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Energetic Manifestation Warning; Judgment is at Hand

Guest article by Dave from AmorStyleTarot.

[Update 5/13/2020: I added a link to a video from Chris Oldham titled The Great Deceit. Are you an accomplice, or unwilling participant? that should be reviewed in the context of this post.]

Update 5/12/2020.

Do you feel like the world has been put under a giant spell? If so, reading this might help.

If you do, it shows that you are paying attention. It’s obvious that a couple months ago people behaved differently than they are doing right now. In the space of just a couple months, the constructs of reality that people have held in their minds has changed!

The question is why did this happen and how can it help us?

Ultimately, we want to learn from this event. Please review with me.

Here are a few questions to consider: How did information spread on the internet and how did it affect people? How did the main stream media propagate it and what did their viewers feel? What did Facebook do? What did YouTube do? What organizations rallied together to accept the narrative first? What keywords did they introduce into humanity’s vocabulary in order to get people to think alike? What did the governments do? What did non-governmental agencies do? How much coordination was there? All these things seemed to have come in play all at the same time with intention.

Now recall and review the Law of Manifestation (or Attraction, if you think of it that way).

The spiritual rule for manifesting something is to think and imagine what you desire very clearly. Remember the concept of The Secret and recall that when you think about something you want to manifest, you work out all the details in your mind, you imagine every flavor, smell and color. You imagine the texture, the sound and the feeling of it. You work out every detail on how it behaves and what it looks like. In the process of doing this, you have to back your desire with emotional energy. This is the key: you imagine how much you love it, how it makes you feel inside, how excited you are for it. That emotional focus is what shows the universe how badly you desire to experience that which it is that you have imagined in your mind. The next step is the acceptance of your desire. You live as if you have what you created. Before you know it, you’re living your desire.

This process is a ritual. If it involved words, it might be thought of as a spell. If it involved images, it could be thought of as a vision. If it involved sounds, it could be thought of as a hypnosis. It breaks down to: think – feel – live.

Pause and review the global pandemic. Does it fit the structure of a ritual so far?

Think back over the information that you’ve reviewed over the last couple months. Did you receive information from people supporting the idea that it might have been planned? Did conspiracy people point things out that were just too crazy to believe? Are there organizations that have prepped for this for years? The information has probably come your way in one form or another.

Basically, you want to look to see if there is evidence that someone, or a group of people, performed the first step of the manifestation process. Did they clearly define their desire?

If you haven’t seen it yet, keep looking. Now that you know what you’re looking for, you’ll clearly see that there was a consorted effort (conspiracy, but the literal meaning of the word) put into the design of this spell (used in the general sense) as if it was a long planned out project.

To make it work, the second step of the manifestation process is needed.

This second step suggests that in order to let the universe know how important this desire is, the person, or group of people, needed to back their thoughts (and plans) with human emotion.

Did they find the emotion to back their desire?

My experience would suggest that they did. But rather then using their own emotional energy, they manipulated the emotion out of all the unsuspecting people of the world. In a coordinated fashion, they drove the people of the world into a state of unbridled fear. All the different ways of getting information to people that could raise the emotional content came into play. It seems that each segment of the population was targeted via their most trusted news sources. The coordination effort between all the different players hit humanity all at the same time which drove the fear levels off the charts.

Scale matters.

Let me be clear here so that the scale of the matter comes into view. When you learned how to manifest your desires, it was probably done on a very personal level. You created the experience in your mind. You mustered up the emotion and then you lived out your personal desire.

As you know, when two or more are gathered, the desire is seen as being more powerful. What happens when large sections of the whole planet’s population participate? Well, it’s going to create so much emotional energy that it would seem that even the darkest of demons would be brought back from the grave!

If you don’t already clearly see my point, it seems to me that the emotional energy of most of humanity has been used by someone (or group) in order to get their desire to manifest! They harvested your energy for their desire. All the tricks that they have at their disposal were brought out all at the same time in a coordinated way so that ‘the plan’ would be backed by your emotion.

Can you see this now? Does it make sense? Did they capture some of your energy to make this happen? If, over the last couple months, you have been emotionally disturbed by what’s happening, then you were used just as I was.

