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From Fear to FREEDOM

Guest article by Mona from Sacred Reconnections.


~From Fear to FREEDOM~

We are sure going through historic times! Our world is in total transformation on every level. I’d like to think this is not about how bad things are, or how good they are. Things are definitely BIG!

As our world is experiencing major shifting, we can feel that it’s like an emotional earthquake. Not only do I have clients calling asking what is going to happen, or how do they deal with their own internal changes, but people are wanting to know what is truly this upheaval of energies all about?

My answer is that we are changing, going through growing pains, learning about our own deep feelings and how they are effecting us individually. The term, “as within, so without” comes to mind. There are many internal fears coming up as these changes come about and trigger our nervous system. From childhood, we have all had survival fears on some level. Well these fears are being challenged, and as I see it, it’s time to confront the boogie man, or the monster under the bed. Fear is real to us and stops us from applying our true self to the alignment of the reason why we were born. Fear comes in all sizes and shapes, and it is emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. The fact remains that fear is a blocker of freedom. Subconsciously, we use it by thinking it’s a form of protection when we’re kids, which can create a life long pattern. We may find later in life that fear attracts more of that and we subconsciously wait for something else to trigger that, like waiting for the other shoe to drop.  As children, we weren’t conscious of creating fear, however we were more conscious than we give ourselves credit for. This is why many people don’t remember their childhood. The subconscious choice is to block that too.

The truth is that we protected ourselves when needed and then that taught us not to trust. It’s amazing how many people today have trust issues. However most of this is within, and the question comes up to how much we really trust in ourselves? Surrendering to this fear is necessary in order to regain internal trust. The benefits of this will be amazing! Keeping optimistic will help to find the internal solutions to be able to confront these fears. Remember that fear likes emotion to be rattled and our reactions can be intense when this is confronted. Internally, we are in a Star Wars movie! There is a Jedi force that is real and awaits your command. In order to learn the easier way instead of the hard way, our perceptions are the force in action, and our words are like lightsabers! Stay in the moment, be your own leader, and you will “not” survive… you will thrive and conquer.

Here’s to our changes and to the Force within guiding us every step of the way!!    All my love,  Mona~


From Fear to FREEDOM — 2 Comments

  1. If in fact “fear” is; “false evidence appearing real”, then confronting a phantom, is wasting precious; attention, energy and time, on something that doesn’t exist~! Fear on the basis of; “fact evidence apprised real” results, based on a course of actions (thus consequences!), then; attention, energy and time, is warranted, figuring out the intent that created the action, thus the result! We learn experiences either through; others, or self determination/ exploration… If someone states, a hot stove will burn… Some folks need to experience this phenomena, in order to understand what is being told to them… Once experienced, then other determinate(s) are made, concerning the next action leading to the next consequence (good/ bad/ indifferent, whatever!). \ “a Jedi force that is real and awaits your command.” Incorrect! “Be the force” or “May the Force Be with you” is what is stated! Commanding something from an ego based ideology, results in a gerbil wheel of redundant unpleasant consequences/ results! “Being the Force” means allowing an opening within, receiving what guidance is needed (prior to action!), resulting in pleasant; consequences, resolutions/ solutions, rather than harsh redundant ones! Learn the difference between an outer learned false ego; action, deed and thought, then release all of this… Open to an intuited Being from within course, will effectuate fulfilling and meaningful results! Release ego, then “Be the Force” you’ve always been and will forever Be! Namaste…

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