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Pluto. Saturn and Jupiter 735 year cycle

The last time Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct in Capricorn was 735 years ago, marking a time of huge structural change for human beings. In this time our relationship to nature became one of domination. The first banking system started along with the Silk Road allowing long distance trading of goods. Now in 2020 we are experiencing unprecedented break down of systems across the globe.

Barbara Hand Claw in her recent interview with Guru Jagat ‘An Interstellar Perspective’ relates research into flu pandemics and our use of electro magnetic technology as human beings. I encourage you to listen to this interview in its fullness which gives a fascinating perspective that really rings true. When the pandemic was announced the first thing I did intuitively was to buy electromagnetic balancers for all my devices.

Here is a brief outline which I hope will convince you to take these connections seriously.

1889 was when the first global power lines were installed followed by the first flu pandemic.

1918 was when the first Marconi Radio systems were installed globally and was followed by the Spanish flu pandemic.

1957 was when Radar went global followed by the Asian flu pandemic

1968 was when Satellite technology went global followed by the Hong Kong flu pandemic

1996 the cell towers and Wireless went global followed by the North American flu pandemic

October 2019. G5 is tested in Wuhan first and there is an outbreak of Corona Virus.

2020 it is switched on by Vodaphone in Lombardy Italy and there is a pandemic of Corona Virus.

What all these incidents have in common is human interference with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. If we consider our own electro magnetic field and its strength and vitality, we can see it is related to our immunity. Its is therefore entirely feasible that the Earth’s electromagnetic field is also her protection again disease.

In Britain I bought my electro magnetic balancers from a company called Omnia and hopefully they are available in many countries. In just a few days I have noticed a subtle difference having them on all my devices.

Yarrow flower essence is also very good for strengthening the aura and providing protection from electro magnetic pollution. FES along with other flower essence makers in various countries make it or you can make your own. I have a yarrow plant that somebody through engine oil over and it still survived….its a tough little plant! Its umbrella shape indicates its protective capacities.

I did my own research to confirm these dates and the information is freely available to confirm these pandemics and electromagnetic development online.

Here is the link to the interview with Barbara Hand Claw, who is the most influential astrologer for myself so it was great to hear her voice again.

An Interstellar Perspective: Guru Jagat x Barbara Hand Clow



Pluto. Saturn and Jupiter 735 year cycle — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Mahala thanks so much to you for all your sharing and support over the years. appreciate it my love

  2. Hi Elizabeth yes I am getting lots of star input to raise our frequency enough to protect us against 5g from the Pleiadians especially, the frequency of our hearts strengthens or weakens our own electromagnetic force and we can definitely help the Earth by not getting caught up in the fear but also transmuting our grief and other emotions when they come up. So delightful to hear from you. I purchased my emf harmonisers from a British company called Omnia for the reader who asked x

  3. Thank you Alison for this wonderful post. I first heard Dr. Klinghardt from Seattle in the USA talk about the coronavirus connection with 5G, and later a talk by Dr. Tom Cowan about these issues from too, from an anthroposophical perspective. I am so glad you mentioned Barbara Hand Clow though! Her info sounds even more comprehensive and she is always coming from such a high vibration. I remember seeing her give a talk and I’ve always thought she was so brilliant, but didn’t think of her during this time. I will check out the link.

    This makes me also think about some of my other favorite seers with whom I’ve not checked in since this all began…Brooke Medicine Eagle, Sandra Ingerman and others. I’d like to see what their sites say. And you of course— ever enlightening!

    Shungite is another powerful natural substance for EMF protection. I have a feeling we can’t stop 5 G, but our frequencies may be being transformed to transcend it. What do you think?

    Thanks again for the always great, Divine Feminine and useful perspectives! ❤️

  4. Hi. What type of electromagetic balancer did you buy? Shungite or an actual device?

    Thanks for this info.

    Peace, love and courage


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