustice, and much of that has not been seen, yet on a huge energetic frequency level, all is being unveiled. When crimes committed continue to be witnessed, the people have a voice. This goes beyond government interference, and the voice of the people rises in the air to change life as we’ve known it.

COVID-19 is not gone, yet people came out anyway and rioted to show their support (one way or another) for George Floyd, but is it really all about him? Was he the conduit for a country ready to lash back for justice? Could this be because people are tired of watching behind the scenes and not being heard? I’ve always said that anger IS sadness unheard. We are watching this before our very eyes now as groups of peaceful marches and destruction are all saying it is happening for the same reason. No matter what our answers and opinions are, it is happening. CHANGE must occur to clearly be the new norm… And the people will make sure of it.

Inside of each of us, there is a voice that has been snuffed out, unheard, and unloved. The past has dominated the actions and reactions of our own personal growth. In my book, I see that this voice isn’t going to be silenced anymore. The only way one heals is through listening to that inner voice and paying attention to it. It is what makes us whole and unafraid. If we don’t take chances and surrender to an old authority that was an illusion in the first place, we will never get out of the matrix. However, “DO NO HARM FIRST ” is a Universal Law that must remain intact in order for there to be a productive outcome. If this is not listened to or understood, then the outcome we wish for will take more time to accomplish.

What are we learning from all of this? In the long and short of it, racism will not be acceptable in a world that is uniting. Judgment is a past way of living that has shown its ugly head long enough and we the people will make sure that somehow, someway, there will be a new day at hand. This is a very tough time in our world. What we must remember is that life is precious, and to be grateful for the days we have to make a difference, and whether we are silent or vocal, our hearts’ internal feelings will always shine first. That little internal voice is not so little after all. It is the intuition, the real deal, and the truth by which we can change the world… one person at a time.

I wish us all peace, prosperity, unity, compassion and mostly love as we are being challenged to witness the greatest love of all happening right before our eyes. You matter, we matter, every soul matters. Stay strong, stay safe, and know that a NEW DAY is upon us.

My deepest love and blessings to ALL of us!!!    Mona~


Worldly Values vs. Virus’s — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Mona for this wonderfully, insighful article on our current state. BTW, our church used your book “The Sacred Language of the Human Body” at our weekly book review and discussion. We loved it. Blessings.

  2. Racism has exactly NOTHING TO DO with what is going on EXCEPT as a tool to shift blame and exploit black people to violence while they loot and murder black AND white business and people. THAT IS THE PLAYBOOK OF THE CIA. Remember the Jonestown massacre? That was the clowns trying to figure out how to mkultra black people to violence against themselves and others. It did not work for the most part though-not all the black people were that stupid so they ended up shooting them, then drugging the dead bodies as i heard it. Oh and this is not something i read. I know someone who was bff’s with one of the three survivors…a CLOWN. Antif=CLOWNS=POLICE=DEMS=COLUMBIAN DRUG CARTELS AND BANKS—know who the bad guys are before you start jumping to conclusions!

  3. Goodbye and good riddance to psychopathic, inhuman (nonhuman) authority run rampant and amok.

  4. thank you for your insight on this reality. As a native person and an elder, I strongly believe this american justice system has failed in many areas since columbus came ashore, we have survived as a people with many scars, yet we are still here and we do need serious changes. we cannot tolerate the ‘old boys’ system anymore and we can make those changes from the grassroots, from the poor & voiceless people, and I for one, welcome the change.

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