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Planet Alert March 2019

I write this article with love and joy in my heart on this beautiful day in Seattle. It feels like spring is in the air.  In this article I will be talking about the new moon which will be on March 6, at 8:04 AM PST. Mercury turns retrograde on March 5 and this means that things from the past that have not been settled will come back into your life. Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Pisces and will stay retrograde for almost the whole month. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and that usually brings up emotional feelings from the past that you thought you had released and there it is in your face again. Mercury turns retrograde on 29 degrees Pisces, and this degree means that you may have the power to turn troubles into triumph. It also gives the ability to bring your visions down to Earth.

Pisces rules the feet. Are any of you having challenges with your feet?  This may be the time to get over that challenge. Our emotions cause physical ailments in our body. The emotional meaning of your feet is your lack of understanding the issues that are hidden within you. These issues are about learning to know yourself and letting go of all your fears. You are beautiful and wonderful just the way you are so just accept who you are.  Once you have accepted yourself you will be able to totally love yourself.

Another aspect from this new moon is that Uranus moves into Taurus. Uranus has been in the sign of Aries for the past seven plus years. Aries is ruled by Mars (violence) and Aries also rules the head, which includes the brain and the eyes. Have any of you had challenges with your head, brain, or your eyes? I sure have had trouble with my eyes. Every time a hole opens on the sun and the solar wind starts flowing our way my eyes become blurred. This has been happening to me for several years. I will be glad to have that challenge gone.

Taurus rules the neck and the throat. Some people have been having trouble with their throat and a cough for a long time now. I think that the energy of Uranus started affecting people last May when Uranus first went into Taurus, and is still affecting them. This Mercury retrograde phase might help these people finally get rid of that cough or sore throat if they focus on releasing the transformation energy connected to their throat.

The throat is a bridge connecting our brain with our heart. We have been in a cycle of opening our hearts for a long time and many people have been having heart palpitations. I believe the palpitations are connected to opening your heart to the energy of love. This has been a hard thing to do for many people because they have been so used to thinking with their head brain. Now is the time to focus on your heart and start to “Think with your heart”. Your heart is the most powerful organ in your body which means your heart brain is very powerful. We now need our head brain- heart brain- and solar plexus brain to all work together in harmony.

Now that Uranus is back in Taurus to stay for a few years it might be easier to access our heart energy because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Venus rules the heart and our heart chakra is a beautiful shade of emerald green and the center of our heart is a beautiful bright pink. I have noticed that the Northern Lights have been showing up in a beautiful shade of emerald green. There has also been a lot of bright pink (magenta) light in the skies along with other colors. The sky has become very beautiful in many places around the world. Venus is also considered the Goddess planet so this is the time for Goddess (love) energy to manifest in all its glory.

This new moon is so powerful that I was amazed when I looked at the chart. The sun and moon are both on 15 plus degrees Pisces. Neptune and Vesta, the fire goddess of great power, are on 16 degrees Pisces. The number 16 is the tarot card of “The Tower struck with lightning.” Shortly after the new moon there will be four planets on 16 degrees Pisces. This means we will start experiencing “The fall of all structures or control that we do not need to manifest any longer”. We are now starting to move into a time of freedom.

Here in the United States we have been going through a real battle between the light and the dark energy. In fact the whole world has been going through this challenge. The world has been under the control of the Elites for thousands of years. It is now time for freedom. Uranus rules freedom and change, and this energy will bring us freedom. Before we can reach this freedom we need to release our old ways of doing things. It is up to all of us to release our old ways and open to a new way of creating.

The meaning of 16 degree Pisces concerns business and finance. Neptune dissolves things and Vesta gives Neptune the power to dissolve different businesses right now. I just heard that the department store called JC Penny is closing all of their stores. This is astrology in action. The south node is conjunct Pluto, the transformer. We will see much transformation in this month of March. The south node brings up things from the past and so does Mercury retrograde. This means we will be watching events that occurred in the past coming to light for everyone to see. There will be lots of interesting things to watch on TV concerning the world scene for those who watch the news on TV.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus is on 5 degrees Aquarius and that degree means “A council of Ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young leader. The root foundation of past performances will cause the power of the Ancestors to help sustain decisions that are made in a crisis”. The United States is definitely in a crisis situation right now. We will soon see how this crisis changes our world.

Uranus is on zero degree Taurus in this chart. This degree denotes the beginning of a new order which will be one of peace and harmony. We are at the end of one age and at the beginning of a new one. I think this is very exciting. The upcoming Spring Equinox and full moon also have a very interesting chart. Both of those events happen on the same day. The astrological New Year starts on the Spring Equinox. Happy New Year!

I think it is time for Divine intervention to change this world to one of light and love. Many years ago I was told there would be a time when a great light would manifest in our heavens and this great light would be here for ten days.  I think that time has arrived because we are experiencing the end of the book of Revelation.

Many people have been talking about the great solar flash that will occur on the day of the Spring Equinox and will continue until the end of March. The war between the light and the dark will then be over and we will start living on a higher frequency Earth. When this solar event happens we will be transformed by the energy to a higher frequency Earth. Here is a link to one of the videos that is talking about the Solar Flash and describes how it will happen. Solar Flash and Message from Ascended Masters. If you are interested in seeing other videos on the Solar Flash there are many on the Internet. Just type into your search engine the words Solar Flash videos and many will come up.

Please stay in the energy of love as we go through these changes because Love is all there is.  So Be It.

Written in love and light     *****  Mahala Gayle *****   I can be reached at

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  1. wow oh wow wow wow….awesome things happening for sure….brand new day…of great Epiphany for me this fabulous day First day of the rest of my Life…….Thank you thank you for your messages…

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