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Consciousness Out of Chaos

Guest article by Mona at Sacred Reconnections

A recent quote I heard by Deepak Chopra says: “Consciousness is the organizing principle that transforms chaos into cosmos.” I love that because it seems to mean the chaos in our life, or in our world, is not in vain. Chaos is like mixing the ingredients for a recipe before cooking up the finished product.

So here we are in a time of utter chaos, yet the outcome may surprise all of us in the long run! We are beings with creative insight, intuition, and the power to connect to Source so we can manifest.

Manifestation isn’t necessarily just for the soul, it’s also for the good of the whole. Our desires are about reaching out and asking for a finished product to deliver itself, yet, we all have that enlightened discovery already occurring or the desire would not present itself. Therefore, we are at a time of conscious awareness making the ingredients swirl and shift into a NEW discovery within ourselves.

Some people are feeling lost, feeling misplaced in a vast world of change. Fortunately, these changes are not meant to harm us, but to help us understand that we are truly powerful transmuters of energy.

I was recently on a radio show with Anthony Picco, a wonderful astrologer from New York, and a dear friend. We talked about many new ways to look at things instead of feeling fear or insecurity during these changing times.

Many disasters are occurring in California right now with all the fires happening. California is my original home state, and in my younger days I lived all over, from SoCal to NorCal. To see what is happening is almost apocalyptic. Therefore, when I asked Spirit what we could do, I normally got “don’t interfere with nature at all” as the response… however in this case, I felt a great desire to help by sending energy from my heart through seeing the state fire-free. It seems so simple, but instead of dreading the ultimate results, I feel I can do my part by seeing California in a new way of regeneration and purification.

I hold this dear to my heart, and knowing thought forms are what transmutes energy, we can all do this simple yet effective exercise together! (“when two or more are gathered” becomes a manifesting “prayer” that shows results… we don’t need to know how, just that it is done)

Gregg Braden wrote in his book, The Divine Matrix, that he went to a mountain in New Mexico with a Shaman and they talked about a recent drought. Gregg thought that a “rain dance” could bring the rain back, but the Shaman spoke up and said, “Actually, we already know rain is possible, therefore we see a puddle on the ground recognizing rain is here.” It was a very short time after that that rain came to the land.

My love for the month of November comes to all of you, knowing we are one being in consciousness, learning more about the power within. Let’s give thanks for this knowledge in a world thirsty for transition.

So be it! ~Mona

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