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Planet Alert October 2018

Yesterday was a historic day that will go down in history. The Republicans now control the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court of the United States. They now have total control of the power and can use it for their own benefit.  We are now living under a dictatorship and it appears like the dark has won although the battle will not be over until after the upcoming election on November 6, 2018. We can take back our power by voting for the people who have the desire for freedom and do not want to be controlled or live under a dictatorship.

I looked up the Astrology birth charts of both the Republican and Democratic parties. I found out that the Republicans are ruled by Mars, which has been considered the God of War. No wonder the Republicans have caused so many wars in the past. Mars is considered a red planet and in the past was very violent. Look at what George Bush did. He created a war that killed thousands or maybe even millions of innocent men, woman and children in the Iraq war. There was no reason for that war. Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction and they had nothing to do with 9-11. There was no need to kill all those people and George Bush got away with what I call a War Crime.  Look at the karma he will have to deal with over time and the United States still has karma for creating that war. It looks to me like people still want that war energy to be in control because they voted for the Republicans and the red planet Mars.

The total eclipse that was over the United States on August 21, 2017 was on 29 degrees Leo. This activated Mars energy in the Republican chart. It also activated Mars energy in Trump’s chart because his Mars is on 26 degrees Leo and his rising sign is 29 Leo which means he brings in the energy of control, chaos, money, power, and arguments to the White House. Whoever he does not like he fires, just like in his TV show The Apprentice. His Leo energy makes him feel all powerful like he can do anything he wants to do.  The Republican Party is all about money, power, big business, control and violence. Look at the huge tax cut he gave the rich people. This energy will change soon and he will start feeling much opposition against him as soon as Saturn starts opposing his Mercury on 8 degrees Cancer which will occur before the end of this year. It is possible that aspect can put an end to his job as president

The rights of women have now been taken away and if Trump stays in power women will have no control over their life and their bodies. Is this the kind of energy you would like to live under? In the last few years women have come out in the open to express their power. Now they are starting to feel like they have no power and are very angry. Do you want to feel powerless? We can be heard if we go out and vote in mass to change the result of this power and control energy. I realize that Trump was meant to be president because all of the darkness had to come out into the open to have the light shine on it for the benefit of humanity. I also realize he would have to play the part of a Dark Lord to have all this corruption come out into the open.

Jupiter moved into Scorpio a year ago. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the God of the Underworld. I like to look at Pluto as the transformer, which is what Pluto has been doing, but the original meaning was the God of the Underworld.  This is why so much corruption has come out into the open and a lot of it has been around the misuse of sexual energy towards women. Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on November 7, the day after the election. Sagittarius rules justice.

On Election Day we will find Jupiter on 29 degrees Scorpio. This is the most powerful degree of the whole zodiac. I know that from my own personal experience. I went to the dentist with that aspect in affect and almost ended up dead because the dentist gave me a double dose of Epinephrine. I started to leave my body with a heart attack. If the dentist had not given me oxygen right away I would not be here today. It took me two years to recover from what that event did to my body. When Jupiter is on 29 degrees Scorpio it will be in exact opposition to Alcyone, our central sun. This is like the dark against the light. Who will win? Alcyone is on 29 degrees Taurus which is ruled by Venus, the Goddess.

It takes 26,000 years for our solar system to go around Alcyone in the Pleiades. The Earth is part of the Pleiades system which is called The Seven Sisters. The Pleiades star ships are now here in full force. Apparently, they are waiting to see what happens and if we need help these benevolent space Beings will help us. Who knows what may happen because we are in the end times and a new beginning.

There was a war on the Astral level for many years and on March 20, 2016 the war on the astral was over. I know that from personal experience and the really dark beings from that level were thrown down to earth and have attacked and gone after many people. Their time is short although in the mean time they are causing chaos and violence anywhere they can create that energy.  It is very important that you enclose yourself and your family in a bubble of White Christ Light that is very thick so no one can break into it. The White Christ light is the energy of the Goddess.

