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Happy Equinox – Flowers, Waves and Poem

Spring is here along with very high frequency waves of light.

Schumann information from Jelelle Awen on Facebook.

Schumann Resonance last 24 hours

Poem by Brian Roberts @ LifeseedCodes.


I find a kindness in stillness right now.

Movement will return only later.

A peace which engages me installs a

Great silence it seems.

The sounds that abounds

As planets and suns circle

Their way

Through the dance of the


Will certainly return

Singing and Spiraling

In rest I am blessed

The giant self circles above

And mirrors the light

Of our ancient beginnings

A return to source

The new light grids are in place almost

I breathe the air of expected wonder.

New bodies of light emerge

New codes and keys

And the dance of eternities




Happy Equinox – Flowers, Waves and Poem — 4 Comments

  1. the you must hit back arrow …. link above immediately goes to photo only.

    copy and paste here….

    Jelelle Awen
    March 17 at 11:24 AM ·
    Energy update: What a Schumann/heartbeat of Gaia spike wave THAT was! It lasted about 24 hours and peaked at 150 HZ and is finally tapering off the last few hours….I’m not sure, but I think that is the highest spike recorded (average used to be 7.83 HZ)! Interestingly, the last time we had a prolonged wave like this it was one month ago on February 17th! That was also right before a Supermoon.
    Someone asked me if this rise in Gaia frequency was a good thing for us. Well, if you think about how good it feels to listen to higher frequency music and be in the ‘room’ with it….it is similar with this. The music of Gaia is rising and we get to be in the room with Her as it does.
    This raises our consciousness. It also seems to help with thinning the sometimes thick veils of amnesia that can remain around processing traumas from 3D experiences this life….and from remembering other timelines/lifetimes. And from connecting to your galactic consciousness/star seed DNA/star family.
    All these veils have been necessary. Until they aren’t anymore and then they become more and more permeable and porous. This is so that you can transmute the remaining traumas with lots of love. So that you can reconnect to your star family and heal the abandonment or undigested terror/fear from visitations (that felt like abductions). So that you are can heal quantum karmic binds and ties and patterns that your Metasoul is now ready to move beyond.
    Gaia is our mother, so She is helping to birth the new world consciousness. Raising Her frequency in bursts like this is one of the ways that She helps us….and Herself actually. There is also star BEing help with this in the Inner Earth cities.
    Grounding IN with Her can help to navigate these higher frequencies as your body adjusts to them. Interrupted sleep cycles, head/neck/shoulder pains can all be signs of adjustment and calibration. Salt baths, dips in fresh water, toes in the sand or soil, hugging trees….connecting to your root system chakra that is connected in pipeline style to Hers can all help with this.
    Here is a guided meditation to activate your ascension chakras, which includes the Gaia root system one:
    Also, here is a meditation to connect with your veil of amnesia and help to lift it more:
    MUCH love to you as we raise our frequencies in tune to Gaia,
    Jelelle Awen
    1:1 healing sessions to connect with your veil of amnesia and the parts of you that are holding it/protecting it are available with me and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators. More info here:

  2. WHY not put something of how these lights, planet alerts, etc. and their effects of me personally, I don’t understand the planet stuff BECAUSE I don’t see HOW they affect me personally, physically, emotionally or mentally; me, as a living being on this planet NOW.

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