Does this mean that there is nothing we can do about it? … No. We live and learn from it.

Does it mean that humanity has lost? … No. It actually shows us the path forward towards the new earth.

Do you see the power of their actions?

Is it right that they used your energy for their desire?

I would contend that a small group of powerful people have spent a lot of time designing their desire. They have imagined every aspect of it and this is not something they planned overnight, but they have been designing it for years. Then, knowing that to get their way they needed to back their desire with emotion so they concocted a way to harvest your energy to back it. They are still harvesting that emotional energy. The vibration that they choose to use is in the primal fear range. They tapped into your fear of death.

You have a choice to make. Do you want to give your emotional energy to manifest their desires? If so, continue to generate fear.

If not, you must find your own way to overcome this fear.

What has this taught me?

On the dark side, there are people that will not think twice about using your energy to get their desires.

On the light side, if they’re doing this now, have they done it before? How much of the previous reality was also a lie? What falsehoods did they previously need to uphold to keep the previous illusion going? How long have they been manipulating the energy of humanity to get their desires?

In conclusion, this adventure that we’re on seems to imply the perfect way forward. If you find yourself being worked up about something, ask yourself if you want to back that desire with emotion. This involves paying attention to the thought – emotion manifestation dynamic. If you’re getting worked up emotionally, you’re empowering that thought. If you like the emotion that you’re experiencing, then continue to do it. If you don’t, just stop. Find something else that inspires you so your energy goes towards something YOU want rather then giving it to manifest someone else’s desire.

Do you see how we’re going to get to the new earth now? Look at this example of collective manifestation and imagine how it could be used differently. Could this same manifestation process be done by conscious people without forcing others to emote fear as the backing emotion? There have been attempts in the past that have had small impacts. The energy is very strong right now that it might be worth checking to see if there is enough unity to form a ‘free human’ collective to define a reality that is a bit more constitutional in its foundation?


Please comment.

Original Post 5/9/2020.

I have been impressed to write you a very strong warning to watch out. There is extra energy coming to humanity that is empowering the manifestation of your thoughts along with everyone else’s. Whatever you think about, will happen way faster than normal. Whatever anyone else thinks about will happen just as it does for you. So, pay attention.

This energy feels like Judgment energy.

The amount of energy that can be sensed right now is so strong that anything you put your mind to will be empowered to find its creation. This is the instant manifestation that Mahala has been talking about for decades. You might have already noticed this happening in your life in emotionally sharp ways.

The reason why its judgment energy is because the manifestation process will be fast enough for the person thinking the thought, or doing the action, to see the results AND make the associated connection. Its like instant karma. You reap what you sow – very quickly! It will be obvious. If you choose to hurt someone, you will instantly feel the results.

We will all see the results of our actions in real time with regards to anything that we do.

This is the reason for the warning!

This energy is outside the realm of good or bad, it just is. As it flows through you, you become the avenue that determines what this energy creates or how it is put to use.

My advice is to put extra effort into being consciously aware of what you are thinking and doing. If you want to fight, fight. If you want to hide, hide. Whatever you channel this energy into it will amplify whatever it is that you are focusing on. If you have been waiting to give someone a hug, this is the time to do so. Show the world what you are made of and do it quickly.

The warning is that all of humanity is going through this and very few people are consciously aware of what they are creating. They will have the tendency to create what they have always known – which is what they are told! This opens the door for bad actors to manipulate society in directions that are of their design rather than the grand design which is that you are a sovereign Being created in the likeness of God.

Overall, as this energy flows through everyone, the fruits of their actions will be obvious for everyone else to see. If you are a hater, everyone around you will feel it. If you care, everyone around you will know. If you are helpful, everyone will benefit from your assistance. Do good things and everyone will feel it along with yourself.

This judgment energy is here. We will live through it one way or another. It is best to set our own path rather then simply letting it happen. Together, we can collectively shape an outcome that we are in harmony with, rather than dissident with. Thus, if you’ve been holding a vision of the future earth, the energy is here to help you shape it.

Please participate.

Now is the time to act.

Now is the time to be what you are inside.

Now is the time for humanity to show its true colors.