Now back to the original chart of the Democrats. This party is ruled by Neptune, which is the higher Goddess energy for our solar system.  Venus is the Goddess of Earth. Neptune is a gentle planet and is blue in color.  The Democratic Party likes to help people and they created health care for everyone. Raising four children without any health care because we could not afford it was a challenge.  I was so happy when the Democrats provided health care for everyone whether you had money or not. I think food, shelter, and health care should be available to everyone.

When I hear people say Obama did not accomplish anything in his term as president I wonder what they are talking about. People had been trying to get health care for everyone for a long time because it was needed. Obama became president in 2008 after George Bush had crashed the economy. Obama put the economy back together within two years.  I was proud to call him our president. He presented himself in a dignified and gentle way. He was all for women’s rights. I thought he was one of the best presidents we have ever had. I would like to see that gentle energy back on this planet.

In my last article I said “The fire goddess Vesta will be conjunct Saturn, which is on 2 degrees Capricorn in the Fall Equinox chart. This will give a lot of power to that degree. The meaning of that degree refers to the disruptive consequences of negativity. The leaders who claim power over the people to lead them must reckon with the consequences of their too-impulsive use of power. Saturn is/was the karmic planet and whoever uses their power in a negative way will be called on to pay their debt. This energy is occurring now with the leaders of the USA.”  This energy will be in effect until the Winter Equinox. Leaders of our country pay attention or you may start experiencing your karma big time.

I would also like to address all the conspiracy theories that are out there. I have a question for those who are caught in that energy. Do you feel any love from those groups? Isn’t everything they talk about negative?  Do you want to spread that negative energy? Wouldn’t it be better to join a group who express love?

I have given you my opinion and hope it does not offend you because I do not like negative thoughts sent my way. I do not like the idea of being controlled. I believe in Freedom and Justice for all. I do not like seeing my country going down and turning into a dictatorship. I choose to live in a reality of love and peace.

Please surround this upcoming election with the White Christ Light for the highest and best good for everyone. Also surround all of the computers connected with this election so they will not be hacked again.  Please VOTE. We need to do our part. Let’s get out of this dark illusion and walk into the light.  It is time!  I will get off my soap box now and wish you a happy holiday and New Moon day which is today October 8, 2018.

I send love and light to all of you.

*****  Mahala Gayle  *****


Planet Alert October 2018 — 41 Comments

  1. Loved this, Mahala!

    Thank Goddess the House is in safe hands.

    Soon, hopefully, our latest “long, national nightmare” will be over.

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  4. Hi Linda, I love the way you put this. You are correct, Mahala generally doesn’t talk politics in her articles. I’m sure this is because it’s not uplifting energy. Dave

  5. Hi Star Traveler,
    I asked Mahala the same question and you have the days correct. The time of day is going to determine the rising sign and house layout – Republican time is 2pm, the democratic time is 10am. FULL: Democratic details January 8th, 1828 @ 10 am Washington DC. Republican details March 20th, 1854 @ 2 pm New York, New York. Dave

  6. Hi Joyce, Thanks for commenting. As I say to Mahala – it’s all a show until people start going to jail. Best we focus our energy on uniting the spiritual community so that a hug carries more energy than any political protest. 🙂 Dave

  7. Hi Annika, Well said. For those who look, the Technology that we use today clearly shows that we are all connected. This connectivity is power for it focuses human consciousness towards some type of manifestation. For anyone observing the energies that are around us all right now, they will notice the power of unifying millions of people. This is the type of unification what we need in the spiritual community! We need this same level of passion from millions of light workers so that all of humanity will be able to feel the energy just as strongly as we’re all feeling the political divide. Dave

  8. Hi Rebecca, Well said. Thank you for sharing. I would add that when you find yourself passionately involved in anything, it’s your energy that is driving the passion and the manifestation of that life experience. Thus, it’s really important to make sure that you’re channeling your energy towards what you want rather than what someone else wants. Dave

  9. Hi Sandra, Thank you and very good point. The ideologies of both major parties have flipped in the past in order to suit the agendas of the time. Thus, to me, it’s worth following enough so that your energy is not taken from you without your consent. We all have light to share, let’s channel it towards what is meaningful on a soul level. Dave

  10. Hi Dawn, Thank you for the comment. Whether you love or hate the current political situation, the elements of transformation are at hand. Many of the things Mahala has been blogging about for years seems to be unfolding. I agree, be strong. The more people that stay centered and in-sync with their heart energy, the more they will shine as beacons of truth. Dave

