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Full Moon Equinox

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna

This full moon on the 21st March is very special for a number of reasons. It falls at the same time as the Equinox, where the Sun begins its new zodiac cycle in the raw fire energy of Aries. This has not happened since 2000 and the next time will be 2030. Even more awesome is that a Galactic Activation Portal opens for 10 days following this. As we approach you may be feeling a palpable energy of what is evolving trying to find equilibrium within you.

The New Moon of the cycle is like a seed, it shows us the essence of that moon cycle. The last new moon was in Pisces and conjunct Vesta the Keeper of the Sacred Flame and Neptune who is the great ‘Dissolver’ of the heavens. Neptune brings out our sense of beauty and refinement, distills and cleans that which is corrupt. Neptune helps us to feel we are part of One Body, interconnected web of life rather than separate entities trying to fight for our own survival.

The recovery of the voice and embodiment of the feminine Keeper of the Flame, is central to the cleaning of the corruption of the world that we as this generation are called upon to carry out. Two historical figures have been expressing this stream of consciousness to me. Firstly Mary Magdalene, but also Rabia, a female saint and poet from the Sufi tradition born 717c who arrived in my life the same day as the Mosque shooting in the New Zealand.

It is interesting that both these women were actual historic figures, not archetypes. Mary Magdalene was demonized as a prostitute although there is absolutely no evidence this was the case. Rabia was sold into slavery as a child and because of her great beauty was forced to work in a brothel.

You will recall that Mary with the help of Christ cast 7 demons from herself and Rabia, who against all odds, it seems did the same. According to Cynthia Bourgeault in her Book the Meaning of Mary Magdalene, the translation of the Gospels of Mary gave the demons as such: darkness, craving, ignorance (judgement of others), craving for death, enslavement to the physical body, false peace of the flesh and the compulsion of rage. Thankfully we have in our world a myriad of ways we might heal ourselves of these issues, which are outwardly reflected in the pollution of the Earth and in our religions and politicians. It is the corrupt collective mind that is creating the problem over and over again, until we do something different. I’m a great believer is making small changes to begin with, otherwise we just become overwhelmed. Each one of us can be a butterfly flapping its wings.

Love is what creates strength and purity in the web of life. Love can be a feeling or a sentiment, but what I am referring to is love as a choice and a level of pure single-heartedness. The choice to be patient and kind to ourselves and others, the choice to forgive, the choice to keep loving even when we do not get anything back, to find love for those who we find utterly appalling.  All of this takes perseverance, honesty and a sense of humor. This kind of love is gritty and takes great courage to keep hold of.

The fruition of this cycle then comes at the Full Moon Equinox, which falls at 0 degrees Aries/Libra indicating a powerful new beginning in cosmic time. The Sun is in conjunction with Chiron the Wounded Healer so there is the possibility of deep healing at this time. When we are able to face our wounds and corruption without flinching and with humility, the gifts hidden within them may be liberated. Can we start making ourselves smaller, rather than bigger?

The Holy Grail bearers Hygeia and Astraea, lie on the IC in Aries and are pointing to family healing and the awakening of Grail codes within ancestral time lines. Our bodies truly are the new temples, awakening our radiant hearts as the corrupt files in our DNA are brought into equilibrium. Pallas Athena lies directly opposite on the MC in Libra, and in this sign, she is the par excellence of balancing the scales, seeing the whole picture. In doing so, harmony becomes possible. Everything we give must go somewhere, and everything we take must come from somewhere. This is why reciprocity is so important in every relationship we have.

The impending Saturn Pluto conjunction is squaring the Goddesses and also conjunct the south node. These planets are clearing away all the corruption of our systems. This is an incredible opportunity for healing issues from the past, the really deep-rooted stuff that goes back generations. Remember this combination triggered the First World war, and how much has humanity gone through since then? When we don’t heal these things, they have a way of getting us over and over again in their subtle guises. We are talking about the big stuff here, and the collective stuff so patience is absolutely key to navigating it.

Mars is in a sextile to the nodes in Taurus and is an active force that adds dynamic movement to the energies. Mars in Taurus may increase seismic activity in the earth as she rebalances. Mars gives us the energy we need to persevere in digging down into those roots until we have loosed and explored them, shaken off the soil and clay and finally pulled it free. It’s good to remember as well that this is really a collective clearing, so while we can all do our own part working with others will make it much easier.

Uranus has now entered Taurus and it feels that this will herald a period of revolution for our Earth. I would like to leave you with two poems. First a beautiful one from Rabia, so needed in our world at this time. Secondly then a poem from the 16th Century Poet and mystic St John of the Cross which is utterly prophetic for these times.

In My Soul by Rabia


My soul

There is a temple, a shrine, a mosque, a church

Where I kneel

Prayer should bring us to an altar where no walls or names exist.

Is there not a region of love where the sovereignty is

Illumined nothing,

Where ecstasy gets poured into itself

And becomes


Where the wing is fully alive

But has no mind or


In my soul is a temple, a shrine, a mosque

A church

That dissolve, that

dissolve in


Beloved by St John of the Cross


God held the earth

As if it were His lover

And spoke with the most tender of feelings

To all in existence as He spoke

To me,

“Look, dear son, I have made a bride for you,

But she is shy, so how are you

To consummate?

I want all souls to consummate with me,

So I devised a plan:

As each soul nears heaven differences will dissolve to

Such a sublime extent that when the heart looks upon

Any object in the world it

Will cry ‘Beloved’

And passionately run into

An embrace with


That blessed grace I now know,

I now see my Beloved



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The Meaning of Mary Magdalene: Discovering the woman at the heart of Christianity by Cynthia Bourgeault

Love Poems from God: Twelve Voices from the East and West translated by Daniel Ladinsky


Full Moon Equinox — 3 Comments

  1. I sincerely pray that the abuse that has been heaped upon women since the beginning of the patriarchy will soon cease all over the world. It is very difficult to live your life when constantly forced to subjugate to the male ego. I hope yhat love will conquer all.

  2. This Guest article by Alison Dhuanna is, for me, a great study guide. I agree with Kathy.

  3. Very beautiful and eloquent, thank you. And I appreciate the 2 poems at the end, too.

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