If you feel this energetic change, please spread this message to everyone that you know that has been waiting for the power to truly express themselves. This is the energy that exposes who you truly are. It exposes what you truly do and how you think.

If you develop a technique that helps you stay centered, share it with someone.

If you discover a way to better control the flow or energy, share it!

If you experience something that makes you feel good that you can replicate, teach someone!

If you discover something magical, speak about it.

When you recognize the effect from the cause, talk about it with someone.

Pay close attention to your emotions and use them as guidance.

Pay close attention to other people’s emotional reaction to you and learn from it.

Most importantly, share these discoveries quickly. Practice using this energy as you would practice to learn to play a fine instrument.

Judgment energy is here, let’s make the best of it.


The idea for this posting came to me in my morning meditation. I found myself focusing on thoughts pertaining to encounters on social media and in the news. As I did, I found that the associated emotion came (surprisingly) faster than normal. Typically, my thoughts can be tamed and the emotion can be directed. This time, the thoughts seemed to want to take over. The associated emotion kept building to the point where I felt like fighting. When I scanned my body, it exhibited all the symptoms of preparing for the fight. It was at that point, that I realized that the transformational energy people have been waiting for has arrived!

This energy can be observed in humanity. People have moved from a state of fear into a state of anger. Knowledge and understanding are how we dealt with fear. To balance the destructive energy of anger, we will have to actively participate to counter it. We want to enter this next phase with loving kindness, caring, tenderness, acceptance of differences, gentle expressions and love. Whatever all those things mean to you, now is the time to do them.

Post writing of this article.

Opened my YouTube subscriptions to “Weird Energies Space Spiders Hitting Earth” video.

Staff Carrier Woman’s “NEW EARTH Update” video.

If you find another video to support these energies from today (around the 9th of May 2020) add it to the comments section below.




Energetic Manifestation Warning; Judgment is at Hand — 23 Comments

  1. EL, This is your best comment ever! Should be read by everyone as if it’s part of the original article.

  2. Dave… Thank you for sharing the video and providing a synopsis (since the video is 37 minutes long, which I did watch the “whole” thing~!)… \ Over all, the main message in the video is great… Changes: the word powerlessness to clueless, then realize when you feel clueless, the journey of discovery begins… We aren’t taught, all we need to know to navigate life and all it’s intricacies, plus the “rules” change “all” the time… Hence, the reason(s) we feel helpless when unknown crises appear! Gratefully, the internet provides tools to do the research ourselves (which ex-perts utilize “all” the time!)… The trick is, be specific in your search, to obtain the information you need! Be aware, you will be sent down rabbit holes to “no where”… See this as an opportunity to “fine tune” your search! You want success, you have to participate in it’s creation!\ Also concerning the video, there are some incongruences basically stating, “…we are giving our power away” and at the same time she states, “seek help”… Does anyone else see the gerbil wheel in this~!?\ Through experiences and introspection, I’ve learned that most of the chaos I’ve been through, happened because I depended on others to help me (which became more lessons~!), rather than listening to the Divine promptings within, residing in us all! When I’ve listened to this Divine inner prompting(s) (not allowing the false learned; ego, emotions, or mind to; make excuses, tell stories, wasting precious; attention, energy and time, distracting from focusing on and moving towards resolution), then I’ve been guided in the direction needed to succeed… Have I succeeded each time? No! Remember, there are no failures, only lessons… You brush yourself off, learn from the experience, then change your approach the next time to succeed… It took Edison thousands of tries, before the lightbulb was created… He learned from each experiment what doesn’t work (which is “as valuable” as what does work!) and continued until he accomplished his mission. \ It’s unfortunate there are those that want you to fail so they feel better about themselves (misery does love company!), or want to gain at your expense (the old belief paradigm, “in order for me to win, you have to lose”)… Better approach, what collaboration can we create, so everyone wins!?… Stand your ground, play in integrity! Be aware, other’s who want to win at your expense, will use a litany of tools to get you to submit… If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! Read up on “game theory”, learn the tactics they will use, call them out, or walk away… No one can gain at your expense without your permission… Let go of the false learned ego, the stories of what was done to you (when in fact many times you didn’t listen to the inner prompting(s) and instead went along to get along, or put your trust into someone who didn’t deserve it, because they had an agenda you didn’t know about! Thus becoming a victim! Learn and move on!)… Recompense “will” come to the duplicitous! Maybe not in the timeframe you want, but it will happen! Let go and let God/dess deal with them! As the video points out: “You are powerful”… Use it wisely, be integrity with what works for “all”, have compassion but don’t allow yourself to be a doormat! Open to receive… Blessings are waiting for an invitation to come into your life! Be… You are That! Namaste…