  11. Hi Jan, Thank you for commenting and thank you for understanding. Everyone has both human and spiritual aspects and as the old saying goes, some days are better then others… I’ll make sure Mahala gets your comment (and all the others here). Dave

  12. Hi Flo B, Thank you for sharing. Very well said. Oh, I love the fact that you have ‘inside’ connections that can help guide you to your understanding. Dave

  13. Hi Pat, I love reading about personal connections to historical events. It always gives a ‘real’ perspective to things. Ultimately, the more we are able to communicate, the better everyone will understand both perspectives. I’d also love to run astrology charts on topics that you know are rooted in mind control. Dave

  14. Hi Angela, Thank you for commenting. It’s interesting how political parties evolve over time. Glad to see you’re also looking for the truth. Dave

  15. I have been following this newsletter for quite some time now and to be honest, it doesn’t sound or feel like these are the words written by Mahalia. She has built trust with her followers and would never rant about politics like this article illustrates. Makes me question the Integrity of the information being presented.

  16. Dear Mahala and her readers,
    Thank you Mahala for your bravery in sharing your voice, and you’ve certainly gotten your share of input here. One thing that we can say is fact historically, not opinion, is that the last time the Republicnas controlled the Presidency, Senate, and House we in the USA had the Great (not so great) Depression. Their policies are not sound, and not for the people.The Democratic Party is corrupt at this point as it is part of an old, dying, patriarchal system, but the Republicans are the same magnified beyond imagining– not only doing the opposite of draining the swamp but really have succumbed to pure darkness and evil…they won’t even work with Democrats as historically they always had before, to at least try to bring unity and serve the people. Unfortunate that some people including even some of your readers here believe wacky conspiratorial nonsense. I agree that this column is unusually alarmist and dare I say negative for you, but you are in the right to sound the clarion call for voting and activism. Rocky times for Mother Gaia and her inhabitants as climate change causes so many populations to endure droughts, floods, and more making their lands uninhabitable….in turn causing much emigration…thus worldwide backlashes of prejudices against immigrants leading to far right wing ascendancies (this along with tyrants getting stronger in some countries causing other populations to seek a habitable locale for themselves and their families). People should stay informed with smart, credible sources such as Thom Hartmann, The Nation magazine, or other long-standing fighters for truth, justice and freedom. is a great unbiased carefully designed site to check if your news sources are controlled by paid-off Macedonians, reliable journalists seeking the truth, bombastic windbags serving advertisers, or what exactly. May the coming times be guided by our collective love and care for others and our planet!

  17. Mahala I am a long term reader so I must ask which charts did you use for your readings. For the Democratic Party their party went through all kinds of changes in the early 1800’s and they re-ratified their party to signal that they were changing with the times and thusly a new entity. This took place 1//8/1828 in Washington DC I placed the chart for 12 noon. And with the the Republican Party: March the 20th 1854 12 noon Washington DC this places the Natal sun at 29 degrees Pisces. So i see where you might feel that this parties energy is Martian….perhaps you used a different time than I did.
    I don’t see how we can truly know for sure. Even my placing the time at noon is just random. I am not for either political entities to be fair. But wish to know. Did you rectify the charts? Or did you find another source for the actual timing that I didn’t find in my research? Peace and Light Starr

  18. Thank you Mahala for not making trump into some sort of “saviour” like all the other “enlightened” websites. Are the democrates angels. . NO. Thanks for calling the republicans out for the dictators they are. Finally I was able to read an article that I can feel in my gut is spot on. Thank You❤

  19. Dearest One, everyone, everything are ONE Consciousness/Awareness choosing exploring what it is and what it is not and we do this with all kinds of illusory forms, for example a “human” body. We are not any forms, bodies. All forms are just equally valid, worthy, optional, perfect Roles, that we all agree on playing together. So you can now choose to honor your form Mahala, all other forms, honor the ONE Consciousness/Awareness that we all are, choosing playing all these Roles together, or not. Your Choice. Your Experience. Whatever you choose, i honor that. Much love and honor to you and to all Roles, to all Consciousness/Awareness animating all Roles <3

