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Dave’s Book and The Astrology Reel Website

Guest notification by Dave.

I’m excited to announce 2 things!

The first is the children’s book that I illustrated is now on Amazon for sale! It was a labor of love and the manuscript was blessed by a priest of the Sai Baba temple in Shirdi India! Sai Baba vowed to be there for those that lovingly thought of him. This book brings out that spirit and a link to the book can be found on the sidebar of this website. Or search for “A Loving Saint Sai Baba” on Amazon.

Second, I’ve created a new website called The Astrology Reel. It is free to register so that the website can deliver personalized astrology video content to you – from a collection of participating astrologers. The basic idea is there is a lot of astrology video content on YouTube that would require many hours to process in order to find your few minutes of content. Well, the website removes that work by simply presenting the section of the content that is pertinent to you.

In this video, I go into the concept in greater detail.

Happy Birthday Mom!



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