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The Body Awakens by Mona Delfino

It is exciting to watch Mona go through the prelaunch phase for her next book – The Body Awakens – which will be available on the 9th of this month! The day before she made the video (that’s linked below,) she shared her manuscript with both Mahala and me (Dave). Can’t wait to read through it.

As you can see, I’ve linked in the cover graphic and the promotional video.

I’m sure Mona will cover more about this on her website:

I’m excited for her and excited to share this with you.



The Body Awakens by Mona Delfino — 1 Comment

  1. Dave, thank you SO much for promoting this wonderful book, which in some ways, was channeled with information that Spirit wanted everyone to know! My appreciation goes out to you and our dear Mahala (who I have a strong sisterhood with!) May I also suggest if anyone wants a directional shift, or more clarity in your life, Dave does the BEST tarot readings I have ever experienced! His advice was priceless for me. Much love to all of us!!! Mona~

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