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~Learning Through Challenge~

Guest article by Mona..

Welcome to March my friends!

I need to start out by saying that many people have been asking me lately about the coronavirus. Their questions range from wanting to know if this is a real thing, or are they going to get this… to whether or not this is the end of the world?

Of course, as a Medical Intuitive, I must say that every illness has an energetic cause. This virus is no different.

In answers to some of the questions, I have noticed that there are definitely biblical prophecies being fulfilled. Lotus infestations in Africa, false prophets, plagues, earthquakes, floods and fires, etc. Of course, some of these have been happening for centuries, however it does seem that they are increasing.

With any change comes some challenge. However, changes of this magnitude are increased globally with emotions, panic and fear.

I have always said that it is important to keep calm when the body experiences any significant change, then it’s easier to listen to it.

We are all at a crossroads of perceptions and interpretations throughout this new time in history. I find it crucial to voice that we always have free will, which becomes choice. If we realize that the same amount of energy it takes to be ill in the body, is the same amount of energy of power we have to heal, it may put things in a different perspective. That said, realizing that everything is energy, including thoughts, can influence you to feel as a victim. Hopefully we know now that there is no such thing.

I am writing this on the 29th of February, leap year! Breaking down the number 29 in numerology, we get an 11. The number 11 is about mastery. Spirit speaks in many forms, and I can’t help but to recognize that we are in charge of our own choices, thoughts, how we see things, and how we act to react. Therefore, we can choose to panic or we can stay relaxed in the midst of the times we are currently experiencing. Keeping calm reminds the body that there is no reason to have your adrenals in an uproar, or you are at risk of igniting the “fight or flight” telling the body to use more adrenal when it is unnecessary. Our bodies function with a flow, and anxiety creates a blockage that stops that flow.

Staying balanced, taking care of yourself, drinking plenty of water, washing hands and eating healthy will keep the immune system strong, as it should be. Even more importantly, the way you see things and feel is even stronger. I see this challenge we are facing globally as an opportunity to become the one in charge, not a victim, and to remember that this is the time of mastery within. The energetic cause of a virus, such as even a cold, says the body needs to slow down to keep healthy.

Our minds can get stuck by the way we were taught, not about the power we create. If Nicola Tesla believed everything the world said, he would have never ventured to become the genius he became. Fear wasn’t in his vocabulary, as it doesn’t have to be in ours either.

Uniting through love and compassion will always raise our vibration!

Here is to the health of the mind, the heart, the body, and to each other!

Much Love! Mona~


~Learning Through Challenge~ — 3 Comments

  1. thank you Mona, much love & light to you & yours. this virus is a challenge to us individually. I believe the Creator is an awesome God, and as such he overcame death & evil so I have faith/love to follow in his example to love generously. blessings to you.

  2. I agree, it all comes down to what we create in our minds. If one has a victim mentality and feels a comforting familiarity with panic, worry, illness then one will get what’s called in. If one truly understands that we create our own reality, including health, one will be just fine. It all has state of mind as the creation point. I feel this entire ‘virus’ thing is a global false flag…

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