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04.04.2020 The Blueprint Manifestation

4 is the Number of the building blocks of the Third Dimension, that which is strength of form. It is the shape of the square which has a solidity and stability about it. 4 is also a harmonious group number.

The energy flowing into Creation in this 04.04.2020 portal is channeled through the Pleiades and the Central Sun Alcyone. Our Sun is quite possibly the 8th Star of the Pleaides constellation as we are orbiting Alcyone in our solar system, and its essence is pure, divine love or Christ Consciousness.

The life of Jesus shows us what God looks like in manifestation; Jesus came to show us that God is infinitely generous and loving. God the Creator imagined and brought forth forms that can then create themselves – like humans and the Earth. So once set in motion we actually have a lot of power to decide the outcome of the future. The absolute best future we can have is by aligning ourselves with the Blueprint of Christ Consciousness.

We can get a clear idea of what Christ Consciousness is by looking at what Jesus actually did and didn’t do which will hopefully blow some myths out of the water which have masqueraded as truth for too long.

Four things Jesus did

• He taught through parables or stories, and allowed people to reach their own conclusions
• He spent most of his time healing people considered by mainstream society to be ‘dirty’ or unworthy. E.g. lepers, the bleeding woman, people possessed by demons
• He spent a lot of time-sharing food with his friends and the community
• He broke the religious rules of his day big style

Four things Jesus didn’t do:

• Exclude women from his circle of friends and ministry
• Think it was important to condemn homosexuals because he never did.
• Take on or support the Roman State
• Avoid being crucified when clearly he knew what was coming for some time before it happened

The Blueprint of Christ Consciousness existed from the beginning of time, and before Jesus came into manifested form. When he died he returned to the structure of the Universe, a Blueprint for the goodness and well being of humanity captured in the web of light. His greatest instruction was ‘To love God, to love ourselves and to love one another’. The central element that brings Christ Consciousness together with the Pleaides 5th Dimension is Love. It is a challenging time to be loving because most of us will have our survival issues triggered by loss of jobs and empty shelves in the shops. We can perhaps appreciate that this is how many people in the world have to live all the time. It’s an opportunity to see for ourselves how we will feel and behave under pressure which is a true measure of how loving we are. We also see a blossoming of compassion of human beings for one another across national boundaries which is extraordinary.

On the 3rd of April Venus will be visible at the center of the Pleaides. has said it will look like a Supernova so it’s going to be a spectacular event, the crown of the Pleaides coming to light. My last blog was about the emergence of Venus on the 28th March from the Underworld at the metaphoric ‘Crown Chakra’ and on the 29th March we had a Cosmic Restart with Venus beginning another 260-day cycle in Red Magnetic Dragon – very good energy for manifestation on the Earth plane.

On the 4th April there will be a huge global meditation so join when you can to add your Love to the fabric of the Universe and the web of light. We were always meant to be Creators and this is our time now to shine. Jupiter comes into an exact conjunction with Pluto opening the possibility of expansion for humanity as the old order breaks down, and Pallas Athena leads them with her enhanced, militaristic eye for strategy. We may see women stepping into position of power rebuilding the new world right now either individually or as groups.

Vesta and Hygeia are conjunct in Gemini and offer healing in the realm of communications – interesting as so much is now happening in zoom rooms and other forums while we physically aren’t meeting. Vesta is in a perfect Sextile to Chiron in Aries and this indicates opportunities for deep healing and stepping into our own sense of authority and sovereignty. Both Chiron in Aries and Vesta have sovereignty as a central theme. Exactly 30 degrees from each of them is Uranus in Taurus in the middle, making freedom another important theme. There is a lot of heavy-handed use of authority at the moment and we may well see people take a stand against this in some way. This tragedy is being used by some to undermine democratic and human rights which is very unfortunate, if not unsurprising.

Venus and Saturn are in an exact Air Trine at zero degrees Gemini and Aquarius. This wonderful display of Venus with the Pleiades therefore has a direct connection to the building of new forms ruled by Saturn and echoing the numerology of the 4. These could be biological forms for the new Human Genome and also structural forms of the economy and political forms. Stay safe and use this opportunity of Stillness to take the Blueprint into your very cells and DNA.

Love and Blessings
Alison Dhuanna

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