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Planet Alert October 2019

Have you noticed how fast time is moving? Today is already Thursday and it seems like just yesterday it was Monday. The higher the frequency the faster time moves until there is no time. Anyway, I was going to write this article at the beginning of October but life got in my way and here it is October 10 already. Yesterday I felt a large shift of energy. The energy was so strong it almost knocked me out. I think I felt the opening of the 10-10 doorway a day early. Today, I received an email that explains what I felt yesterday. Here is the link. The Event Draws Closer!

The full moon energy that occurs on October 13, 2019 at 2:08 PM PDT is already in effect. This moon ushers in the Jewish festival of Sukkot, which is a harvest festival. This is also the time period when many people all over the world are having harvest celebrations. I love the season of fall when the trees start turning all different colors. They are very beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest this year. We had our first frost of the year this morning and it is cold here in Seattle, although it started to warm up as soon as the sun came up.

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Did anyone notice that the war in Syria was activated again on October 9, 2019 on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur? This holiday is considered The Day of Judgment? Are we in the final judgment period? If so, we are at the end of the 20th chapter of Revelation. In my Bible it says that at the time of the end, the energy of the dark will rule for a short period of time. We have been in this dark time period for the past three years. Many people have been judging everything, including themselves. Our country has become divided because of the battle between the Republicans and the Democrats. United you stand, divided you fall. We have witnessed a process of mass corruption including financial scandals, sexual misconduct, and the mistreatment of immigrants and children that had to come out into the open so everyone could see how corrupt our world has become. People had to wake up so they can now start to change that energy to one of love.

The 20th chapter of Revelation talks about a leader who comes to power and then goes to visit Gog and Magog. My understanding is those two countries are North and South Korea. Didn’t that happen? Trump went to North Korea right after he came into power. He also became friends with the leader of North Korea.

Then the Bible says that people will march across the breadth of the land until they come to the Holy Land of (Jer  USA  lem). Didn’t that happen with all the people who walked across the land until they got to the US border and tried to come to our land? One of the main themes in the past three years has been the refugees coming to our country and the treatment of these people, especially the children. We also kept hearing of the desire of our leader to “Build a Wall”.

The Bible also says that during this three-year time period light would come down from heaven. That has definitely been happening. We have had massive waves of light hitting us in the past couple of years. This light continues to raise the frequency of Earth. All of this light has affected the bodies of many people and it has been very painful at times.

The last paragraph of the 20th chapter of Revelation talks all about the great judgment. It says that the book of life will be open and God will judge the people. Who is God? We are all part of the God force. God is within us and many of us have been doing much judging in the past three years. We need to stop judging before we can move into the New Heaven and the New Earth that the 21stand 22nd chapters of Revelation talk about. Judging is the same as to criticize ourselves or others. It is also complaining, arguing, anger and being very negative. Much judgment has been directed against our president Trump and other leaders. I think these negative thoughts have held us in bondage. Do you want to be free? Then stop judging and “Think With Your Heart”.

The Galactic Wars that started millions of years ago in the Orion Constellation are now over and the Light has won. Basically, we are free. There is no one holding us hostage now except for ourselves. The Star Wars Movies were based on fact, Hollywood style. The planet that the Dark Lord destroyed in the first Star Wars movie was actually the planet Neptune. That is when that planet became frozen, and it is still known as a large Ball of Ice. The popular movie called Frozen was the story of the destruction of Neptune and how it was frozen. The Movie Frozen 2 will be out shortly. I am excited to see what that movie will be like. The last Star Wars Movie will come out on December 20, 2019. I hope this movie portrays the end of the war between the light and the dark. Then people might get the idea that the galactic war is actually over.

I know the Galactic Wars are over although the war energy is still playing out on 3D Earth. It may take a few more months for that energy to burn itself out. I would like it to stop right now although it will take more than me to create the end of this Earth war. The Galactic wars were fought on the 4D level. It has been an unseen war for many people unless they could see into that energy level. I picture 4D Earth as a band around the Earth that some people have called the Astral level. That is what has been cleansed. Many psychic people were born with a 4D body because 4D is the psychic level. Those people have been able to see into that dimension. Everything that exists can be seen on that level which includes the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The people who “Think With Their Hearts” and manifest love have been experiencing 5D energy for a long time. It is my understanding that the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987 lifted us into 4D. That was the first-time people from all over the world got together to meditate and create ceremonies… The combined power of all those people on the same wave link lifted us into the 4D level although those people did not realize it would throw us into the Galactic War energy that was being played out on 4D. Now that this war is over it is time to move totally into 5D. Isn’t it amazing that we are at the end of a war cycle in our whole galaxy that lasted for millions of years?

Now what are the planets doing? The first thing they are doing is creating chaos all over the world. This full moon is focused on a cross in the heavens in the fast-moving signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The moon in Aries will be conjunct Eris, the Goddess of chaos, so hold onto your peace within. The sun will be opposing the moon adding fire to the conjunction of the moon and Eris. This will usher in the climax of the chaotic energy on Earth which may last until after the sun moves into Capricorn, which is at the Winter Solstice.

Mars is in Libra and will stay there until November 18 triggering off all the Capricorn energy. Capricorn rules governments and structures so watch what happens to governments all over the world. The south node is still over Washington, D. C. so that will probably be where the focus of this energy will occur. The south node is where things from the past come back to haunt you. Then Mercury adds to that energy by turning retrograde on Halloween.

We do live in interesting times. What a ride we have been on and it is not over yet so keep your seat belts buckled. I look forward to the line-up of planets in Capricorn on January 12, 2020 because I think it will move us into a whole new Era. This Christmas season might be interesting also because who knows what may happen. Maybe we will start to have contact with our space brothers and sisters. Wouldn’t that be fun? They are already here in mass. So Be It.

Written in love and light by                   Mahala Gayle


As far as my health goes, I think I am finally well, or almost well. The last couple of months my husband has been having some health challenges. Between the copay to doctors and having to have another crown on one of my teeth there has been many expenses. If any of you have any extra money that you do not know what to do with, I could use some donations. You can go to and look for        Thanks in advance!


Planet Alert October 2019 — 2 Comments

  1. Mahala….it is Nov. 6th. and no Planet Alert for Nov. from you….because of your recent health challenges, I can’t help but be concerned for you. Please let us all know how you are, at least! As Always….Much Love! Susan

  2. Have you been able to come across what the opening of the seventh seal means from your own understanding…I have sensed that it has opened and that it directly our sense of time….moving it out of the constraints into the eternal too…

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