  20. I would agree with those who urge everyone to seek out alternative sources of news. Mainstream media is a powerful source of programming that is mostly unconscious to the vast majority of people. And yes, I believe we will see some formerly powerful people in our government exposed. Notice who they are; it may be a surprise. Especially since Uranus will be around 29 degrees Aries on Nov. 7.
    But the most important thing always is to notice the love and the harmony we have together right now. I can see a lot of people are upset by this report. Let’s not divide ourselves believing we are right and ‘they’ are wrong. I don’t think taking sides helps anything. The way out of all the chaos is not to blame but to remember our inter-dependence,our connectedness. We are very powerful beings when focused and not downtrodden with fear. The old crumbling world is about duality right/wrong, good/bad. The new realm is about understanding existence; the paradox that all can exist in harmony. We create through the power of our thoughts whatever we put our attention on. It is always so. Let’s create what we really want instead of worrying.

  21. Mahala,
    Many thanks for this report and your feelings. Your expression of Freedom reigns supreme above all else. Who would not desire that? Everyone can say this or that about D, R, research this, that…blah blah blah. Everyone – LOOK at the new candidates that are running, the ones clearly good for humanity, and which party. Be in the present folks. The past is past.

  22. Mahala I hope you totally ignore the ignorance of some of these comments. You have every right to voice your opinion on anything that you like. That’s freedom of speech. I always gain so much insight and knowledge from every one of your e-mails. Keep up the good work. I think it’s very interesting that some comments on this article that some people really think that the same people who were democrats and republicans in the 1800 hundreds are the same people in the party in 2018. WOW talk about naivete.

  23. Thank you, Mahala, for giving such a clear cut explanation about the birth of both political parties. To me it is not just about ideologies anymore, but really a battle between the darkness/power and light/love. Thank you for being so direct. It resonates with me perfectly.

  24. Mahala, I was saddened that you stooped to politics in your column. When I saw what you were writing I didn’t bother to finish the article. Please rise above the insanity and publish in the planet alerts only what the stars represent.

  25. Mahala is correct. The anger and rage is and has been generated from the extreme right and Trump. I concur that the Clintons were and are corrupt, and are the other side of the same coin, and Trump is/was meant to destroy the current system so that we can rebuild an equitable system from the ground up. It will take vision and cooperation, not division. But Trump was never meant to take over and destroy the faithful and good people. Faithful and good people don’t try to destroy; they try to elevate. Trump will go down, as will all extremists. Trump was meant to awaken the consciousness of those who are asleep and he’s doing a great job. But those who buy into his lies and fears and want to take down servants of the public will go down with him. So be it. It’s a matter of time and while to Feds may have their hands tied, the states don’t. Be strong, and keep the Statue of Liberty strongly in mind.

  26. Have to say I disappointed, have been following for a few years and look forward to your take on the planetary movements & their effect on us humans.Guess I thought of you as more spiritual & seeing the big picture.I’v never been involved in politics for me they are all crooks so didn’t believe any of them though the years. How ever Iam watching now as this all plays out bringing light to the darkness that we have live with for years.So I think I will just consider this a rant that you needed to unload and hang in with you for awhile. Many blessing of love ❤️

  27. Dear Mahala, Thank you for expressing your heartfelt thoughts on current affairs in our country. While I am dismayed by the abject naivete’ and disinformation expressed by some of the responders to your article; I certainly respect their right to voice their opinions. And for the record, I know from personal experience working in politics that whether D or R…both are two sides of the same coin expressed differently…both are equally corrupt, greedy, self-serving, manipulative, deceptive, dishonest, liars, and controlled by whichever faction of the Cabal. However, once in a great while a President rises to the occasion of being a true beneficent leader and does great things that benefit the masses…think Lincoln (R), FD Roosevelt (D), Kennedy (D), Obama (D). All of these men used their political platforms’ ideology as springboards to get elected, and then once in office maneuvered through the “quagmire d’jour” to accomplish great things…even if it cost them dearly!
    Many were seemingly “in” it, but demonstrated themselves to be not truly “of” it.