  3. This YouTube video was sent to me in response to this post. In my opinion, it is relevant and contributes significantly to what I’m seeing play out.
    It is from the Chris Oldham channel posted on the 20th of April. The Great Deceit. Are you an accomplice, or unwilling participant?
    Basically, ‘they’, over time, have created a control structure will all the checks and balances in it to keep us suppressed. The control structure prevents us from seeing our own divine creator abilities. ‘They’ have made us, as a collective, look weak and helpless. We have been trained to believe that we are incapable and that only ‘they’ have the answer to what we need. ‘They’ have made us feel that we have to ask permission from ‘them’ in order to be what we already are or get what we already have.
    Very important … If you do not take back you’re power but continue to give into fear, there will be consequences to pay. The reason is that you are no longer an innocent participant, but you knowingly continue to feed the control structures that limit mankind.
    Here are key ideas at different times in the video.
    1:48 …we’re going to the root of the evil control system we’ve been under for a long time…
    3:00 … almost infinite levels of control structures to keep us under control
    3:55 … prayer story …
    7:55 … the difference wasn’t the prayer, but the mindset of the person making the prayer…
    11:50 … How we impact the manifestation through our belief state…
    13:45 … other people’s beliefs help cement our collective reality…
    15:55 … created with the divine power to manifest…a divine race of creator Beings…
    19:00 … Space aliens and more fit in here…
    21:05 … we were creating what they wanted… This is the truth that will set you free …
    24:24 … this is fundamentally the reality and truth … do you want to be a mental puppet? … it’s time to say no…
    25:42 … Say no! Reclaim your sovereignty… take back your power… Don’t feed the control systems… don’t empower their reality.
    27:36 … that’s why they had to control us. We’ve had the power all along… they had to use us to create for them because they don’t have the ability
    30:08 … are you getting the picture now? … If you feel the fear, send it away. If you feed into the fear, you are complicit in that creation.

    Very important …
    32:05 … If you do not take back you’re power but continue to give into fear, there will be consequences to pay. The reason is that you are no longer an innocent participant, but you knowingly continue to feed the control structures that limit mankind.
    33:40 … If you need help getting out of fear, seek help.

  4. Hi Lara, The link to your blog is telling and wonderful all at the same time. Thank you for sharing.

  5. When you understand:
    The physical doesn’t exist without the spiritual, and the spiritual doesn’t exist without the physical… How “all” planes of existence (seen and unseen, known and unknown, multi and intra dimensional, parallels, time and no time, etc.) are interconnected, then you will start taking responsibility with every action you choose, whether it’s; physical, mental, spiritual, etc.!\ Numerous; religious, spiritual, physical and non-physical sciences, stipulate (in essence), “For every action there is an equal reaction”… When this truth penetrates the cognitive dissonance, then you will understand there is no disconnect between “all” planes of existence and everything in fact is interconnected!\ Every choice you make (physical/nonphysical) effects every other result that is attracted in your life! When you choose what is truly good for “all” (physical “and” spiritual, etc.), life (physical “and” spiritual, etc.) starts greeting and meeting you with unimaginable blessings! Do the right thing even when no one is watching, and see how life (both physical and spiritual!) greets you! Namaste…

  6. This Transformation is a spiritual one. All will be different when this is over, has nothing to do with masks, wealth, or responsibility for others. The world was meant to change and it has come. Look at yourself, your thoughts, action, love for yourself and others. WE are infinite and whether alive on this worldly planet or moving on to next chapter does not amount to a hill of beans. Love, Hugs to all.

