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Why would an Astrologer want a Solar Return?

If you think about it, if an Astrologer can read their own chart, why would they want to get something like a Solar Return? In a way, this question would be similar to asking, if a chief can cook their own food, why would they want to go to a restaurant? Or maybe, if a musician can make their own music, why would they buy an old record?

It might seem weird, but from what I’ve observed, Astrologers tend to notice the universal energy patterns that interact with everyone on a continuous basis and they are driven to try to figure out how and why those influences happen.

Every Astrologer knows that this influential energy is ever present and predictable (to some degree), yet figuring out how it’s going to manifest in someone’s life is an art.

Alison is a practicing Astrologer and a long-time student of the art. She sent Mahala and I the following video where she shares her excitement regarding her Solar Return.

I love seeing this because it shows her love of the art of Astrology. Sure, she could read her own Solar Return, but then she would miss out on the art as it is expressed by another fellow Astrologer. The reason she gets her Solar Return might be similar to the reason why a chief goes out for dinner or a musician goes to a concert.

From my point of view, it looks like it is rooted in her love of the art.

If you love Astrology and you’re anywhere near the Isle of Lewis, I’m sure Alison would love to talk astrology with you.

May your soul be filled with the light of understanding.


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