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What’s on the Horizon for January 2020?

Hi Everyone, Mahala mentioned that I should put a link to my latest musings with regards to what is coming our way for the next few months and culminating in January 2020. So, here is the link: What’s on the horizon for January 2020?

For those of you that want the synopsis, remember back to the period of time where we all got to witness the circus of emotions during the Brett Kavanaugh supreme court nomination hearing? Well, it looks like we might be having a replay of this type of energy. The key difference that I’m seeing is that the energy is asteroid based which will bring up moral, ethical and intimacy issues that involve female energy and concerns.

Also, the issue with the energy was that its pitted person against person based on emotion rather than fact and it was orchestrated to create a divide between people at the family level.

As we move towards this major conjunction, keep in mind that the opposite sign is Cancer. You’re going to have to consciously produce Cancerian traits to balance that energy. The number one trait that stands out is nurturing. Treat those that you interact with compassion and do what you can to setup an environment which everyone can feel safe within. The crab walks sideways and is always aware of what’s in front if it. Be tactful as you approach conversations and know that they are going to be emotional. Feel free to skirt the issue, or don’t give it energy. Because Cancerians can so easily build walls, build walls that protect rather then lock out. Protect what you know is sensitive because the Capricorn energy is going to want to hit hard.

The world is what you make of it, be happy and share your laughter.



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