  7. A recent quote discovered (paraphrasing)… “This is a time for all healers to release the burden of trying to heal those who refuse to heal themselves (or those who choose to abdicate any responsibility towards how their actions and choices affect others and themselves!). The timelines of trying to awaken others are expiring. It’s time to put our energy and efforts into situations and people that are now in alignment with our journey.”\ Added to this… If we have chosen to help others, helping them, to help themselves (it’s a “collaborative” process, not a one way street!)… We are now responsible to first ask, if they are willing to give up whatever aspects in and of their lives that created the problem in the first place, “prior” to accepting them as a client!… Abdication of responsibility by expecting others to do it “for” them, is OVER! Reason, we have a responsibility to protect those; in our care, around us and ourselves, out of harm’s way, especially from those who choose to ignore and/or be ignorant of what is truly “good for all”!\ If you choose “not” wear a mask, become sick and/or become a carrier of the virus (the “ever changing and morphing” COVID-19, if you’ve bothered to actually research this aspect beyond “Fox News”~!), if others catch it and possibly die, you will incur multiple lifetimes of hell for your duplicity (i.e. selfishness!)! Bottom line, you are not a victim for caring about others and yourself, by wearing a mask!\ The new world being created “right now”, requires acting and thinking about others as well as ourselves… This is a “We” planet, NOT a “Me” planet! A child thinks about “right now” and “me, me, me”, not considering the consequences of their actions and how it may affect others… Adults consider the consequences, “prior” to taking any actions, giving a damn about how their choices may effect others “and” themselves!\ Yes, we can have compassion and understanding towards those, “if they knew better, they would do better”… However, we have a responsibility to no longer put others and ourselves in harms way, for another’s duplicity! Those who care, wear a mask… Others who choose not to wear a mask, your actions “will” create consequences… DON”T come whining for help, when your selfishness creates the problem!…\ It’s time that those who do care, stop caring for those who don’t!… Sometimes the best way to care, is to allow others to suffer their consequences, then just maybe, it will inspire them to, “Be the change they want to see in the world”! Namaste…

  8. I feel like i might be in agreement with what you’re observing. I would give it a little more time and we should eventually see those that have figured it out (not wearing masks) and those that need help (wearing masks). In my opinion, you will know the truth by how it makes you feel. Does wearing a mask make you feel better? If not, it’s probably not the truth. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You’re welcome. I guess it is what it is. Keep your head together and share your experiences.

  10. I keep coming back to the question: Why are so many people being so unquestioningly compliant in this ridiculous mask wearing? There’s no hesitation, they act like it’s just a normal everyday thing to wear masks and without so much as the batting of an eye. What?! To me, it’s so very clear humanity is being mocked. We without a doubt need change, big change, but not in a mocking, deceiving, or monkey-see-monkey-do way. I don’t want any more Twilight Zone and it feels like there is much more on its way.

  11. Thank you! Makes sense to me! My meditation today was unusually powerful and so joyful! Blessings of Light and peace to you and Mahala!

  12. Very interesting article! I think this true from my own life experiences. Things thought about are manifesting quickly! I shall endeavor to focus on gratitude as much as possible. Thanks, Dave!

  13. Thank you Dave for your post!\ Something else to add that also came today… We are “all” in the midst of “transformation” (<trans-form-at-I-on) "now"! What numerous folks may feel is a prison by "staying in place", is actually an invitation and opportunity to shift from what was, to what "is", and will be (you get to choose the creation you want in your life!)… Choose your creation(s) to be good for "all"…\ As the earth heals, so do we!… Choose to see the gift in what is happening, rather than the destruction… The old has to die, for the new to arrive… In the midst of this chaos, we are learning to appreciate what we once took for granted… The rich can’t get richer without the people who help them become that way! Open to the birth that is happening both within and without with everyone’s awareness, all over the world…\ Your inner pilot light is on, it illuminates brightly, expanding outwardly blending with other lights, creating the new earth now! Allow love to show the way… We all are exceptionally blessed that the earth is healing and at the same time we are too (if she wanted, she could kill us all in an instant~!)… Yes, within the change is others departing (showing that this event doesn’t discriminate!)… Though we are sheltering in place, there is a commonality occurring that wouldn’t have happened without this event taking place… Bless this time, appreciate the good in your life and be grateful! You are the change that is happening in the world! Namaste…

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