    Clearly it’s an understatement to say we are living in “critical times which are hard to deal with”…and many are losing their minds/heads in the process. If ever there was a time to be intuitively discerning and prayerful, it is now! This energy patterning will not change until it has done it’s work.

    All of the “isms” we as a society continue to be governed by (sexism/racism/elitism/egoism) will never be healed until and unless we are willing and prepared to cease the incessant political finger-pointing and engage in honest discourse about the “elephant in the room”. We can agree to disagree while honoring our birthright to do so.

    Those who would deny you your right to voice your opinion in your blog/website seriously need to “have a Coke and a smile, and shut all the way up”! If one does not like what you write about, then one needs to quickly unsubscribe from your site…easy and simple solution!

    Otherwise, all need to honor, respect, and accept the views of the writer as just that…THEIR OWN VIEWS. Belligerence and belittling are truly what has no place in a spiritual-consciousness forum! Clearly you words struck some extremely raw nerves, and they is both enlightening and unfortunate. “So as a person thinks, he is”.

    I believe (and know) that everything happening on this planet is doing so for specific reasons toward the accomplishment of specific goals.

    …and YES gentle Mahala’s readers, Eleggua (my main Guide) informs me that regardless of Hillary and Bill Clinton being the nefarious crooks they, in fact, are… Kavanaugh also did, in fact, do everything he was accused of…and more! And, YES, he’s also a “functional alcoholic” “silent son” with extreme anger issues who is more to be pitied than scorned…

    Peace & Continued Blessings Always!

  28. these political delusions OF YOURS have no place in an astrology column in my opinon. Mahala-SNAP OUT OF IT! How can u interpret the stars if your starting point is the point of view of any political criminal–Hillary or Obama or ANY politician much less the extremist left or right. My God, read what you wrote here-you sound HYSTERICAL!…THAT is a sign you have been mind controlled. It was a cousin of my mother who co-won the nobel prize in chemistry back in the 1950’s for inventing color t.v.and we learned from him that tv was not invented just for entertainment-it was invented for ENTRAINMENT-propaganda-hypnosis-mind control. It is so sad to read your skills being SO distorted thru such satanic mind control from people like Hillary and Obama. You deserve to own your own mind. Reread what you wrote here-it is not rational. Blues are the ones going around assaulting and shooting people in restarants and raping children and tearing their faces off in satanic rituals-THAT IS PROVEN WITH PICTURES AND VIDEOS, NOT THEORY but physical evidence from NYPD and her co-hort Huma Abendin. Ford and her parents work for the FARM–she is a victim–of her parents evil and is continuing it. Her performance SHOWED this…and she did it in front of K’s two small girls-wonder how she treats her cia recruits at Stanford. He SHOULD have been grilled about his roll in covering up the Vince Foster murder by and for Hillary–and his collusion around the Patriot Act and 9/11 and guess what-there IS a constitution–that in your worship of satanists like Hillary you seem to forget. I am not a fan of K or Trump–but really–HILLARY?????? BILL???? BARRY??? COME ON.

  29. Hi Mahala, I hope you do more research than listening to what the “news” puts in front of you for consumption. It benefits no woman, when unsubstantiated lies are weaponized in service to politics. I do not feel that justice was served in the slant that the media portrayed of the entire travesty. Please do research on the Democrat party. They did not support women’s right to vote. The did not support the freedom of black americans. They created the KKK, they created Planned Parenthood, the brainchild of Margaret Sanger, who despised black people and hoped to help eradicate them with this “option”. (look her up, it’s all out there) As we are learning Roe V Wade was a lie as well. This woman lied. A tactic honed to perfection by the Democrats. Please educate yourself. There is not an easy answer to the lies and destruction of our country that have been allowed to proliferate (by us) from all sides. But it is time to learn, to change, and to see. To finally see. For too long the media have simply flat out lied. Find alternate sources of information. You will be shocked. Peace, may we all find it.

  30. thank you to Dave & Mahala for all the good positive information you send us, I enjoy my freedom, equality & basic human compassion to all, even those I disagree with. I look forward to these “current” planet updates, gives me hope for the world situations and feel better instead of despondent or hopeless on world affairs, because of my concerns. thank you again.

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