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Energies of the Full Moon

Guest article by Dave @

With the idea of looking a couple weeks ahead, this report is going to look at the mundane energies that start at the full moon in order to get a sneak peek at what’s coming our way on March 6th. Keep in mind that on the 6th, Uranus transitions into Taurus at the point where the Sun Neptune and Vesta align. Mercury slips into retrograde and Lilith will have transited the Saturn Pluto conjunction.

Yet, on the full moon, the planets setup a sequence of aspects that pretty much play out all the way to the new moon on March 6th.

Here is my take on the overall energies.


So, what does this all mean?

When I look at the aspects that are playing out over the next few weeks, I see a period of time where mistakes will be uncovered and the people will be given an opportunity to learn from them. There is an undertone of energy that suggests that the people have neglected their responsibilities and now we are going to have to face that which has been hidden and suppressed for it will be brought out in the open.

The energies seem to highlight cultural affairs or social activities which have not been handled in a level-headed way.

This period of time will be marked by episodes of strife and discord or even moments of lawlessness. There is a potential for political, economic or social upheaval or for situations to escalate quickly and without control. Look for eastern US and Venezuela to be in the news in emotional ways.

This is also a period of time where the imagination can really take off. We shouldn’t be surprised if there is a movie or show that comes out that captures everyone’s attention. It is hinted at as being imaginative in very dark ways. Think psychic, astral plane type of stories or activities that are otherworldly. Something that feeds on dark energy.

Look for the headlines that come out somewhere around the 13th to show or hint at that’s really going to play out for the next couple weeks. Keywords to look for will include family issues, self-abuse and intimacy issues.

When it comes to the political aspects there are energies that point to activities in the high courts, legal proceedings and judges. The energy suggests that the people involved will be politicians, advisers and heads of state but not the actual leaders. It’s as if they are the second level that represents the high society players that are always just out of sight. The energies that play through here deal with loyalty, unfairness and overall loss of power.

One thing to keep your eye on is the story that is playing out regarding the supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The energy is ripe to crack open discovery here which would have an emotional impact on both the left and right political parties.

Moving on to politics in the UK, the energy of the Mercury Neptune Vesta conjunction hints that something is brewing here that will become more of the center story come mid to late March. The Sun joins the conjunction showing that it will be directly related to the ruling leadership. Keep in mind here that words like betrayal, inequality and loss of power play out here too.

The long-lasting Uranus Eris conjunction is breaking down. This is going to bring up a sense of optimism for the political right will see progress being made in a practical, methodical way.

We want to take note of southern California and Utah. The energies suggest that there are relationship issues that will come out into the open so they can be re-evaluated and processed by the masses. It’s like there are relationships on the chopping block and impurities in the situation that must be addressed. For things to grow, the impurities need to be stripped out. If we get to witness the activities, it will most likely come across as being unpleasant. Suffering and injustice come into play. The idea is spiritual growth through pain.

All this seems rather exciting, but humanity is getting numb to all the activities that are unfolding all around the world. All this activity will be unfolding during a waning phase of the moon which hints that it will not be watched like a super bowl, but rather seen as a sideshow.

The good news is that issues will be coming up so that they can be addressed. Let’s thank Chiron for that.

If you would like to see how I came to this conclusion, you are welcome to continue reading the full report on my website.

May your spirit be as pure as the lily.



Energies of the Full Moon — 2 Comments

  1. This is so interesting. I never read astrological articles for political concerns till now. But it is really interesting to consider political decisions regarding the stars.

  2. thank you Dave, it is so enlightening for me in relation to what is going on out there, esp. in our government; some disappointment in our leadership and what we as grassroots level are all in this together in a way that I have to use more discernment, use caution and due diligence when addressing issues concerning our children, planet and society.

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