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~The Meaning of the Moment~

Guest article by Mona

Hello Everyone!

Recently I have been doing more meditation to connect to the cause of all that is going on around us in these unprecedented times. I asked Spirit how to wisely feel the impact of how the Coronavirus is definitely affecting ALL of us. Whether we know anyone who is personally affected or not, the situation is real and at hand. So as time keeps marching on, many people are being affected in more ways than meets the eye. Questions coming up for many are:

  • Is the news telling the truth?
  • Are we all really going to get this?
  • Will there be a cure or an antidote?
  • Is my immune system strong enough to handle this just in case?
  • How long will this last?
  • What’s next?

That last question is a biggy. With the amount of cases increasing on a daily basis, we are all at a crossroads.

So here is my calm intuitive evaluation on “how” we can perceive the changes we are going through as a global humanity.

Staying in the moment is the most effective way to feel in charge of your life. The moment itself is not a problem, however the past, in the way of perceiving and living, can be. You see, in my world where I dig in and work everyday and reading energies, I see many at a crossroads. This was happening even before the virus came about. The virus is dictating how we are moving forward…or standing still. I see this pandemic as a way to slow down, to abide by the regulations to take care of others, but mostly for taking care of ourselves. Our world needs to change to become more efficient in how we live.

About 30 years ago I was a massage therapist/energy medicine runner working in my garage to accommodate 9 clients a day. One day I had a vision, or a divine image that just persisted to where I could not ignore it. It showed me about 30 years in the future where all corporations, such as colleges, banks, governments, medical institutions, etc. were crumbling. As with any intuitive hit, I felt the human race would have to come together as a family. Farmers, people having trade exchanges, “personal” connections, were all coming together after the fall. People helping people so to speak! The feeling of that image brought me to tears. It showed me how we were so reliant/dependent on these huge corporate companies rather than each other, and if we were going to make it through that time, it would be going back to simplicity and basic human kindness. I’m not saying all of this will happen exactly, however we are being impacted.

Here we are , 30 years later, and we are all being affected by something we never saw coming. Something big enough to collapse our whole society and economy in a matter of weeks. So is this a sign of the times? Most definitely! We are, as I see it, at the end of an era. Love is what kindness is, and ironically, even Dolly Parton put a video out about it saying she feels God is intervening in humanity because of learning to love each other, not fear this. As I mentioned in my last article, fear pandemics are as real as the virus, and the virus isn’t alive. Fear isn’t even an emotion! It’s a response that stresses the body to speed up your fight or flight response, therefore causing the immune system to use up unnecessary energy that depletes you, making your body more susceptible to illness. I’m not a doctor, but I am an energy reader who does healing work well. Stay grounded with common sense, pay attention but try to see the truth.. Fear doesn’t help us, it hurts us.

Stay in the moment. There is nothing more powerful than creating from there. Be kind to each other, and keep it simple. We are coming into the Age of Aquarius, and “love is the answer.”  Here’s to our REAL health, what makes us work together, and knowing we are not alone. All my love and energy for all!!



~The Meaning of the Moment~ — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Mona. I’ve noticed people lining up to where they feel most comfortable… blaming the media or government, or going inward, binge watching TV, or helping others, being angry or being fearful or being calm. And sometimes a mix. It is definitely impacting first chakra, survival issues and folks retreat to what brings comfort, for better or worse!

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